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  1. Hehehehhehe. Fair point. On the other hand, I can see this version of Alfred morphing into Sean Pertwee in 25 years.
  2. At this point, I don't know why I'm still watching this show, besides the fact that I have nothing better to do on a Friday night in mid October. I still like a number of the characters but damn the storylines are just...dumb. The show was at it's best in the first season and a half while it was still a clever blend of sci-fi and horror but now with all the mystical crap that makes no sense whatsoever, it's just a hard slog. If it wasn't for Axel, Julius and Phil, I'd probably be totally done with this.
  3. Interesting idea but since this show is done by Bruno Heller, I assume the Waynes were murdered for the reasons given on "Gotham." Maybe not though. I haven't heard it definitively said that "Pennyworth" is a direct prequel to that show.
  4. Well, yeah....THAT happened. Bloody hell. Just when I didn't think this show could get any over the top they have Alfred saving the Queen's life twice and then ummm, well, err.. (insert sexual metaphor here). What makes this show for me isn't the action (which is fantastic) or even the cinematography (which is utterly gorgeous). It's the character interactions. The Sykes sisters are just made of absolute win and I love the relationship between the utterly insane Lord Harwood and his long suffering assistant, Francis. My favorite couple though is Thomas/Martha. God, how did I ship these two. That conversation in the van is just...priceless. "Oh, you....LIKE me? In a sexual way I mean?" The look on Thomas' face (and everybody else in that scene) is just brilliant. The ending. Oh well, yeah a bit fanciful and done many times before but I still enjoyed it. The acting is so on point it's just stunning. I really want a season two. Well done, Bruno Heller. I knew you had another winner in you. I'm assuming it was one of Harwood's Old Guard and probably because he was known to be high up in The No Name League. Harwood had met him previously and of course knew his name from the pilot episode.
  5. Well, that escalated quickly. "PUT DOWN THE FUCKING GUN!!!!" Have I mentioned how much I love the Sykes sisters? In fact, I think I love every single character on this show. I could watch Thomas and Martha sitting in a room having a conversation for a couple of hours. I really like Lord Harwood as a character. The calm, practiced demeanor he projects is I suspect a front and he'll blow sometime during the final episode of the season. Really good episode. I'm jazzed for the finale. It' been a great first season up to this point.
  6. Alternate universe where the Queen retains more political power than she has in our reality. The Prime Minister appears to be merely a "First among Ministers" as opposed to the actual political power. I noticed (if we want to get technical) that he was ordering the police and security forces around directly without going through the Home Secretary-unless we are supposed to assume all that happened 'off camera.'
  7. The guy arguing with the Queen about the rubber bullets and water cannon is the PM.
  8. This one was a bit slower than some of the others, at least until the last 15-20 minutes but I liked it well enough. Is it just me or has Lord Harwood turned the corner into becoming a fullon supervillain? I continue to love the hell out of the Sykes sisters and I think it's obvious as hell that John Ripper is playing Mrs. Thwaite-I'm just not sure what his angle is yet.
  9. Yeah, personally I think the Captain is being set up. This is all just a little too easy. You're going to murder a girl over a perceived insult from some private from years ago?
  10. Okay, a somewhat slower episode but I really like the character development for Thomas Wayne and Marth Kane, as well as Thomas' sister, Patricia. Having never read a Batman comic, the only thing I really know about Bruce Wayne's parents is that they tend to die pretty early on. In the "Gotham" premiere, they're shot to death in the opening scene. This episode is some really nice layering of their characters. So, Thomas is pretty much a self-absorbed dick. Martha is a genuinely nice person and Patricia...is seriously fucked up. As for Alistair Crowley, I think he's a very nice addition to an already fascinating rogues gallery of villains. As for the ending, damn, I was just getting to like Mr. Pennyworth.
  11. I think it's a fairly minor deviation. I'm assuming that the Hindenburg didn't blow up in this reality and they found a way to make them safer.
  12. Well by "won" I suppose I mean they managed to get a negotiated peace treaty and hold onto power. Granted, all we know is that Germany is called "The Reich" and it's obvious they didn't conquer Britain or defeat the United States. We don't know what France and Russia look like at this point. I'm sure we'll find out eventually but I can't see them straying too far from World History. They've stuck fairly close to reality, except for some alterations like still having the death penalty in this time period.
  13. I believe it is supposed to take place in mid-late 1960's London but it should be remembered that this is an alternative universe where the Tower of London is still in use as a place of torture and there are televised executions, even though execution was outlawed in the UK in the early 60's. Also, apparently Germany won the Second World War.
  14. Holy Crap, do I love this show. I'm already more in love with it than I was with "Gotham" at this point it's first season run. The writing and acting are so incredibly spot on it's utterly amazing. I have to say, although I was sure we'd see "The Man From Whitechapel" again, I must admit I didn't see the ending coming. I'm not sure how much he had to do with Esme's murder but he's very clearly playing Alfred. That whole fucked up assassination scene in the restaurant was just priceless. This is how you world build. Oh and Batman's daddy was a CIA spook. Who saw that one coming?
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