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Oswald's Diary: Lessons in Crime

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I thought we could use a Fun thread.


Oswald is trying to work his way up to flamboyant crime boss; what does he learn on his way there?




Dear Diary:


Scamps make horrible ransom bait. However, their warm sweaters come in handy.


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Fruit eating hippies die young?


Sorry, last night's The Walking Dead episode is still echoing in my brain.....


Had I not watched last night's Talking Dead I would have never made the connection.  Now I want to see his first episode.

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Dear Diary,


Today I finally avenged Mother's death by beating that nasty old Theo Galavan to death with my favorite baseball bat. Well, I would have if my friend Jim Gordon hadn't put a bullet in him first.


I like Jim. He's my friend.




(insert line about hugging him and squeezing him and calling him George)

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Dear Diary,


It's been so long since I got to update you...but it feels good now that I finally can. Man, I sure thought going to Arkham would be like having a delicious scoop of ice cream but boy, did that get nasty in a hurry.


First and foremost I must find out more about that man who tried to scramble my brain...something tells me he could be very helpful down the road.

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Dear Diary,


I've been so good, darn it! Why would my father be taken from me so soon? And why would my almost-sister try to seduce me? And my step-mother seems to be a bit...unusual as well.


This is almost enough to make an unstable young man return to a life of crime, but with God as my witness, I WILL make my late, lamented, dead father proud! And tomorrow is another day!


Wait, is that something shiny over there? Ooh, pretty....

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