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  1. My favorite act, not yet mentioned here, was the guy on the silks. Loved the act, loved him, loved hid darling family. As far as I'm concerned, he should take the whole thing.
  2. This one was painful. Adults behaving like adolescents. And they called themselves "social media influencers." This show wasa waste of time and energy.
  3. Phil says he's been renewed through (I think) 2023. Somebody's buying his crap. How thin will Robin be by then?
  4. She wasn't but Jimmy Fallon imitated her as he congratulated $hil on 3000 episodes.
  5. What has happened to Joy Mangano? I don't see her anymore.
  6. Sometimes when I watch this show, I wonder how many people are actually putting Phil on just to get on TV, like the guy who decided he's Batman and calls himself Goose Wayne.
  7. I had a scammer come after me several years ago. I started out believing his b.s., but the situation changed when he asked me for money and I said no because I didn't have any. He told me to borrow it and send it to him. I remained adamant. By this time I was smelling a rat. Whenever he messaged me after that, I didn't answer.
  8. So Josh got a job, despite having lied on his resume. It sounds like a minimum wage job. How will they afford that nice apartment? Or do the producers pay for it? When all is said and done, Alanna is a very pretty young lady. If she would just knock off a few pounds . . .
  9. I loathe Home Advisor. I still cringe at the memory of my experience with them when I was getting quotes on a new HVAC system. Oddly enough, the sales rep who visited me never got back to me with a quote from his company, and I liked him and wanted to give him my business. I hate commercials that use bad, phony accents to sell things, like Outback Steakhouse and that stupid Trip Advisor owl. I run for the remote when he comes on. I hate that bathrobe he's wearing. It looks like he's practicing karate. I hate commercials that use screaming to get their message across.
  10. I'm enjoying everyone's comments as much as I enjoy the show. I have no problem with online spoilers. I found a site that has identified everyone and given reasons why, but I won't spill that. There's just one thing that has been bugging me: Margaret Cho did not play a judge on Drop Dead Diva. She played the legal secretary of the title character.
  11. This dipstick pointed to a drawing of Pocahontas and pointed out the physical similarities between the drawing and herself (i.e., collarbone) as proof she's P's reincarnation. She also saw nothing wrong with going to work in her makeup (war paint). She wasn't worth a whole show. $hil's getting worse.
  12. I thought this show was real. I thought Ivanka was an intelligent and well-educated woman. I thought Trump and Donnie Deutsch were good friends. I liked the show. Hated him. Oh, well. I wouldn't mind seeing another go-round with Arnold as the central figure.
  13. If a minor lives on her own in Beverly Hills and spends $7000/month on her appearance, she isn't the problem, her parents are. Phil was talking down to her, as he usually does because he's so smart. when he should have been ripping them a new one. They allowed her to drop out of school because she wanted to spend three hours on her appearance? She seemed like a nice girl otherwise. The mother was clueless. Oh, and the ending with the commercial for international beauty expert Robin was SO helpful. Robin's lucky to be married to someone who can give her a platform to sell her crap.
  14. Love this! I thought the same thing. Had to turn off the 13-kid family. Mom kept saying "they're so cute, they're so cute!" as if her kids were . . . uh, kittens. She was not a good mother, and her porn-addict husband wasn't a good father. I give him props for the three jobs to support his family.
  15. Ina's make-ahead T'giving turkey had me wondering if she would EVER get around to serving it.
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