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AS4, S12: Alexandria von Bromssen

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I remember seeing Alexandria's NYFW collection and thinking she was the first Project Runway contestant in a long time to have a shot at a serious career. I hate the way she was treated by Helen and her coven and kind of hope this entire season was designed to give her the win she was robbed of in S12. 

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Blogging Project Runway did an interview with Alexandria. Some highlights:


...I walked home after my elimination and immediately began work on my collection.  I set up a full studio in my apartment.  I created a men's collection, a women's collection and an accessory collection.  I made handbags, I made it all.


I still have my store.  I am ready to launch my on-line store.  My line is called "Out of Context."  It is very cool.  I am proud of it.  I am also preparing for my show, LoveSick in February.


...The producers called many times to ask me to do the show.  Even when I was in Paris, they called me every day.  I was visiting one of my students in Paris - she is on a three-year scholarship studying fashion in Paris.  She asked me if I would wear her scarf on the show and honestly that was the tipping point.  I finally agreed to do the show, and you can see her scarf in the opening montage.



Also, I want to say that I am a designer, and not a "personality."  I believe my work speaks for itself.

She and her students are also making UgliDolls of the All Stars contestants. Here's Alexandria and Patricia:


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Alexandria is somewhat aloof, but I like that she doesn't care about kissing people's butts. Given how much work she does with kids, I can't hate on her. I doubt she's that evil.


I'm glad there were no drop crotch pants in AS.

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Alex and her kids should sell those online to raise more funds for Camp Couture.


(BTW, who is Emily?)

I think they are referring to  Emily who participated in Season 13 of Project Runway.

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Emily was a really interesting designer who had the misfortune of being at ground zero for the two biggest wankfests of the most recent season (Sandhya v the cold, cruel world and Korinna v Char) and somehow managed to behave well towards everyone. I like her stuff - if my daughter was ten years younger I would absolutely buy something from her childrens' line for her - so, of course, the judges didn't get her at all.

I would enjoy it if Alexandria managed to make something of this alternative group of designers while Mondo, Helen, Michelle and the rest of Tim's pets spend their time trudging to distant malls for PR-branded trunk shows nobody covers.

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Alexandria has a very dry sense of humor (one has to listen rather closely to catch some of her remarks but she can be funny).  Rather judging her by how she acts with the Project Runway designers (who were not the nicest people toward her), I would take a look at the videos where she is interacting with children and how joyful she is there.  Aside from the odd devotion to dropped crotches (really, no one looks good in those), she has some interesting ideas.  I was sorry she was eliminated so early. 

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