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  1. I hated Tina with a passion. Just you bringing her up made me recall how much I hated her. I started watching Survivor during the Amazon season. So when I found Australia on DVD I was excited to see this villain named Jeri that everyone was talking about (I bought Australia before she was on All-Stars). I was so underwhelmed by her, I just did not get what made her a villain. Heck, I did not really see a reason to dislike her. So I understand where you are coming from in regards to Beth. I never personally disliked Beth, even back then. Now Puck, that dude was a villain in every sense of the word.
  2. Is this a new house? I mean has the physical location changed? Follow up question, if it is a new location then we might not have the honor of seeing the ants this season.
  3. I am not trying to be an asshole, but there is no way of asking this question without sounding like an asshole. Is Ian on the spectrum? I know people said Steve was, I am thinking Ian might be as well. During the live show I saw him doing that think were he rocks back and forth while sitting on the couch.
  4. I forgot that Janelle was even on that season until you just posted this. Man my memory sucks.
  5. I was hoping against hope that Danielle R. would be there. I would kill to see Marcellus back again. I have said this plenty of times before but Marcellus was the biggest reason why I got into the show in the first place. I hate the fact that I find Christmas to be hot, it truly does bother me. I mean I know she's an asshole but damn is she sexy, especially when she has her glasses on. Really there is not one unattractive woman in the house this season. Where is Chicken George? Great to see my favorite alliance back together again (Kaysar and Janelle). I forgot to add, Cody and Paulie sound exactly alike. When I heard his voice I was not looking up and I thought, "Oh shit it's this asshole. They didn't put him on the Challenge but I have to suffer dealing with him for the rest of the summer." Glad it was Cody, at least Cody isn't a crazy asshole.
  6. That was her whole thing on the last season of the Challenge. She stayed isolated with Chris for nearly the entire season and then bitched when she was left out of stuff.
  7. I had to look up what Cameo was. I thought it was like OnlyFans or a Cam Girl website. Not that I would pay $15 if it was, but I thought that was what it was.
  8. Off topic, but that's what I do. I don't get that show. I saw the first episode and I understand the concept and everything (I used to watch the Mole, plus the CW had a very similar murder show that was on about ten years ago.). What baffles my mind is, is it an American made show with an English cast? If that is the case why have an all-English cast? Or is it an English made show pretending to be based in America? Now I will never pretend to be the sharpest tool in the shed, anyone who reads what I post on here will know that. But I really do not understand what the hell is going on with that show as far as where it was filmed. Sure I could go and look it up, but I am also very forgetful and every time I mean to look it up I forget about it like five minutes later because I can never recall the name of the show. Okay I return you to the media thread. Let the Brett vs. Rockstar conversation continue. Edited to add: Turns out the show was produced by ITV and filmed in Lithuania! What the fuck?
  9. First Georgia and now Melissa, what do these good looking women find appealing in Josh? The dude is a moron.
  10. In news that is kind of sort of Challenge related. MTV OnDemand has the entire first season of The Real World up. I watched the first episode, having never watched it since it originally aired, it was a little boring and very dated but still interesting to see for nostalgia purposes.
  11. Oddly enough I had a similar Paul experience. Mine happened between seasons 18 and 19, actually about a week before 19 came on the air. I was at a pro wrestling show in Massachusetts and me and my buddy saw this guy who we both swore was Paul. He even had a tacky Hawaiian shirt on. However, upon getting a better look at the guy we both realized it was not him. Though I remember thinking, "I wonder what happened to Paul." Sadly enough we found out a week later. Seeing your post makes me wonder if there is some sort of secret Paul clone army out there. It would explain why Paul was half way decent on his first season and a total asshole during his second.
  12. I never saw an episode the last BBCan (The last full season I saw was when Kevin Martin won, fu copyright laws!) but from what I read about the last season it sounded like it was going to be a train wreck. Two people kicked, didn't one quit? It sounded glorious.
  13. BK1978

    S02: Talk

    I had the chance to buy season two years ago on DVD when I bought season one. But I put it back at the last second, I wish I had bought it because it was on sale for like five dollars (At least I think it was season two, it might have been three. We are talking like fifteen years ago, so my memory is a little hazy.).
  14. BK1978

    S02: Talk

    Season two and three are the only seasons I have never watched. I did see the last episode of season three and I was hooked, but I just never got around to seeing either of them. Maybe I will now that I know they are on Amazon.
  15. Nothing wrong with disliking popular players. I mostly dislike popular players from Survivor (Sandra, Parvati, Tyson, Boston Rob) and like the players people don't like (Coach, Phillip, Angelina). For the most part I tend to like the popular people on BB and hate the people that everyone hates. Oh I like Nicole A. and I am glad to see her back. She was one of the few people I liked. I wonder why there is no resident "old person". Is it a covid thing? Because I am sure Chicken George is probably doing fuck all.
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