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  1. Well, this all just confirms what I thought of Hasselbeck - she is an entitled child that can’t provide a proper debate on an issue. Her defense of it being able to maintain a rational, informal price discussion is that she is “passionate”. I often tuned her out when I watched and she talked for more than a couple sentences because she would just spew a “word salad” that did not make sense and could have always been more concise. She did not have the word skills of Lisa Ling, Viera, Behar, Wallace, or Walters. Griffins video commentary is quite funny . . . and on point.
  2. Didn’t EH make a book deal with a Christian book publisher? So, the book will have a very Christian based outlook, uplifting stories, righteous justifications of what decisions she made through her life and, essentially, be an ego book written with a spin of how she wants her children to remember her so she ultimately wrote it for them. And making a little money in the process doesn’t hurt. Expect lots of Christian bloggers and sites to promote the book and she may get some speaking gigs from it.
  3. There are plenty other shows where I can get my real estate/decorating fix. I am fine with the show being over and Jeff Lewis et al being off my TV. I hope he is getting regular therapy so he interacts with his daughter in a healthy manner as she gets older. Any employee working for him cannot develop fully because of how he runs the office and his staff. The communal working tables and joint lunches are ridiculous. Hopefully the scenes where it takes a huge group of 3 to 6 people to pick out a light fixture, check on job site, etc. were just done for the sake of the show...you don’t need to waste all those people’s work time for that...he assigns tasks and uses his employee's time and skills inappropriately, not to mention his unprofessional office demeanor and the bossy, disrespectful tone he uses with people. Entertaining and cringeworthy to watch at first, but it gets old, ugly and mean fast. I know he's gotten a taste of the money, opportunities and perks being on TV can bring and wants that to continue, but the show and his rude, disrespecting personality is no longer interesting to watch and Bravo knows this.
  4. I’m a sucker for the Halloween shows cause I like to see the costumes. These were fun! but I am here to say Radar Online (so take with big grain of salt) has a story that Meghan Kelly is being courted to join The View. Hmmmm. Discuss amongst yourselves......
  5. I hope Meghan takes the first week off from The View - the other cohosts can talk about McCain, funeral, half staff flag fiasco, etc. because it's news worthy but she does NOT need to be there for that, it's classier if she is not. I do not want to see her get emotional and cry on camera. (Am in Arizona and have watched a lot of local news coverage about McCain. Makes me very teary eyed (but I tear up easily). Some of TV retrospectives and the people who knew him really have interesting stories about him that gives you insight into the man. Would love to have Meghan talk about him and his politics in the future when it is relevant to discussions they are having and in a calm manner. )
  6. Love the sweatshirt too. At first I thought it said "It's Miller Time" and was surprised that Whoopi was sticking it to MM! The huge family wealth on her Mom's side is from Anheuser Bush which distributes several beers (including Budweiser) but none of which is Miller beer. Then I put on my glasses and saw the shirt said "It's Mueller Time". And of course MM spoke passionately about the new tariffs which will directly affect the price of beer cans ... and her family business. The discussion of feminism was good. Just like there are highly visible extremes in both parties that make moderates uncomfortable (ultra conservative Republicans and ultra liberal Democrats) there are extremes in the feminism camp. Glad that Joy provided the definition.
  7. Would love to have more comments regarding specific Recipies that people that have tried and found to be really outstanding or big hits with their family. there are so man6 i seeon The show that look good but I haven’t tried yet. one for my family is Clinton's white bean dip from a couple years ago (beans, oil, rosemary, lemon zest, etc)
  8. It will be interesting to hear their comments on the Golden Globes. In particular, Allison Janey praising Tonya Harding during her acceptance speech. Harding is NOT in any way a hero, is a criminal and was involved in the crime. Now she gets to make $$$ from the movie (she was paid a fee and gets a small percentage of the film's take). She should not be celebrated!
  9. Wow, Amy Thielen and Sara Moulton have great credentials and good TV presence. my guess is they value their current life situations too much to relocate to NYC. Would love to see them maybe get well credentialed people like these to maybe guest host for a week at a time. However, having to deal with a new person each week might not be easy for Michael, Clinton and Carla. Some of the people me tinned above (Jeff M., Ree D.) just use the same buzz words over and over, mug way too much for the camera, and don’t really offer many new or interesting techniques. i watched Brian Boitanos show some time back and was pleasantly surprised at what he had to offer. There are probably hundreds of You Tube chefs and food bloggers trying to contact ABC to plead their case!
  10. Meghan got married today at family's vacation spread in Cornville, AZ (near Sedona) and her Dad walked her down the aisle. Perhaps her wedding date was moved up a bit because of the Senator's cancer but how wonderful that they were able to celebrate as a family...makes their Thanksgiving holiday extra special!
  11. I think Barbara W was better friends with Cindy Adams than Liz Smith who died recently. Liz Smith was a respected, old-school, bawdy gossip columnist who arrived in NYC from a small town in Texas in the early 1950’s ( maybe earlier) with big dreams and really had a great life. Up until just the past 2 or 3 years when strokes really slowed her down she was still working. She wrote a couple books which are good reads ( one has great recopies) if you are looking for something interesting to read - got them from my local library. There are also a couple good long articles about her online. While Barbara was a good friend of hers for years, Liz has publically stated that once she lost her column in a New York paper, Barbara kind of dropped her because she was less useful to her .. so for the past 15+ years they really didn’t buddy around and socialize as they used to at all. Barbara was good friends with NYC “gossip”columnist, Cindy Adams and Judge Judy and used to talk a lot about traveling and socializing with them. That doesn’t seem to happen anymore since Barbara retired and is supposedly very frail and not going out in public much anymore.
  12. Why do people stay on the show? MONEY and FAME. Being recognized from the show and getting better tables at restaurants, etc. is a nice perk. Why are some things (revealing menstral cycles, drama between J & G, etc.) shown on the show? Money, ratings, scripted "reality" to make a good story and have people want to watch, talk about it, and even discuss in forums like this one!Everyone appearing on this show gets a Bravo paycheck, with the regulars (Jeff, Jenni, Gage, etc) getting a hefty one. Plus Jenni gets more as producer. I think we would be surprised at how lucrative it is for most of the people on the show and that some of the items and work can also be claimed/ considered when doing taxes because because they are seen on the show. Including clips of Jeff making rude/ controlling statements about Gage make for good TV and get people talking!
  13. Very little news about Barbara ... not a great sign. Even her good friend Cindy Adams has not mentioned her in quite some time - they often travelled together on vacations and went out and about in NYC together and Adams would include it in her New York Post column.
  14. When Queen Mary escaped up Scotland and was interested in buying that old rundown castle - did she really buy it? Does the family still own it? Does it have a name? Can a royal just casually sit buy property like that?
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