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  1. I dont know if this is true or not but I just saw it posted.......and thought I would share Elisabeth has been canned by Faux News..... I guess she is too nuts even for her.... maybe she will get her gig back on The View now.... seems there is always room for more. http://www.dailynewsbin.com/opinion/fox-news-dumps-elisabeth-hasselbeck/23087/
  2. I think I will refrain from joining the masturbation discussion...... Ill just say... I dont have restless leg syndrome. hehehehe Peace and love to you and your family NextIteration..... be sure to take care of yourself while you go though this difficult time.
  3. i never had a "restless leg" problem.... that is until I was diagnosed with diabetics..... now i have tingling in my feet and legs.... I think it is a circulation problem. I suppose something is gonna kill us.
  4. I know.. I just wanted to be clear lol
  5. No Tunia.. I am not a child molester.
  6. I have a sub every day I work... and they are damn good!!
  7. I have started a new job.... delivering pizza..... I have been working a lot as well as taking a refresher course on tax preparing. So I have been recording the show so I have not done much commenting... although I still do read almost everything Keep up the snark
  8. Most people get taken aback when someone speaks about their own persona bigotry Mocking strange sounding names from someone named "Raven"
  9. OMG Fisher King You are my new HERO!! Where did you find that list.... I loved every single one of them. My favorite Charles Schultz did not die of a Peanut allergy
  10. has anyone from The View been fired mid season??
  11. The show was on last night.... Law & Order SVU Medicine Crow said it well "she played a lazy, cheating government worker who was paid to protect poor people and their families, but she really didn't care about anyone other than herself."
  12. Did anyone watch Law & Order last night.... Whoopi was on the show and played a corrupt Children Services Supervisor..... Im not sure why everyone was so impressed..... she spent most of the show with a stern look on her face.... She had 1 scene where she spoke.... and in the end was put in a mental ward. I guess since her name is Whoopi... it has to be good..... Im not convinced
  13. I have to say ChicagoCita Sherri is the mother..... that is what the courts say... that is what the birth certificate says..... yes she is responsible for that boy... and yes she is the mother. Just sayin.
  14. I notice in the explanation on who Niecy Nash is... Sherri did not mention that she introduced her to her last ex-husband who helped her create a son that she wanted to have aborted and still denies
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