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  1. Honestly even though I become obsessed (TM Tommy Bracco) with the show almost every summer, you haven't missed much. In the twenty years that you have missed there have been maybe four or five really good seasons (Seasons 3, 6, 10, and Fessy/Kaycee's season 20) the rest have been either somewhat watchable to just plain horrible (Too many seasons would fall into this section but Josh's season 20 and seasons 21 and 22 are really bad). As I was saying before the final three during the season that Josh won might very well be the worst final three out of any show in the history of reality television. It had three of the most unlikable assholes to ever grace television as the final three. Okay I know this is not a BB thread so back to the actual show I am meant to talk about... I don't mind something like Hall Brawl if the two people are evenly matched or somewhat evenly matched. Nelson/Fessy are somewhat evenly matched so I did not have a problem with them. But I would cringe if say it was someone like Jay or Mechie going against Fessy or CT. The challenge that took out Nicole and Liv I was not fond of. Even before both of them got injured, I had a strong feeling that there were going to be folks getting hurt in that challenge. I watch MMA and other contact sports and I have no problem with them putting themselves in harms way because they are highly trained athletes who know the risks (Well until recently a lot of football players did not know the risk but that is a whole other topic.). I do not enjoy seeing people on a reality show being put in certain situations because while a lot of the contestants are in fantastic shape, they have not been training for this their entire life, can you really train for some of these challenges, and that's what makes me wish they would ease back on some of these challenges.
  2. He is actually pretty tame on The Challenge. He was a hell of a lot more annoying on Big Brother. But to tell you how loathsome the people were on his season of Big Brother. I absolutely despised Josh, yet once he was in the final three I wanted him to win so bad. Because the other two people in the final three were even worse. The guy he beat was the one who controlled Josh and told him what to do to get under people's skin. The other member of the final three was a chick who I think might be a legit psychopath. So yeah that tells you how bad that season was, when I was beyond thrilled that Josh picked up the win.
  3. It looked as if he might have been. I was half paying attention so I could not be certain. It looked like he slammed Nelson's head either into the side of the chamber and into the ground as well.
  4. I always laugh when TJ or Probst mock people on these shows for not being able to do stuff. TJ offends me less because the dude was/possibly still is an athlete, but you know Probst can't do half of the challenges he mocks others for failing at. But yeah like you said, I would love to see how good TJ would do on something like this.
  5. As I said before, Fessy is not the sharpest tool in the shed. The scary thing is, he was/maybe still is a teacher. Obviously he can't be a math teacher because as I said before, on Big Brother he was in the house with five or six people who always voted together and week after week the dude could not figure out who was lying to him. It was simple math, you did not need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure it out. But week after week the vote would not work out the way Fessy thought it would and he would always ask, "Who flipped." And I don't want anyone to think I dislike him, because when he was on BB he and his ex-girlfriend were hands down the only two people in their alliance that were likable. I just don't think he is all that bright, which is scary because he is teaching the next generation. I wonder if The Challenge ever had any interest in casting JC from Big Brother. Now that would be interesting.
  6. Wes did a post-show interview that was on Yahoo the other day. He said that everyone was trying to wait to get their skull in the middle of the pack (Which if it does end up being only ten without a twist, which I highly doubt, well they are already at the middle of the pack) so from three onward. He said that is why he and Johnny went at the same time last year. I honestly forgot why he said they thought it was beneficial, but there was some sort of strategic reason why.
  7. Notice how Josh will only "explode" on people he either views as weaker than him or are not popular. Sure he had that little confrontation with CT, but Josh would never push it to a point where CT might get truly pissed because Josh knows he would get his ass kick. But Josh really went nuts on Devin because Devin is not very popular and Josh could probably take him in a fight. I can't stand Josh, never have and never will. The only time I was pleased over anything involving Josh was when he beat Paul to win Big Brother, because Paul was an even bigger scumbag.
  8. I am a little annoyed over the fact that the Dr. Who station on Pluto keeps on showing Tom Baker episodes over and over again. Nothing against Tom but there were other Doctors. I get that he was the most popular of the original Doctor's but damn sometimes I want to see some Sylvester McCoy episodes every once and a while (I did not see much of his era or Colin Baker for that matter, not that there were many episodes in Colin's era).
  9. I like Big T as well, I also think she's cute but that is not the reason why I like her. Not totally that is. She actually seems to have a great personality which is always a huge plus.
  10. I remember saying in episode three, "Will and James are going to win this, because they are the one team I really do not want to see win." Sure enough. When I was watching the actual episode live, I was in the same boat as you. I looked at the clock at around 8:40 or so and said, "Well it looks like they have this in the bag." I should have watched The Challenge live. That was the one silver lining in them winning. That was the only reason why I wasn't really pissed that they won. I have never had beignets from New Orleans (I had them in Disney World in Florida) but damn those things are as addictive as crack. I wish I knew how to make them. I guess I could look it up, but I am a terrible cook. I didn't hate the season. I was indifferent towards it. The outcome is not what I wanted, but they did earn it so I can give them that. Every single time there is a same sex team, I hardly ever know who is who. To this day I could not tell you who is Leo and who is Jamal or who was Connor and who was Dave. Just using them as examples as they were the first two that came to my mind.
  11. For people who have better memories than I, how many times have an alliance been this dominate? I don't remember many seasons where that is the case so I have to say I agree with DGPOLO in this post. Everything seemed to align right for these teams to do what they did. That what I was thinking as well. My friend lives just outside of Manila and I brought up that it was on TAR. He asked me, "Did they show how much of a shit hole it is?" So maybe that is all there really is to learn and see about Manila.
  12. I will admit I do not recall her first win at all. But it is hard for people to get because it was Hunter who played a large part in getting her that second win. It is not like she is some sort physically dominate player or even a strategic mastermind. If the vast majority of the challenges are physical I would rather have Kam over Ashley because I think Kam is better at challenges and would give me more of a shot at winning challenges. Plus Kam is more of a team player and more trustworthy. Sure Kam might stab me in the back, but I would trust her far more than Ashley. Edited to add: Sandra won Survivor twice and there is no way in hell I would want her on my tribe if I was allowed to select who was going to be on it. Just because they won twice does not mean they are masters of the game, they might just be masters at certain aspects of the game. You know like being able to go to a final two with Lil or a final three with Russell.
  13. I had no idea what the concept of this season was going to be like. I was really hoping that it would be something similar to the Mole, so I was disappointed when I found out what the season theme actually was. How cool would it be if they had teams and they had a few players actively sabotaging every one else? I was kind of annoyed because they got the Smith's How Soon is Now?, but they couldn't get New Order's version of Blue Monday. I just like the original better. I hate the fact that I find Ashley highly attractive with the dark hair. It is like I know how odious she is, but I can't help but find her hot. It is like I am at war with myself. I don't get why you would turn down working with Kam, in favor of working with Ashley. Ashley might have won twice, but she really is not that great at the game. There are a lot of good looking Rookie women on this season. I don't recall any of their names besides Amber from Big Brother but yeah there are some very pretty women this season.
  14. Fessy trying to say him, Kaycee, and Josh are some strategic think thank might be one of the most laughable things I have heard in a long time. Dude you were in a house for weeks with the same people who voted together over and over and you could still not figure out why the vote never worked out the way you thought it was going to. Were you playing chess then when you kept on asking, "Who flipped?", week after week? Kaycee, as much as I like her, did not have a strategic bone in her body on Big Brother. Josh only won because he went to the finals with an even bigger asshole than him. In conclusion, Fessy you are not the strategic masterminds that you think you are.
  15. I was trying to put on finger on why I just don't like them. I think that is the case. I obviously cannot read their minds but to me it seems like they think they are charming villains like a Dr. Will from Big Brother. However, they simply do not have the charm to pull it off and instead come off as trying to hard. I think mugging for the cameras is a very apt description and it has nothing to do with them being gay. People mug for the cameras regardless of sexual preference, race, gender, so forth and so on. Also, I really hate that they are allowed to burn the U-Turn. I think that should be against the rules. I think you should either use it or not, but I do not think there should be an option to burn it.
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