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  1. I remember reading years ago it was because of Dr. Will singing/getting people to sing, "I will Survive". They had to pay through the nose because of it and since then it has been banned due to as you said, them not wanting to pay royalties.
  2. You just made me realize that season 1, would have been the summer after I graduated college...now I really feel old.
  3. So someone has gone all Frank Drebin from the original Naked Gun? Don't call me Shirley. What is this Leslie Nielsen day? I will forever view him as Raoul Duke (Hunter S. Thompson) from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Man I love that movie.
  4. Pretty much what CALLAPHERA says in the next post. I had a friend who did it a few years ago and that was all he talked about. He would constantly check his phone to see what exercises were on the docket for the next day. It is very much a religion for the people who do it. A lot of former addicts do it as well as a replacement for their old addiction, which doing that is obviously far better than substance abuse but it is still annoying to hear about every five minutes.
  5. In that picture above with the dog, is that really where they have the dog living? It looks like an Eastern Bloc country prison from the 1950's.
  6. Russell Hantz runs a recap show for Big Brother and he had James Rhine on as a guest. I did not watch the whole thing because it was over an hour long, but one thing I did see that I found funny is James absolutely hates Christmas. He said she did not belong on the current season because nothing she did on her first season was earned, it was just given to her. He then compared her to Chicken George. He said there were plenty of others who should have been there over her and he named Cowboy of all people as one of those people who should have been there. You know a hatred is real when someone says that Cowboy should be in the game over you.
  7. I hated when they tried to make Amanda the voice of reason. Because she was just as big of an asshole as everyone else.
  8. I think I figured it out, at least for me. If the season is a season I enjoy with a good cast I tend to remember who was on it. For instance David vs. Goliath is by far and away my favorite most recent season. It had a great cast with Nick, Gabby, Mike White, Angelina, Christian, Davie, John, Carl, Lyrsa, Natalie. That is just a tremendous cast right there and you know you have a great season when people remember the early boots like Natalie (Who I hope they bring back) and Lyrsa. Same goes for Cagyan that was an amazing cast and I can name most of them just by seeing them on screen. Then you have Edge of Extinction and besides the return player and a handful of new players (Reem ftw!), I simply do not remember that cast at all because the season and the concept of the season just was not interesting to me.
  9. I did not know Hailee Steinfeld is part-Filipino. The one thing that I find interesting when this whole conversation comes up is the fact that a lot of people fail to acknowledge that Kevin is half-black. Whenever anyone talks about this topic they talk about Bayleigh, David, and Day. Now I understand it will probably not happen but if Kevin were to win Big Brother, should he not be considered the first black player to win? If President Obama, who is mixed, is considered the first black President. Then surely Kevin should be considered the first black winner of Big Brother if he were to pull off that miracle win. Edited to add: My father would be absolutely thrilled if Kevin won as that's his favorite player this season. Every time Kevin does a confessional my father smiles and says, "I like this kid, he makes the funniest expressions." My father is 82 and has a very bad memory so he has no clue what Kevin's name is, but the minute he sees him on TV my father lights up.
  10. Honestly who really knows? The rules for that term change on an almost daily basis. I have heard people say that Asian folks cannot be POC because they are not oppressed. Then I have heard other people saying anyone who is not white is a POC. There is a commentator on YouTube named Tim Pool who has said in the past that because he is half-Asian and looks white, most people do not consider him to be a POC. Just another reason why I dislike that silly PC term.
  11. I was watching a video on YouTube where the guy showed the Google Maps picture of the studio where they film and it is right on top of the "L.A. river" (I say "L.A. river" because that is the poorest excuse for a river I have ever come across. L.A. toxic waste stream would probably be a better name for it). I wish I could remember where it was so I could just post it on here, but I cannot seem to find it. There is a main road just a little bit away from the studio that has a fence that people cut so they could get down to the river/toxic waste stream from the main road. Stupid YouTube and their recommendations, I looked at one Diana Rigg video and now my recommendation feed is littered with Game of Thrones and Avengers (British version, not the Marvel comics stuff) videos.
  12. Is that Enzo speak for, "It's too soon." Yes I know I was already beaten to the punch twice by other posters. But I really wanted to make that joke yo. They have in the past. Not wall yellers but they have made planes flying banners part of the official show. I know that because I was just watching a season a recap of season 10 on YouTube and they had Memphis and I believe Angie talking about how when there is a plane that goes by with a banner the contestants have to go in lock down. Make that three people, I am not a woman and know nothing about women's fashion. But that shit annoys me for some strange reason.
  13. They gave Rupert a million dollars for pretty much nothing, why can't Day get it for playing a bad game?
  14. Those were my exact thoughts as well. Going back the the whole Davonne/David conversation about the vote, I know she has terrible reads but I really cannot blame her for that bad read. Mainly because David had a smirk on his face similar to the one that Brett was giving Blockstar when Blockstar was going off about her daughter's birthday. David tends to do that a lot I notice in conversations. I notice it because I do the exact same thing all of the time and people think I am either mocking them or not taking things seriously and I have to wonder if the same thing happens to David as well. The thing is, I know I am doing it and I cannot stop myself from doing it.
  15. That does seem like the most David thing, David could do.
  16. I put up a shocked face, just so someone can pretend to be shocked.
  17. Wait you would like to have Cody and Nicole not get voted out?
  18. I used to as well but the last two seasons have just been bad. Well last season was not terrible, but the season before that was awful. I honestly think if they wrote off the Time Bureau people, keep Ava on but Gary and Mona have to go (I swear if I have to hear Mona talk about Konane I might lose it.), the show would be better. I like the cast, besides Gary and Mona, but the shows have gone far too campy lately. I do have to say I love Tala Ashe, man is she a beautiful woman. Back on topic, my ideal triple eviction victims would be Cody and Nicole for that second HOH. I know that will not happen but still.
  19. I agree, it is a shame they waste him on that god awful Legends of Tomorrow (The show used to be so good but I absolutely despise Gary and Mona). I wish the CW would just revive his show. Fun fact, John Constantine appearance was based on Sting from the Police. I have to say that because I am a wrestling fan and anytime I talk about Sting, other wrestling fans assume I am talking about the wrestler.
  20. If they run the triple eviction as I explained above, that eviction might be interesting. Sure either David or Kevin are probably going to go on Cody's HOH. However, the second one has to potential to really fuck over the HOH because if David or Kevin are not the second HOH and they win the veto, it could mean two people from the main alliance are out the door. Sure it is a lot of what if's involved but at least there is potential to see something remotely interesting happening. It might even be the perfect chance to take a shot at Cody, but we know that will not be happening.
  21. This and this... The way they do it on BBCAN (If I remember correctly) is they have the first normal eviction which would be whomever wins the next HOH puts up for elimination. Then they have the second HOH. Whomever wins the second HOH of the night then nominates three people for eviction. The veto is held and the HOH does not take part in it. After that the people who are voting, vote for the person they want to keep. So it is like the final Tribal Council on Survivor. The person with the most votes stays and the other two are voted out. I have taken to calling other guys "old son" because I saw it in a John Constantine comic book and thought it was hilarious. So that clip is back on YouTube? I remember I had it on my favorite list years ago but then it was taking down do to copyright. Obviously it was a different channel. I really wish Monica would have been brought back as well, he whole explaining of what, "It's on", means is never not going to be funny to me. Why would Bay need Botox? She's still young and pretty, I never get why anyone does that shit but I can understand it more as you age.
  22. I honestly had no idea that was Will right when he walked out. I thought it might have been Kevin from BB19. Then they got a better camera angle and he started talking. I thought his hair was dark when he did the whole jury mod thing last summer. What Just For Men is no longer available during an pandemic? Granted I was going bald in my early 30's but nobody needs to know that...
  23. Yeah Nick made some nasty comments about Jewish and white people back in the summer. He was fired from his MTV shows, but Fox refused to fire him. Oddly enough for the most part the press only focused on what he said about Jewish people and what he said about white people was never really brought up. He made a half ass apology and everyone seemed to say, "Hey he apologized about it, he turned over a new leaf let's not talk about it anymore."
  24. That is what I would have done as well. At first I was not sure if there was enough room to do. Now that show is hosted by an actual racist, but I guess calling white people subhuman animals is cool with the people at Fox. Maybe they can hire David Duke to host their next show. It is tough for me to watch. Marcellas was initially my favorite player, he was just so interesting to me because I had never really come across anyone like him in my real life. I mean sure I knew gay people, but he was so over the top and he was awesome. But by this point in the season I found him to be annoying, so while it was hilarious it was still the downfall of my first favorite player.
  25. What happens when her daughter goes off to school? Is Dani going to end up like Beverly Goldberg from the Goldbergs?
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