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  1. They do this every season. It is the one part of Australian Survivor where I feel it is inferior to the American version. Though overall I actually like Australian Survivor a lot more than the American version. What I mean by, they do this every season is, they tend to do pointless twists to make the game longer. Like the Dead Man Walking twist or last year's twist where the people voted out post-jury went to Redemption Island or whatever it was called and they had a chance to get back into the game. It just gets annoying because the season is long enough, there is no need to extend i
  2. Sorry I did not read what you wrote correctly. It became painfully obvious after the other responses. I thought you were talking about audience appeal, not why they appeal to the other contestants. 😄 So in regards to my previous post...
  3. Well I don't like guys so I don't know if Devin is thought of as hot. But I do find women attractive and Nany is the textbook definition of hot. Though the fact that she used/still might, smoke drops her hotness down for me. Devin also had the whole Johnny's foil thing going for him as well.
  4. I've watched this show since the start and for some reason I am only able to retain the name of characters from the first two seasons. After that, unless you did something huge, I have no clue who half these people are. Even Alden, I had no idea what his name was. He has been on a ton of episodes and I never retained his name until tonight. I don't know if that says something about my memory or I just do not give a shit about the newer characters. Maybe it is a combination of both.
  5. Damn I missed that. I was playing a game on my tablet and thought, "I don't need to look up at the screen to see these two buffoons arguing."
  6. As others have pointed out, I think it is because she won and he did not. Granted that was his fault but when you have an ego the size of his, well sometimes you can't see the clouds from the trees (I totally did not mean to sound like Dr. Phil right there.). Also the core of that alliance was and always will be Fessy, Josh, and Kaycee. Amber, as she realized, is just a number to Fessy and Kaycee. I do think Josh actually likes Amber and wants to work with her and it is not just because of her being one of the best female athletes on the show. Plus Fessy and Kaycee are probably always
  7. Which you are entitled to do so, I would never tell anyone who disagrees with me that they are not allowed to have a different opinion. It happened to me on here before and I am not cool when people say stuff like that. To me it is a agree to disagree sort of deal, nothing that has been posted on this topic has even remotely swayed my opinion on the subject and I am pretty sure the same can be said about people who disagree with what I am saying. As to the second thing you said, the way I look at it is this. There was/still is a need for the NAACP. I am not blind, I do fully understan
  8. But does it prove it? Remember they are being filmed 24/7, was there evidence that any of the jury that season voted against Danielle due to racial prejudices? Or did they vote against her because she was nice to their faces and a total asshole to them in her DR sessions? If they did vote against her due to racial prejudices, would we not have heard about that by now? I am not willing to agree that prejudice was a contributing factor to her loss when, to my knowledge, there is no evidence to back it up in the nineteen years since it happened. If there is evidence I would happily retra
  9. I hope you are not lumping Danielle R. in that group because her loss had to do with her own cockiness/possible lack of awareness and not the color of her skin. Had she just thought things through and realized that people were going to see her diaries and they were not going to be happy with what she said about them. I think there would have been a very good chance she would have been the first black winner of the show. Granted I don't know for a fact but I think had she just been a little nicer in the diary room, people would have respected her game enough to give her the win. I think
  10. Right now I think I would only be happy if either Hayley or George won the game. Maybe Dani as well, but I don't know I have not liked her since the start so while I think she's played a good game. I really would not be thrilled with her winning. The rest of the cast just seem to be there. They are just not doing much or at least not being flashy enough for me. I had to laugh at Andrew being butt hurt at George's betrayal. You and your alliance treated this guy like crap at the start of the game. He kept you in the game through his moves, sure they helped his game as well but still.
  11. Thank you for filling in the blanks for me. I hate when I fall asleep during shows and I am left wondering what happened. It happened to me with the Titans last week as well, lucky for me HBO Max allows me to FF through the episode. Yes I saw the part with Billie (Sp?) were she gave the male lead his fangs. Don't tell me that happened in the middle of when I was napping and I woke up just for that part. lol
  12. I really hate to admit this but how did this episode end? I fell asleep at the very end and had a micro nap, I woke up right as the replay of the first episode was starting. I saw the little girl take the pill and that was the last thing I recall. I don't have a DVR and watching it on ONDemand is massive pain in the ass because you have to sit through the entire episode again as you are not allowed to FF. I thank anyone in advance who can tell me. I really this concept thus far and the fact that it is a mini-series gives me hope that it will not suffer the fate of a lot of previous AH
  13. The thing is, she's from Survivor originally (I think she was on Romanian Survivor, though I am not sure), I don't know if she won or not. Therefore she should be used to cutthroat game play. Unless that is not how Survivor is played over there. The one and only time I liked Josh was when he beat Paul in Big Brother. Other that that, I think Josh is a bully and dumb as shit.
  14. I was thinking something similar when I was watching the show. My thought was about Wai and how she was getting a lot of confessionals at the start of the game and now it is like she isn't even part of the show. Sadly for me the site I watch the show on doesn't always put up full episodes or they may skip an episode completely. For instance the Baden episode was not put up at all so when I started watching what I thought was the next episode I missed, I was confused by Baden being out of the game. Obviously I realized that the episode he was voted out in was not posted so yeah I am mis
  15. Her laugh sounded like Robert Carradine's laugh in Revenge of the Nerds. Side note, I remember when I first realized that Robert was the brother of David and Keith my mind was blown. Mainly due to the characters I saw them play, but still I always find it hard to believe that three of them are brothers. I remember Fessy being pretty devout on Big Brother and him talking about fasting during Ramadan leads me to think that he is. But last season I thought he was commenting about drinking at the bar when he got into the "Tutu fight" with CT. I thought that drinking alcohol was banned b
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