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Let's Name Some Threads

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We have 3 threads that need a witty bit:  Nicolle Wallace, Rosie Perez, and Guest Hosts.


If you have a witty bit idea, post it here.  We’ll leave this thread open until November 14, 2014. 


Then we’ll get all the ideas you guys have submitted and make some polls for everybody to vote on their favorites. 



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Nicolle Wallace: 


  1. The Extra L Is Not For Liberal
  2. Have You Heard, She's a Republican!
  3. "                          " She has a two year old!
  4. 4 Days a Week She Gets A Second Hand High from Whoopie
  5. White House to The View or Frying Pan to Fire.
  6. Filling Hasselbeck's Shoes!
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Rosie Perez: The Original Fly Girl (as a nod to her being the choreographer on In Living Colour.)


Rosie Perez: Fighting the Power for Latinos.


Guest Hosts: They'll Take Any Job.


Nicolle Wallace: Trying To Be The Game Changer.


Nicolle Wallace: Not Played By Sarah Paulson.

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FWIW, I don't care for any mention of former hosts like "Bitsy she ain't" for Nicole or, like you are currently doing, mentioning her in Rosie's thread heading. I'd really rather not be reminded of her!

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