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  1. I really loved GTA: San Andreas and GTA: Vice City's soundtracks. The both brought me back to when I was a kid.
  2. That was/has always been my fear as well. I hate the fact that CBS has their own streaming network and I would not be willing to pay. Not even for TAR.
  3. BK1978

    S40: Tyson Apostol

    No you are not the only one. I am a year older than him and I could not/cannot stand the guy. To me it was the way he treated Sierra that made me dislike him initially and I have never liked him since. Now he could very well be a nice guy in real life and he might just be playing up the asshole for television. I don't know there is something about him I just do not like. I doubt there are many video game fans on here, but if you get the reference maybe you will agree with me. For some reason Tyson reminds me of Micah Bell from Red Dead Redemption 2.
  4. I was over the moon thrilled when she won. I also think that was the first season where I really liked someone during their previous season and highly disliked them during their return season (Stephenie LaGrossa). I am a little shocked that nobody from her season besides Stephenie has been asked back until now. I thought for sure Judd would have been asked back as he was a great villain for the time.
  5. BK1978

    S40: Amber Mariano

    I saw an interview with here that was shot before the season started. In it she made a comment that made me laugh. I am paraphrasing here, "I do not think Rob and I will end up on the same team. But everyone knows that Rob and I are a package deal so if you look out for one of us, you will get the other as an ally." Somewhere out there Lex and his blue mowhawk of injustice is flipping out over that comment.
  6. I said that during her first season. She was only in her early 40's at the time and I had her pegged at being in her mid-50's. Now yes I am terrible at trying to figure out people's ages but still. Oh and just a side not, I am a Denise fan. She is one of my favorites on this cast (I would say possibly my third favorite behind Yul and Kim).
  7. I would be so happy if Natalie was eliminated first. I can't stand her and her sister from their time on TAR. I am sure why people have soften to her since she won Survivor. This is the same person who willingly stole from someone on TAR. She's a scumbag. There is an interview for ET Canada (I think, it came up on my recommended feed on YouTube so I watched it.) with Sandra. It was shot before the game started and in the interview Sandra said she had a feeling that EOE was going to be part of the current season and if she was voted out she would not go. She did not go into details as to why that is the case. It looks like this spoiler might be true.
  8. Same here. There are some people who can pull off swarmy asshole and there are some who cannot. Tyson is one who cannot. I also don't think he is a terrible player but I am not sure I would rank him anything but average. Yes he won but at the end of the day he lost horribly in HvV and I honestly cannot recall why he got voted out during his first season.
  9. I would not care if Nick won as he was on one of the better newer seasons. But hell no to Tyson, I think I despise him out of all of the players in this cast. I am good with Tony winning if he is the winner. Granted I would rather it be Kim because she is one of my favorite winners (Her, Yul, and Earl are my trinity of favorite winners). Oddly enough I am far more excited for the up coming Australian Survivor All-Star season than I am for this. There is no comparison, I like the cast better and there are no horrible twists that I am aware of.
  10. BK1978

    S39 Dan Spilo

    I was wondering the same thing. Part of me is wondering if Harvey is doing the whole Vincent "the Chin" Gigante, defense of, "I am insane and feeble. Please have pity on me."
  11. I also heard that there is a chance that S42 might be a Legends season. Though I highly doubt that because of the all-Winners season being season 40. I would imagine that they would want Rob, Sandra, etc. for a Legends season as well and I highly doubt either of them would be willing to do three seasons in the span of two years. Though I guess if the price is right who knows.
  12. I still stick by my opinion that Cirie was robbed in Micronesia. That should have been a final three and I honestly do think that Cirie would have won. This is not because I cannot stand Parvati and Cirie is one of my favorites, I just think Cirie played a master game that season. That was the first time she got screwed royally by production.
  13. Oh you are about to see much more of Natalie. I remember at the time she had a nothing edit, then all of a sudden bam her confessionals went into overdrive and she was um...odd.
  14. Sadly Coach became more normal after his first season so I guess he should be considered a one hit wonder. Though Philip kept on bringing the craziness. I honestly cannot remember how Debbie was her second time. I would love to see a season that was packed with just crazy and delusional players. You could have Philip, Debbie, Jimmy T., Abi Maria, Shane Powers, Noura. It would be my dream cast.
  15. Has there ever been any news on Katie Doyle? Not going to lie, I had a huge crush on her back then mainly because she looked like one of exes. Once she stopped showing up on the show it is like she dropped off the face of the earth.
  16. There goes my never had a chance in hell with her (she is very pretty)...seriously though I really do like Jenna she always comes across as nice but a tad on the bland side. Zach is a dick but there are times when I see that he might be a half way decent guy outside of the show. Growing his hair out to donate to Locks of Love was one of those times. I do think she could do better but I hope they have a long and happy marriage.
  17. I did not know about it being a trilogy either until I watched the Reunion Show tonight. Did that show really have to be two hours long? I kept on saying to myself, "When is this nonsense going to end?" I think I have to side with Cara when she was talking about her friendship with Laurel. Granted I don't know but I can see Laurel talking down to people and being abrasive. Hell Laurel might not even know she is that way. Georgia, I have said it before and I will say it again. You are such a pretty woman, stop falling for losers. What was Johnny's point in being there? He added nothing and was calling people out for shit he's been pulling for years. Also, I really want to know when Jordan and Johnny became cool because before this season it seems like they were mortal enemies.
  18. Australian Survivor is almost a mirror image to the American version Idol wise and three out of the four winners have been women. Granted one was a national celebrity, Shane ftw she was an awesome winner, but I really do not think it was the Idols that impacted the game in favor of the men. Would we not see the same results in the Australian version if that was the case? One thing I do notice about the Australian players are, they tend to vote out whomever is the leader quicker than the Americans do. That happens regardless of gender. Obviously some slip through to the later rounds but for the most part if you are viewed as a gamer then you are gone sooner rather than later.
  19. No...just no. I did not need that freaky dude to reenter my mind. Even if that sentence is hilarious, now I am going to have to sit here thinking about Liberace's boyfriend.
  20. I only watched a little bit myself during the commercials breaks of Survivor. When I saw and then heard Justina I was like nope. I despise her voice, yes I am going to force myself to sit through the show but I am not looking forward to having to listen to her speak.
  21. I read the spoilers so I knew what was going to happen, but then again you are never 100% sure the spoilers are correct. Out of the final five I would have liked Janet to win. I always like to see the older players do good, in particular the older women because they are usually the first to be voted out. Out of the final three it would have honestly been a toss-up for me between Dean and Noura. Noura more for the WTF factor. But I can honestly say I like her and found her oddness very entertaining. Not on the level of Tarzan, Jimmy T, or Shambo mind you but still very few can get to that special level. As much as I would have liked Lauren to win, simply because I picked her to win. I am glad she did not. The comments she made (was it during or after?) the family visit was the nail in the coffin for me.
  22. I am not sure. It is weird, I can remember early boots from years ago but I cannot remember people from a season I just watched. For instance, they should the final three from last season and I could not remember the winner's name and I could not remember the woman who made the final three. The only name I could remember was Gavin because when the show was airing I was playing a lot of Red Dead Redemption 2 and there is a character in that game who is looking for his friend Gavin. Therefore, through that association I always remember Gavin.
  23. Yes you saw Yul and that means it will be awesome. Seriously 2/3 of my trinity of favorite winners are going to be on next season. So while I am annoyed that EOE is back, at least Kim and Yul are back as well. Now if they could have gotten Earl that would have made it great. Also, I am glad to see there are people who are not Parvati fans on here. I often feel that I am on an island of one when I say I dislike her. What I never got is people despise Russell, yet love her but I find them both to be comparable in how cruel they were. Yes Parvati is beautiful and Russell looks like a troll that lives under the bridge, so maybe that is why she gets a pass. The whole Kelley segment bothered me because it happened in the first place. But even more so because of what happened between Hatch and Sue during All-Stars. That was how many years ago and they still did not know how to handle a situation like that. I was thinking the same thing when Krishma was gushing over her roommate/husband. Are you talking about the woman with the blonde curly hair that was sitting next to the guy that got eliminated first? Because if so you and I are in the same boat. I was sitting there thinking, "Who the hell is she?" Did Jamal hop into a time machine and go back to 1986 to borrow clothes from Don Johnson? His clothes looked very Miami Vice like.
  24. What does his race or sex have to do with anything? You could say mediocre winner and you could still get your point across. That being said I agree he was a very boring mediocre winner. I had Lauren slated as my winner since the first episode, she came close but no cigar. I was trying to think when the last time I actually picked the correct winner at the beginning of a season and I want to say I picked Earl but it was so long ago I am not sure if that is true. I am not sure what was more lackluster, the end of last week's the Challenge or this episode.
  25. You know what they should do, have the American Tarzan take on the Australian Tarzan. Sort of like what they did with Boston Rob and Russell or Ozzie vs. Coach. Now that would be epic.
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