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  1. I never saw all of seasons four or five. But from what I saw of interviews with John, the guy is hilarious and it would be great to see him come back. I thought Coby had a miserable time on HvsV, or am I thinking All-Stars? I thought he did not want to play again. I have never been a fan of Parvati, I always found saw her as someone who goes out of their way to be cruel to others. However, I did like seeing her in a different light last night and it was touching seeing her talk to her friend and give him encouragement. Ben does not bother me either. He seems to have a pretty good sense of humor and would probably be someone who could be fun to hang out with. I am not a fan of Sarah. As for Adam, well I am starting to find him highly annoying. I do not remember him being like this in his original season, but as I say below I have a hard time recalling what happened in recent seasons. If you want to see women win Survivor you have to check out Australian Survivor. A woman has won three times out of the four completed seasons. The non-winners who dominate the game tend to be women as well. So much so I brought it up in the thread for the show. I find it interesting that over here the men tend to dominate (for the most part, there are exceptions to the rules), while over there the women seem to dominate. As I said in the other thread, I am not sure if it is a cultural thing or Aussie Survivor cast stronger women and not just models. Anyway, that was my weekly praise of Australian Survivor. Now back to our Survivor. This is why he will always be one of my favorite winners (Kim and Earl are right up there with him) because he seems like a real nice guy. Not phony. Oddly enough, I have better recollection of older seasons and cannot remember what happened in recent seasons. Same goes for Big Brother, I spent a couple of hours trying to remember who won the last season of Big Brother. I finally did, wish I had not but I did.
  2. As TRACYSCOTT76 said I think it was more because Dom was painted as the asshole of the duo. Now I am not sure if Wendell was one as well but I do not recall him being portrayed as such. I hate that Yul bought into the game too fast bull. What the hell does that even mean? How is it too fast? I am just so sick of hearing it. Just want to co-sign what you said and I do think that is the reason. If she is the only one that leaves the game I wonder what they do with her. Do they send her on a vacation somewhere? Do they just send her home? That is interesting. Russell Hantz said on his YouTube channel that JT did something to piss off the producers and he will probably not ever be back. He did not go into details about what JT did.
  3. Shonee seems like she might be a bitter jury member. Gone is her giddy personality and she now seems to have a scowl on her face at all times. They showed her a couple of times giving everyone death glares. I want to bring this up in my last post, I wonder why by in large the women dominate Australian Survivor and the men seem to dominate American Survivor. I am talking overall there have been far more men who have won US Survivor and there have been three women who have won Australian Survivor. The Aussie seasons also tend to be run by the women. Is it a cultural thing? Does Australian Survivor tend to cast stronger women (Not just in physical strength, but overall. Meaning women who are more leaders than followers.) instead of just going for the pretty girls. It is just very interesting to me.
  4. No word of a lie, I was thinking the exact same thing about Mo a few days ago. She really seemed to be struggling in the final four challenge, which surprised me a bit because I thought a challenge like that would have been perfect for her. I wonder if her energy is just sapped from lack of food, water, sleep, or whatever. I have wanted David to win for the vast majority of the season, so part of me liked seeing Brooke go. But I really like Brooke, as she and Lee were my two favorites from the first season. I will say this, she had one hell of a season and she is a fantastic player. I mean the way she sold herself and the benefits to keeping her would have given me pause if I were in Sharn or Mo's position. Out of the three I would want David, then Sharn, and then Mo to win. I think Sharn played a good game but I have a strong feeling the jury will not respect her. Mo might have a hard time selling her game, but as I say that, Brooke seemed to understand what Mo has done so maybe the jury is not completely in the dark as to the moves she made.
  5. That happens a lot on American Big Brother (Where a dominate alliance controls the game more often than not). I think they are upset that they have been outplayed. You would think that Locky would see getting him out was a big move.
  6. If someone where to be living in America and was interested in watching this, where would that person be able to view it? Just asking for a friend. Seriously the last full season I saw was the one the Kevin won. I sucks because new episodes are usually up on YouTube but they are taken down within hours. How is it possible I can watch Australian Survivor with no problems, yet I can't watch a show that is filmed from a city that is like an eight hour drive from my house?
  7. I think it could be the accent. I honestly do. Now I am far from being smart, but I have a Rhode Island accent which is very similar to Rob's Boston accent and I have noticed that people tend to treat me like I am an idiot and maybe it is not because of the accent but I always think it could be. If you do not mind me asking, who was the other person you knew? The closest I ever got to "knowing" someone on a reality show was my buddy went out on a couple of dates with Michelle's (from season ten of Big Brother) cousin. Now for what I initially came in here to say, I was watching Rob's talking head from the tribe swap episode of season four and oh boy would that not fly today. I personally found it hilarious but with the cancel culture thought police today that would have not gone down well. I am actually shocked they have not come after him for the comments. I mean they have done it other more famous people. Maybe Rob is not famous enough to be on their radar. Only if he brings back the blue mohawk of justice. TM Miss Ali (I think).
  8. Parvati and Sandra gone in the same episode? It looks like Christmas came early for me this year. Though I have to admit I have soften to Sandra since her first season, but I still do not like her. Really I am pretty happy with everyone who has been voted off thus far with the exception of Ethan, Danni, and Amber (Amber does not offend me and I do not dislike her, she is just there.). I strongly dislike Tyson, Natalie, Sandra, Parvati, and slightly dislike Rob. The only one who is left in the game that I dislike is Sarah. Adam has been annoying me but not enough to move him into the dislike area yet. The way Sophie is playing is making me a fan of her though. The rest I either do not have a strong opinion on (Wendell, Michelle, Ben, Sophie, Adam), I like (Nick, Tony), or I really like (Kim, Yul, Jeremy, and Denise). Yeah Amber is the female version of Dick Clark. She just does not age.
  9. Tarzan would have a very tough time trying to say what he has done. He's been a loyal soldier and has made the same moves as David and Moana , for the most part, but perception is reality in Survivor and you are right he will only be viewed as out-lasting. I think Moana might have that happen to her as well because she has played the game in the shadows. Have they ever done a live reunion? If so I have never watched any of them. Did you know she's 50 something years old? Oh man if I heard her say that one more time, well I would do nothing but I would be highly annoyed. What is she doing at the villa. I have not watched any of those videos yet, I'll have to look them up on YouTube.
  10. I like Nia but this episode felt too After School Special to me. Nicole has come a long way since her first episode acting wise and I thought she did a great job showing how much she was struggling not to kill the dude. There was just something that did not seem right in the way they tackled such a serious issue. I think such a topic deserved better writing.
  11. I think I have too much invested in a David win. When he did not play the Idol I found myself saying to my television out loud, "You idiot!" I was in the same camp as you, I thought Tarzan did not know what was going on. Maybe I am confusing him with the American Tarzan... I would not be overly upset with anyone left winning with the exception of AK. I mean David is who I want to win but I think Moana, Tarzan, Brooke, and Sharn have each done something to where it would not offend me if they won.
  12. David is starting to play sloppy. He should have given the Idol to Moana and avoided that whole nonsense. Why on earth would he think they would target Tarzan? Hell out of the four I would think Tarzan would be the least likely to be targeted. I also think it was dumb to get rid of Jacqui. Granted I was beyond thrilled to see her go, because I find her to be very petty, but they should have gone for a bigger threat in Shonee or Brooke. Nobody seemed to like Jacqui. But Shonee has the killer social game and Brooke is always going to be a physical threat. Why leave either one of them in the game? I mean it is not like Jacqui would have much room to move if she remained in the game anyway. Getting rid of her for revenge was a dumb move and I think it is going to come back and bite David, Tarzan, and Moana in the ass.
  13. It worked for Tony, maybe Cory is just following his example.
  14. The Australian version is currently having their All-Star season and a few weeks ago a guy found an advantage because it had a damn string attached to it and if I remember correctly a red ribbon tied around it. The less I see of Natalie the better. I have to say Sophie is really impressing me thus far. I am trying to think but I was pretty sure I was meh about her as one of the returning winners, but now I am all in. I would not mind if she won. I still do not like Sarah, something about her irks me. Maybe it was how cocky she was going into the merge during her first season. I am just not sure. This post gets a heart because as Nick had a crush on Parvati, I had one on Lauren Conrad. Still do if I am being honest.
  15. That was rough for me to watch. I had an aunt who passed away from ALS a few years ago. Couple that with Jonathan being one of my favorite players, it was tough to see because I know exactly what he is going through and heartbreaking is probably the best word to describe it.
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