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  1. So I had read the book in college and was debating whether or not to start watching this. What I remember from the book was that it had a lot of dark elements, but I somehow remembered the book as being funny/sarcastic and so far... this is not hitting those same notes. If it's gonna be relentless misery, I am out. On the other hand, I love Mark Ruffalo and he can do no wrong, so I will continue to watch for now.
  2. She doesn’t possess a strong vocabulary, does she? Lord, she sounds vapid.
  3. Wondering if Dateline is interested in covering yesterday’s tragedy at Judge Esther Salas’ home. I just cannot imagine—her only child now gone and her husband also shot at multiple times. It feels a bit surreal because this is only a couple of miles from me. Just so sad all around.
  4. Hadn’t paid much attention to this show since the Bobby Bones fiasco, but randomly decided to peek in here only to find Tom is out? These producers are out of their damm minds. He would be the only thing that might have made me take a peek at whatever they end up putting on “next season”. But nope, not after this, not ever. They are losing a rare talent by choice. Whatever, show. Bye.
  5. My apologies to Justice Ruth Bader Gingsburg. I saw the drawing and immediately shouted "Elton John!". Next thought was Ed Sheeran, until RGB was mentioned. I apparently did not see the clearly drawn out robe. In my defense, I don't believe RBG is a red-head, so that gives me a bit of a pass.
  6. Honestly, I feel like I can get MUCH better dance content by following specific accounts on Instagram. The content there can be tailored to one's liking, without the heavy focus on acrobatic feats, or the cuts to judge reactions that we get here. It's just plain great dancing. The cuts to the judges on the show annoy me endlessly, even if I understand the likely reason behind it (song copyrights). I may be the outlier on this, but I kinda end up watching this show in less than ten minutes, by only watching the little bit of dancing they do show, and then fast forwarding through all the drama or acts that do not interest me.
  7. In what world is it more important to have a quince instead of bailing your son out of jail? I was bored by the hostile takeover/corporate shenanigans....
  8. Lord, it is tough to keep up with this thread. I think we all bring our life experiences into this. I find that I was very triggered by Randall's manipulation of Rebecca on many fronts. For one, I strongly believe in the right to self-determination, particularly around personal medical decisions. There was no good reason for Randall to callously force his ailing mother's hands in a rather cruel way. Emphasis on ailing mother. All so that he could feel better about having done what he felt was needed. SMH. I get that he has crippling anxiety, but there are better ways to handle that by working on himself, rather than what he chose to do. Having a mental illness does not give him a pass in my book--this was extreme for me. How can he be so sure this study would even work? The whole purpose of it is to test whether or not a treatment would work, it's not a given. So he is ready to have his mother uprooted to an unfamiliar place, minimizing her support system, for selfish reasons. Yes, Miguel is coming along. How nice. Living with a dementia patient is not a one person job (well, maybe now that she is newly diagnosed it may be). But the point is Miguel won't have the access to trusted caregivers at the drop of a hat--they would have to take a plane from any direction to get to them. What Rebecca can benefit from is a familiar and trusted environment, to minimize the confusion the disease is already causing. I see it when my mom has a change in her structure--she decompensates whenever there are changes to her environment, or even going to spend a couple of days at my brother's house. And that's her son, that she loves dearly. Randall may be thinking that he has his mother's best interest at hand, but he did all of that, for a research study. Not proven treatment, not a cure (there is none), but a 50/50 chance at maintaining good functioning for a little longer. She is going to progress in her illness and eventually die, regardless. He has to make peace with that. The cruelty of how he treated his own mother is why I can't be on team Randall. Doesn't mean I don't want him on the show or think his character needs to be written off. The fact that we are so fervently discussing every minute detail of this goes to show the great job he is doing, along with the rest of the cast. As to the fight, they were both total jerks to one another. I see that as separate thing that was less about Rebecca and more about their relationship. I don't think there are any winners there. You don't hurt a loved one like that and push the most painful buttons just because you disagree. Whew! For it being just a TV show, this sure brought up a lot for me.
  9. It most definitely can. I speak from personal experience--I got my comeuppance after being warned not to run past a horse that was quietly grazing along the road on my way to school. I was about 7 years old. That thing knocked. me. out. Topic? Both brothers said some pretty hurtful things that are fairly unforgivable. No, Kevin, you never say that to an adopted sibling, no matter how hurt you feel. I still find it tougher empathize with Randall because he manipulated and took advantage of his sick mother. Not cool in my eyes. I also think that if things were opposite, and Kevin was manipulating Rebecca behind the scenes against her will, and still being an ass about it, he would be more in the wrong in my eyes.
  10. Thank you! I thought she looked familiar! I Just thought it was a repeat I was not remembering.
  11. Which is rich, considering Randall. I mean, he never does anything for attention.
  12. I present you with: Delilah from A million little things. And to varying degrees, Maggie and Gary, from the same show. Though I wouldn't suggest you subject yourself to that trainwreck for confirmation.
  13. He's showing his thought process is kind of all or nothing--he is either the savior that fixes all the problems in his life, or the important things turn pretty bleak. His father does not acknowledge him, he does not settle down, etc. There doesn't to be a more realistic middle ground scenario his brain can conjure. Or maybe that's all that the writers had time for... ETA: Never mind, I did not hear him being asked for his “feared” scenario. Now the extremes make more sense.
  14. Wow, Randall. He was unforgivably manipulative. Painting himself as a hero for not confronting his mother, only to run around and absolutely guilt trip her into doing what he wants. If he was so concerned about what the confrontation would do to her, he could have found other ways to address that within himself. What a prick. I had hoped for a more balanced alternate universe where we got a taste of how it would affect the whole family. Instead, we got this. Meh.
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