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  1. I don't bring my purse to most places I go to these days. Learned to minimize after the pandemic--all I bring in is my keys and cell phone, which has a place for credit cards. And my mask, of course.
  2. Completely off-topic: I remember watching the second tower fall in horror from across the river at the medical center I worked at. Everyone felt the need to try and do something immediately--donate blood, offer up critical incident stress debriefing, just anything. While we were able to help in some other ways around trauma work in the aftermath, we were particularly told there was not that much blood needed. There just weren't that many survivors. That stayed with me--watching the worst and best of humanity revealed in such a condensed timeframe. Regarding the episode, I thought it was
  3. I didn’t understand. The place was nice enough when they decided to stay there, but rats with babies? Aw hells no.
  4. Good times, good times. I actually understand him the great majority of the time—if only because English is my second language, so I find it funny when others (native and non-native English speakers) don’t understand him.
  5. So I read this story earlier today and found it fascinating. Not much foul play found, contrary to what the title suggests. And if you are a squeamish person I would suggest to skip it, but here it is if you are interested: How science solved the mystery of feet washing ashore in the Pacific Northwest
  6. Just watched the Aniah story, so terribly sad. She was so young and vibrant and clearly loved by many. My heart goes out to her family. I will never understand how a perpetrator of violent crimes can simply be out on bail. SMH. She should be alive today.
  7. Apropos of nothing, one of the family group chats I am in (a blessing and a curse, I tell you 🙄) sent out a fitness test at the beginning of the pandemic. One of the things was to basically sit down like Shawn did, and then get up, without using your arms. It led to some hilarious videos. Topic? I don't have much; I agree that two major ethical violations were made--wonder if anything will come of either of them. And I did enjoy the bit of banter between Glassman and Leah this time around.
  8. Nothing to see here. Y’all made better points about the ill-fitting camisole than I could.
  9. Glenn: “When I was a kid, we’d get hit, but we never cried about it because then... we’d get hit” The good old “I’ll give ya something to cry about” 😆 Good times.
  10. The pacing of this episode with the sloooow background music... sigh. I just fell asleep for a few minutes, only to wake up to creepy bobbling heads on a lake, one of which was supposed to have been long dead. Creepy does not begin to describe it. Even though I knew that wasn't the case, I thought they looked kinda decapitated. And I am not a fan of hallucinations or ghost stories or whatever they are trying to pass this off as, especially as a way of "healing". So in all those years, Laurel never bothered to at least find out what happened to her baby and William? Facebook wasn't around
  11. Ahem... Apparently I am less cultured than I believed myself to be, because not only had I not read the books, I didn’t even know the show was based on books. Honestly, I only saw the show (and so far only the first episode) because I saw a clip on Graham Norton when Nicola Coughlan from Derry Girls was a guest. Topic? So far I liked it. I enjoyed the little details, like the smile forming on Mrs. Bridgerton’s face as she saw Daphne and Simon together. Also, the Bridgerton boys unsuccessfully avoiding what’s-her-name.
  12. Ha! I didn't even notice it. For me, English is my second language, but I learned it as a pre-teen so I have very little accent that seeps in every now and then, at the most random times. I once asked my boss "Du ju want this door closed?". No sooner did I finish saying it, we both busted out laughing as my accent is not usually that thick. I suppose they could always do re-takes if he goes in and out of it; but also, sometimes that is just the way you end up sounding after growing up speaking two languages.
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