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Quotes: "I'm In Charge Of Black Stuff?"

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Ruby: I’m what they really want.

Dre tells Pops to not eat on his couch unless he can afford it.  Pops: Take me to court.  (Later) I spilled my dinner on your couch.

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Dre: Fact - being a teenager is dumb. Look at this one trying to close the deal wearing his grandpa's fishing vest.

Dre: Do you even know what happened to Amelia?
Rainbow: I don't have time to waste on a part-time doula dog walker from San Bernardino with a Red Hot Chili Pepper tramp stamp who doesn't talk to her sister. I'm a doctor. I save lives!

Rainbow: So you get it. Dre doesn't understand.
Principal: Your husband doesn't understand not to park in a handicapped spot. How's he supposed to understand this?
Rainbow: Finally, someone hears me.

Dre: Why is [Janine] here?
Jack: You said to handle the situation, and I thought, "How do people handle problems these days?" Crowdfunding.
Dre: I told you guys to figure this out for yourselves.
Junior: We figured out how much it would cost to have someone else fix it, and we felt like it was a waste of our resources to use our own money.
Jack: And now you can crowdfund anything. Want a limo for prom?
Junior: Crowdfund it.
Jack: Want to make a mixtape after being wrongly convicted on gun charges?
Junior: Crowdfund it.
Ruby: What if your deacon was caught running a Ponzi scheme and has to be bailed out of jail?
Jack & Junior: Crowdfund it.

Dre: Are looking up your ex-best friend? 
Rainbow: Yes. She just became friends with CVS on Facebook. Who does that?

Rainbow: This isn't about me and this long-receipt-loving whore, Amelia.

Diane: You're Dr. Rainbow Johnson. You hold people's lives in your hands while supporting five children - six if you count dad. 

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