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  1. Back in the day you used to be able to wear glasses in passport photos. I'm wearing glasses in my current passport from 2009, but when I renew shortly, I won't be wearing glasses as its not allowed anymore.
  2. F this show. I'm out. It was so promising, but I don't know what happened, it's like they couldn't leave well enough alone and I no longer care what happens to the Pearsons.
  3. Maybe the kid didn't exist back then? It's probably different doing Hell's Kitchen as a parent. You can have an idea of what you're getting into, but then find that the situation is harder than what you imagined. That's human and I'm not going to hold it against them.
  4. Hm, interesting. Where I live (not the U.S.), with one Polish parent, you'd likely be considered Polish (depends on the other 50%). With a clearly Swedish name, why can't he be Swedish? If a black person whose ancestors came to America 7 or 8 generations ago from Africa can be African-American, then why can't a guy with a Swedish name with obviously Swedish roots be Swedish? #AmericanNinjaofmixedScandinavianAncestry just doesn't have the same ring to it. But I agree with you on Jon Alexis Jr's run - it was made of win!
  5. To me, it makes sense to train in a Ninja gym, because this has become a sport. Maybe ANW competition is the most visible competition within the sport, but there are Ninja competitions taking place all over America, and if you want to participate and excel in them, showing up at a Ninja gym makes sense - and a fair amount of Ninjas, male and female, are choosing to do just that. It's just like how with track and field, the Olympics isn't the only competition, but rather there are smaller races run over the country and track clubs a person can join to help further their running skill. That does
  6. Good idea for a topic. I was just thinking today, I get really excited when women "legitimately" qualify for finals or Vegas without needing the benefit of the Top 5/Top 2 women rule. We've seen this season, in some cities, the rule wasn't even needed because many women landed in the top. At this rate, we will probably get to the point that they may gradually phase that rule out in a few years. I think the growth of the ninja scene and women getting a lot of practice on the ninja circuit at competitions during the year is behind the strong showing we are seeing from many female competitors in
  7. Sure, normally, but this year, the friends and supporters of the "K9 Ninja" who ran in Minneapolis styled themselves the Dog Pound.
  8. Yeah, but what were they supposed to do? Let the kids freak out for their last 10 minutes left alive on earth? Better to die oblivious and happy, right. Ugh, I know, right? That's why I stopped watching for a while back in Season 2 I think it was. But this season pleasantly surprised me, Henry has been more of a supporting character for the most part, with no annoying petulant child drama on his part.
  9. Did anybody else watch this episode? I don't know what this episode is supposed to make me think of Hank. At this rate, it looks like it's gearing up to phase Jason Beghe out of the show, but then what would this show be without him as lead?
  10. Same. I can't take going through this every week. I wish Hulu would drop the episodes all at once like Netflix.
  11. I read that she did Top Chef Mexico and Top Chef 15 back to back... I can understand how being out of her element socially and doing two reality shows back to back could be stressful and maybe bring the worst out in her... either way, it's a shame that some of her worst moments were caught on tape like that (after all , we all have bad moments), but she probably just bit off more than she could chew. I would be interested to see her a few years down the road after she has had some time to mellow out and grow a bit more mature in certain ways.
  12. I thought that this was going to reference her sexual assault while going undercover in prison... but the show acts like that attack never happened at all, so... WTF did I just watch? Such a waste of time...
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