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  1. I was always under the impression that he banged the pots and the pans because he thought the fans would find it entertaining. Sort of like Evil Dick when he acted like an asshole (they even did give him his own theme song).
  2. I tried to listen to them for the first few rounds, but I just skipped them because I found them all annoying. Plus it helped me cut down the viewing time of that monster a lot. I will say that it was better than the BB one were the viewers just sat there watching the muted players during the down time.
  3. I finally finished it tonight. It was enjoyable, though I did not see how War Dog (Do I hate typing that out, I don't mind Troyzan which is equally stupid. But War Dog is just an over the top dumb nickname) was much of a jerk. Abi was getting progressively drunk as the show/event went on which was hilarious. When I first saw the commercials for Ghost Island I found Kellyn to be charming and very pretty. Therefore, I had her as my pre-game pick to win the show. I mean the put her on every damn commercial. I found her to be highly annoying and still pretty while she played Ghost Island. Watching her play Sequester she reminded me of how charming she was during the commercials for Ghost Island.
  4. This is a thing. I was talking about this on another site but for the last twenty years or so I have had my head shaved. I have really crappy hair and I just like it better shaved, well I have not been able to get a hair cut since Covid-19 started, so I went from having the Telly Savalas look to now having my hair look like Robert Smith from the Cure. Since my hair is longer now I have noticed that I sweat more. Granted it is not the same but hair does matter with stuff like this. Yes! I am not sure if I said this last week or the week before but she is really pretty with her natural hair. She has such a nice smile.
  5. Why would Kailah think she had a chance, Kaycee is a legit athlete. I wonder how Tyler from BB20 would do on here. Or better yet Blockstar... I wonder if Josh acts the way he does because he knows it will get him airtime. Seeing him vs. Christopher...well I had no dog in that fight. I wanted them to make contact so that both of them could be eliminated.
  6. I hate to say this but Abi Maria looks really good with her glasses on. What, I have a thing for women wearing glasses, it is not a fetish thing. I am not like those creepy feet guys, I swear.
  7. These people all sleep with the same people. Do they not meet people outside of the Challenge/Love Island/Are You The One?
  8. That Jordan elimination felt dirty but at the same time I was happy to see it happen. I am not a fan of people who are very cocky. Which is odd because there was a time I was a Jordan fan, but he has gotten way too full of himself. I had completely forgotten that Mattie and Melissa were even still around until they became focal points of this episode. My gosh is Melissa pretty and that accent...okay back on topic. Why does Josh always sound like he struggles with simple tasks, when he speaks? That's a quote from GTA5. I often wonder why Kyle shows up on this show. Is it for the vacation? The television time? The women? I mean he has to know he will probably never win. Now don't get me wrong I like Kyle and I think he gives great confessionals but still he doesn't really do much.
  9. I knew everyone on that list but Chelsea. I have no memory of her at all.
  10. I am not a fan of what I like to call the Zeke Jury format (I call it the Zeke format because he was the most dominate jury member during the first time it happened, he drove the conversation). I like when a pissed off bitter jury member would go off (Sue), you do not really get that with the new format.
  11. BK1978

    S07: Pearl Island

    The whole, "she died, dued.", should have set off red flags in all of their heads that it was made up. Who the hell would say that? I mean his buddy could have at least said, "I'm sorry dude, she's dead."
  12. It is the editing, it has to be. They pretty much showed only the positive side on Survivor, but on TAR they probably had no other choice but to show how she really is. Also, maybe her sister brings out the worst parts of her personality. They are the TAR version of the Kray twins. I just quoted you because I think your avatar is awesome. Any avatar with a cat in it deserves to be pointed out. I felt the same way and as much as I hate to admit it I was softening to her a little. At one point I even thought, "If I only saw her play Survivor, I would probably like her." But then I saw the finale and remember just why I despised her. Well her and her sisters were also thieves and that was a big reason.
  13. My brother-in-law is not physically abusive, but is verbally abusive towards my sister (It may partly stem from the fact that she makes more money than he does). There is really not much to be done about it as people have said above. He always has to go out of his way to make snide comments about her intelligence (Even though she has a Masters and he dropped out of college.). I never liked the dude but for some reason my sister sticks with him and they have been married for fifteen years. It is tough because I would love to step in and say something to him (He also talks down to both my mother and I but never my father for some reason) but I do not for fear of alienating my sister. If it was physical I would be more apt to try and step in but when it is mental I feel like there are less options for her to see what he is doing is wrong. Okay well nobody wanted to read about my personal life, so lets get back to talking about show.
  14. Real World: Skeletons I honestly did not know that Nany was on an actual season. It must have been one of the many I did not watch. I think Real World: Skeletons was the last one I saw, but there were a bunch of the more recent ones I did not watch. Just by looking at the list I watched Brooklyn and then I stopped watching the show until Portland and I skipped Ex-Plosion and did not watch any after Skeletons.
  15. Are the New New Warriors Marvel's way of trolling the fans? Do they honestly think this crap will sell? Snowflake and Safespace, one dude got his powers from his grandfather's internet gas...what the holy hell is this garbage?
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