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  1. Paulie sucks, he cried over having to make apple pies on Big Brother. He cried and said he was freaked out over butterflies on Big Brother. He has a massive Napoleon complex and he is hot headed.
  2. Yeah I was going to say this last night but forgot to. That was established during season four and these fuckers still don't get it.
  3. I just read on Survivor Wiki that Karishma had the most votes cast against her in the history of the show with 22. I did not realize it was that high.
  4. Okay so she did actually say that. Does she not have any sort of social awareness? I mean we all know she does not. I think you might be in the majority. I have always despised it. I also hate it when Jeff says, "It's time to get a little love." That just comes across as creepy. Especially when the contestant's loved one is not their significant other and is a parent, friend, sibling, child or whatever. Same here, I know they will never stop doing it because it adds to the drama but I hate it as well. It seems like their friendship, or whatever you want to call it, is something like Cody and Derrick's from Big Brother. Here you have someone you know you will never beat and you decide to keep him over people you might have a chance at beating. It just boggles the mind. I wish they would drop the family visit and bring back the falling comrade walk. I know a lot of people thought it was corny but I loved hearing people reflect on their time during the game and I loved hearing what the final three or four had to say about them.
  5. That was what I was thinking as well. They have not finished the leg yet so it will probably happen when they get to the next pit stop (for lack of a better term). I think the producers screwed over the Americans. Why should the team that did the best in the season be penalized? They should have made the weights equal for both teams, it might not have helped USA out but it would not have put them at a huge disadvantage right out of the gate.
  6. The only thing that bothered me about Zach was him trying to be all moral. Nearly every season this guy is either in Johnny's alliance or in orbit of Johnny's alliance. You would never see him bitching about it being a numbers game during any of those seasons.
  7. My dislike of Bear has gone away a little bit. Mainly because I watched some clips of him during his season of Celebrity Big Brother and he intentionally fucked with Frankie Grande and Aubrey O'Day. Anyone who mess with those two famewhores deserves a little goodwill from me.
  8. I really, really,...really hate to admit this but I thought Ashley looked kinda of hot during the elimination challenge. I love how Zach talks so much shit about everyone but he gassed out during his second finals all those years ago. The only one to ever bring it up was Leroy.
  9. Has there ever been someone who has actively admitted that they were a GOAT before? She admitted it and I had to laugh because I never saw someone just admit it like that. I thought Aaron might have been of Italian ancestry, but either he or someone else said he was black a few weeks ago.
  10. I initially misunderstood what was going on with that challenge. I thought once the defender was knocked off they would be able to return for the next person in the lineup. I am not sure if I was stupid, or half paying attention, or TJ did a shit job of explaining how the challenge was going to go.
  11. That's interesting because I remember before the season started that there was a rumor that she made it far in the game. If she does go out next episode that is hardly far.
  12. Having read that Dan was removed from the show, I was fully expecting it to happen last week when he got pissed at Peachy for re-hashing it. To me it felt like he was going to say I quit when Peachy said he would bring it up for 39 days or whatever the quote was. Therefore, I was sort of surprised when Jamal was voted out and Dan did not quit the show.
  13. I really do not have much to say about the situation, because my opinion would just echo what everyone else has been saying. I will add that this whole thing reminds me of the Jussie Smollett incident. Insomuch that they used this for their personal gain, they preyed on the good will of others. To use a situation like this for personal gain is just reprehensible. I am glad that nearly everyone was pissed off at Missy and Elizabeth, unlike the Jussie thing where you have people still defending him.
  14. I am surprised he wasn't, I mean what straight guy wouldn't want two beautiful women arguing over him? I also do not get how Josh is a strong team player. What exactly has he done to warrant such a moniker? It is not like he is an elite athlete.
  15. Damn Nany looked incredible in that red dress. I mean I always thought she was pretty but she was next level in that red dress. So Rogan let me get this straight, you want to get rid of Dee because she is weak but you want to keep Kayleigh around. Kayleigh who is probably the weakest player on the team. I felt for Leroy, he really was in a no win situation. I refuse to make my weekly, what the hell happened to Cara post. Well I just did but whatever...
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