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  1. I think Sunny is informed and knowledgeable about what is relevant to her.
  2. I watched Ghosts of Mississippi starring Whoopi as Medgar Evers widow. She was very good. I much prefer Whoopi the actress to Whoopi the View moderator.
  3. That describes Meghan in nutshell. It is possible to present conservative beliefs without being so obnoxious about it. She just always seems to be itching for a fight. Always so defensive. And with her so adamantly proclaiming herself to be a conservative I'm thinking the lady doth protest too much.
  4. You hit the nail on the head. She is inauthentic. She is Meghan McCain, conservative.. Not Meghan McCain person who has conservative beliefs. Joy is Joy, a comic, a former teacher, a talk show cohost who has liberal beliefs. Whoopi, Whoopi who is actress, comic, know it all who has liberal beliefs. The same with Sunny. The same with Paula. They are all people who have lives outside their political leanings. Meghan defines herself by her beliefs and when asked to defend/explain them she seems to be unable to.
  5. She really is a stereotype isn't she?
  6. So Meghan is only going to listen to artists who share her same political beliefs? Her playlist must be really short.
  7. That reminded me of Elisabeth turning her back to Kathy Griffin on the couch. So childish.
  8. Yes. I thought Tomi Lahren was fired for basically not being a good little Republican soldier and spouting the party line. I think Meghan is afraid of the same thing. Not that ABC will fire her but that that the right wing media will come after her for not following the Republican script.
  9. Right wing media covers her. I don't frequent those sites but on google stories about her pop up almost daily. And the headlines are always favorable. And when I say WTF I look to see which site it is and it's always The Blaze or Fox or some other right wing site.
  10. It's called common courtesy. And nowadays it seems to be in short supply.
  11. Nah. Meghan isn't damaging the View. She is damaging herself. She had a somewhat moderate reputation before joining the show. But after her daily petulance and venomous snark towards anything that is anti-Republican she is looking like a younger blonder Ann Coulter. Where she goes from here I have no idea. She has already had a Fox News gig. She could write a book but other than being John McCain's daughter I don't see what she would write about. She could always pull an Elisabeth and leave TV to be chief breakfast officer. But she would needs kids to pull that off.
  12. Wasn't Meghan's husband accused of plagiarism when he was a blogger at the Washington Post? She might want to rethink trying to impugn someone's character.
  13. That is it right there. Meghan is pissed off that the message was made public. She should be outraged about the message itself and the person who said it, Trump. He is one of her "people".
  14. 100% accurate. Meghan dear, if you are going to continue to be a Republican then you are going to have to get used to this.
  15. She only seems to care about what is going on in her world.
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