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  1. And that, is precisely how NOT to end a long running series. On the positive side, my pain is now over and I can move on to hating the next piece of trash that Siffy feels like throwing at me. Good night all. It's been fun. Well, not really but you know what I mean :)
  2. A clip show? A frelling clip show in 2021? I'm desperately to keep going with this trainwreck of a show, if only for a sense of completion but seriously....that's how you bring Vanessa back into the show?
  3. If her appearance on this show does anything, I hope it sends everybody scrambling to find copies of Farscape, which ran on the SyFy network between 1999 and 2004. It's one of the greatest shows that nobody has ever seen.
  4. Seriously. Claudia's character here reminded me of Aeryn Sun....had she remained in the Peacekeepers for another 50 cycles and become bitter, burned out and essentially without hope...instead of being taken in by the crew of Moya.
  5. I have two reactions to this fucking episode. 1. Holy shit it's God damned Claudia Black. God how I have missed her in sci-fi tv. 2. What the fucking fuck did I just watch?
  6. "Who are you calling Old, Dumbass." :)
  7. 5.04 "State of the Union" Okay, that was a LOT better. At least we get Axel, Doc and Julius back and they went back to basics for this-the three of them trapped in a medical facility while being besieged by crazed "super vampires." Nice little nod to "Aliens" with Axel having to look for vampires in the air ducts. So yeah, this part of the episode was pretty good.... Sadly, Tricia Helfer continues to bore the hell out of me as "The Dark One." She's overdramatic and hammy and not remotely frightening. This is the kind of stuff that really makes me miss Rebecca from S1. L
  8. NOTE: The following hate filled rant is the result of 5 years of growing frustration with a show being obviously dismantled by network assclowns. I can't guarantee that inappropriate language won't be used. "And here we go.."-The Joker "The Dark Knight" ::sighs:: A couple of weeks ago, I decided to go back to Netflix and rewatch season one of "Van Helsing" to see if I had missed something. Maybe, I thought, this show wasn't all that good at first, and I was just deluding myself. Turns out, it's better than I had remembered it. Yeah, it's got a few problems, mostly due to the ina
  9. Milo is literally the GOAT....
  10. And none too soon. This show jumped the shark in S3.
  11. I'd agree with this. I'm not familiar with the source material and don't know when it was written but anybody trying to normalize a "Lolita" type relationship now would have to be insane. The entire thing is clearly meant to be toxic. Without knowing that The Darkling was supposed to be evil and manipulative, it was still pretty obvious that he was using her to achieve his goals and really didn't give a rat's ass about her as an individual and she in return was reacting at least in part to her being hurt over Mal's "rejection"-which made me roll my eyes several times but what are you going to
  12. Yeah, it's not like this show is "Buffy" or anything.... And I'll be over here------------->
  13. I have to say, as somebody who came into this series without having read any of the books, or even having heard of them, I found myself really enjoying this episode. The world building is pretty impressive and I like the fact that this series focuses on a more Eastern/Northern European flavored world, as opposed to the standard England/western European version. Still not entirely sold on the main two characters but I plan on rewatching the series to see how they hold up. I thought the rest of the cast was pretty impressive. They had a lot of ground to cover with this episode and I think for th
  14. Yep. Wow the powerful General/Wizard who always dresses in black and is played by Ben Barnes turns out to be evil. Who could have seen THAT one coming? Don't all raise your hands at once....
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