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  1. BK1978

    Guesses on the winner

    Right now my favorite one still left in the house in Nicole. I do not think she is going to win though. My pick since the start of the season to win is Tommy. I picked a Tommy vs. Holly final two with him winning. I am not sure how that final two could possibly happen but that has been my final two since the start of the game.
  2. I have zero sympathy for Sarah. She would be the one of the first people on the forefront of destroying someone if it was someone else that did what she did. If you want to take part in "cancel culture" do not be surprised when your "allies" come after you for some slight.
  3. BK1978

    ABC Movie and Show game

    Pee-wee's Playhouse
  4. BK1978

    Bacon movie game

    The Good, the Bad, and the Bacon
  5. BK1978

    Past Seasons Chit Chat

    Is her husband intentionally trying to look like a 70's pornstar?
  6. BK1978

    S21.E24: Head of Household #8; Nominations #8

    As much as I hate to admit it, Analyse was very cute in the episode tonight. I hate myself for feeling that way but there it is. That annoyed me. I can see being preempted for a regular season game, but a pre-season game when the back-ups of the back-ups are playing...that is some shameful shit right there. Plus, it caused me to miss the first seven minutes of Fear of the Walking Dead. Not cool CBS, not cool.
  7. BK1978

    Australian Survivor

    Since the start of the season I have been wondering why Simon looks so familiar to me. Being an American and knowing nothing about the AFL, there would be no reason for me to know who he is. Then it hit me, he looks a lot like Alexis Denisof from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. It really is uncanny how much him and Alexis lookalike. Love the Harry storyline and I hope he makes the merge. It sucks that Casey got sent home but I was happy to see Matt go.
  8. BK1978

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    She might not be into sitcoms. I mean probably not but still, there are plenty of modern day sitcoms I have never watched. I never saw any of Two and Half Men, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Blackish...just to name a few. But if you were to put episodes of the Jeffersons, All In the Family, Sanford and Son, or Car Fifty Four Where Are You, on I would sit there for hours highly entertained. Also, I was never a fan of Friends. Not sure why but I just never found it funny. I hate it when people say something like, "That's my truth" or some such nonsense. The truth is the truth there are no grey areas and that is my truth. Same here, I was not a fan of Jordan during her second season. Same goes with Rachel. I loved Rachel during her first season, despised her during her winning season and during her TAR seasons. But I did not mind her on her last season of TAR. I thought Elissa (sp?) was a good calming presence for her. I always remember that Dominic's first comment about Daniele was something along the lines of, "Evel Dick decided to bring a witch along with him." Or something like that. Now he is married to that witch. You know I never understood the Kennedy nicknames. JFK was the only John I have ever heard called Jack and so it used to always throw me off. I will never understand how Ted is short for Edward. Every Edward I know was called Ed or Eddie.
  9. Same here. I find Tori to be highly obnoxious and I have been a fan of Jordan's since his RW season.
  10. BK1978

    S39 Spoilers & Speculation

    Same here. I can remember nearly the entire cast from the first few seasons. However, nowadays I cannot remember hardly anyone from the current seasons. Hell I can't even remember the name of the guy who just won the last season after he was voted out third. Elizabeth Beisel is a big deal here in Rhode Island. Whenever the Olympics come around she always being talked about. Should be interesting to see her play. Looking over the cast it is weird but there are two people from my state on this season (Elizabeth and Jamal). With Rhode Island being the smallest state I am shocked to see two players in this game from my state. Then you have Molly who is from Boston which is only a hour from where I am at. So I guess I have three people that I will have to root for because they are my "hometown" players. Also, Rhode Islanders tend to do well on the show (Rafe, Hatch, Helen from season 5) so let's see if that happens again.
  11. BK1978

    Bacon movie game

    To Kill a Bacon
  12. BK1978

    ABC Movie and Show game

    Leave It to Beaver
  13. BK1978

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Forgot to ask in my previous post, have Jess and Nicole mended fences or are they still not getting along?
  14. BK1978

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    As much as we make fun of Analyse's intelligence on here, Nick has made some very questionable remarks that have left me questioning his intelligence. Shit the dude has a Masters and he does not know what the word dainty means...the fuck? I was going to attempt to post a witty comment here. But yeah I think the joke is in what he said. What would his hair cut even be considered? Is it a Cesar (I had one back in the early 2000's and it was terrible)? Is it a bowl cut? What does he say to the barber when he asks for it? Or does he do the thing where he points to a picture on the wall and says, "I want it like that." Also, on the topic of Nick...I did not realize that he had both ears pierced until Thursday night's episode. It looked so odd, has he always worn earrings in both ears and I just did not notice it? Yeah TWoP mods sucked. I got reported for grammar mistakes as well, also spelling mistakes, and board on board. The mod was none to pleased when I asked them if board on board was a sexual thing (I am shocked I was not banned for that to be honest). I have never had any problems with any of the mods on here, even when I constantly go off topic in nearly every post. I appreciate that because on other sites I frequent I tend to have an adversarial relationship with mods. Only one time I had a sort or run in with a mod on here (not in this section, in the Dr. Who section) and this was well before they were made a mod. In fact, when I saw that the site had made this person a mod I scratched my head because this poster was frequently combative with other posters.
  15. BK1978

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    I am going off topic but that is my thing. That is what is happening on the current season of Australian Survivor on both tribes. On one tribe there is a guy who gave another guy a fake idol. The guy who got the fake idol is now gunning for the guy who gave him the fake idol. On the other tribe you have Johnny Fairplay (nowhere near as bad as Johnny, but the dude does lie a lot) type player who constantly lies and he has called the woman who is leading the majority alliance of his tribe the godfather of the tribe. She's pissed and has been planning his demise but thus far she has failed to do so (Due to a fake Tribal Council and the liar guy playing an HII). My point? Yes Cold Wars on reality shows are awesome to watch. Especially when it takes weeks for them to play out. This made me laugh more than it really should have. Though I thought Julie looked good in the black dress she had on the other night. Since the first or second week of the season I have had Tommy pegged as the winner. He is very Andy like (not because they are both gay) in that he goes from room to room. He seems to have a good relationship with most people and despite me finding him fake and annoying, he comes across as a nice guy. That is my exact feelings about her as well. She's is not ugly by any stretch, but as you said whatever she has had done to her face gives her a very unnatural look. Though I will say she looked really good during her last night as HOH. I feel the same way. I don't hate Tommy, or Christie for that matter, but the dude is just so fake and I would rather not see him win. But I think in the end he will. She's like a little dog who yaps and yaps. Maybe they hate them as much as we do... I agree, but in my state there have been many school systems that have banned peanut butter and any peanut related food from the school's lunch menus just for one child. Is it me or are more and more people becoming allergic to peanuts? It was not something I heard a lot about when I was growing up, but it seems like it is becoming more and more common now.