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  1. I just saw this. Man that sucks, I loved Nikki on her BBCAN season. She had a great sense of humor. It sucks to read how her life went downhill over the past year. Okay I don't know anything about this current season (I have not watched a full season of this since the season Kevin Martin won, I am an American so finding a decent site to watch it on is tough. YouTube takes down any videos dealing with it right away.), I just wanted to see if anyone knew about this.
  2. Susana Hoffs was one of my first real crushes that I remember as a kid. The whole eye thing in Walk Like an Egyptian...yeah. I saw a YouTube video of her from a few years ago and she is still smoking hot. I am not sure how old she is, but she's like the female version of Dick Clark in that she does not age.
  3. I did as well. Mainly because of the whole, "Who flipped?" thing. It's like mother fer you're in a house with what fourteen people. Six of which are aligned with you the rest are not in your alliance but every week they say they will vote with you. Who the hell do you think is lying to you? I understand him not getting who flipped during the first vote, but after that vote his reactions were just painful to watch. I also remember thinking, this dude is a teacher...my god I feel bad for those kids. One thing I was meaning to bring up is, I wonder why they choose to play 80's songs
  4. That is why I have always liked Corey. He seems like a decent person for the most part and he always seems to be the underdog. That's why he would be the guy I would like to see win. I don't recall him being like this on Big Brother. He and his ex-girlfriend were the only two people in their alliance that I actually liked (He was in an alliance with Bayleigh, Christopher, Blockstar, and Scottie so it is not too hard to see why I did not mind him because that alliance was dog crap). But on here, oh boy is he unlikeable.
  5. That struck me is odd as well. I get he was aware of his future, but that reference was just an odd one to make. As someone else said, he probably should have made reference to one of the big name 80's or 90's QB. That was what I was coming in here to say. I graduated high school in 1996 (Wow I feel real old saying that) and nobody in my school would have been caught dead wearing that type of clothes. That was two years before the episode was set. If you did dress like that in 1996, people would make fun of you. What they were wearing was big when I was in middle school so we
  6. I like Leroy but for some reason I just don't care if he wins this season. Mainly because I feel like it is a foregone conclusion that he will win. It is like watching Cody win Big Brother All-Stars last season or Boston Rob win his season of Survivor. There is just nothing to him winning because it seems like most are willing to give him the win. If Leroy wins cool, but I really don't care if he does or does not. Honestly out of the guys left I would rather see Corey or Kyle win. As for the women, I honestly don't care who wins. I mean I would rather Kam or Kaycee not win but if t
  7. I wish I could give this comment like four thousand thumbs up because no truer words have been spoken. I know this passed a while ago, but I always laughed when MTV would show commercials for that Korean boy band group BTS having an episode of Unplugged with them on it. Now I have only heard two songs from that group but I stand by this comment. How can that group do an Unplugged episode when they are so overly produced and sing with auto tune? They sound terrible with the auto tune, what fresh layer of hell must they sound like without it? Plus as someone who saw Nirvana on Unpl
  8. I liked Kaycee during Big Brother and during her first season on the Challenge (This is her second right? Or am I mistaken) but yeah this season the ego is just getting to me. I watched that clip and I had no clue who Jisela was. I don't remember her at all, she was the only one. I am at the same point. I mean I am still watching, but I question why I am still watching. It's like last year's season of Big Brother after Janelle and Kaysar went, I keep on watching out of habit but I honestly am beyond caring what the outcome is. That is why I have not been posting in the e
  9. That was what I was coming on here to say, calling them All-Stars is a bit of a stretch. But I guess if Big Brother could call that cluster fuck of a cast from last season All-Stars, then MTV can call this group All-Stars. The Old Stars got a huge laugh from me.
  10. I am normally neutral/in favor of Nany. I did want to see her lose because pretty much the entire house were backing her. Like you said it creates drama. Which, for the most part, is in short supply this season when it comes to votes and who wins in elimination challenges. The majority seems to get it's way all season long. I honestly don't think Fessy is going to win this season. Editing makes me think it could be Leroy or maybe even Darrell. Which by the way, is Darrell the only Road Rules person still doing the show on a semi-regular basis?
  11. Aneesa will always have a special place in my heart because her Real World season was the first one I watched from start to finish. Prior to her season I would watch an episode here and there but never an entire season straight through. So I fully agree with you, while Aneesa is not in shape to run a final it still sucks to see everyone trash her. There really is not much to say about this episode. I guess I am in the minority here, in that I did not want to see Nany win her skull and I did not think of it as a feel good moment. Mainly because everyone in the peanut gallery was cheer
  12. I know this is not a Survivor thread but still. Natalie did not deserve to win Survivor 40, hell she did not even deserve to finish in second place. I am not saying this because I dislike her, I would be saying this about anyone who came back Edge of Extinction. I am still annoyed that, that one dude (I always forget his name and I am too lazy to look it up) won his season after spending nearly the entire season on Edge of Extinction. Still it is part of the game but Tony outplayed everyone that season and I am not even a huge fan of Tony. But Natalie's name should not have even been
  13. I don't think I rolled my eyes more than when Kam said something along the lines of, "I like people to be humble." Paraphrasing what she said but it was something like that. I am thinking to myself, "Kam do you have any sort of self awareness in your body?" She might be one of the least humble people there. I hate seeing what happened to Big T. I have a soft spot for her even when she was acting like a jerk when she got power a few weeks ago. I just find her to be very cute and I like her personality and it sucks seeing CT dog her like that. Not switching partners but the way he wen
  14. Actually I am wrong, because I thought for sure TJ told them. I would love to chalk it up to me getting the seasons confused or something like that, but I was flat out wrong.😄 By what you just said and by what Joanne says in the next quoted post below. The only time I was ever team Josh was when he was on Big Brother. And that was only during the first and last episodes of the season he won. I was team Josh during the first episode as he was targeted for early elimination and I thought he was slow (I am not trying to be mean here or not PC, I just cannot think of a bette
  15. Maybe I am bias because I find Jenna attractive, but she always seemed to me to be a nice person. Zach has had moments where I thought to myself, "Maybe he is not the raging asshole that I think he is.", such as cutting his hair off and giving it to Locks of Love. But those moments are few and far between. It sucks that Jenna and now a child are going to be stuck with him in their lives.
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