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  1. Ha! I didn't even notice it. For me, English is my second language, but I learned it as a pre-teen so I have very little accent that seeps in every now and then, at the most random times. I once asked my boss "Du ju want this door closed?". No sooner did I finish saying it, we both busted out laughing as my accent is not usually that thick. I suppose they could always do re-takes if he goes in and out of it; but also, sometimes that is just the way you end up sounding after growing up speaking two languages.
  2. Yup, beat me to it but I came to say exactly that. Not only is she insufferable, there’s just too much focus on her. She was downright histrionic. To top it off, she put herself in that situation to begin with. I just can’t with her.
  3. A.Ham

    The West Wing

    You know, I read this and immediately visualized and heard Sterling K. Brown making Martin Sheen's grand entrance saying "I am the Lord your God. Thou shalt worship no other god before me." 'Cause that's just how my brain works. Edited to add the link that I originally came here to post--Richard Schiff is now doing better, and I am hoping the video below is post-COVID-19 battle (t was posted a couple of days ago): Warning: Cute dog overload
  4. So I only watched the first hour, not sure if I will continue. At this rate I want the footballers to win. And at the beginning of the season, my picks were either the footballers or Hung & Chee-but my appreciation of Hung & Chee started to evaporate with the Sauerkraut episode, and it has not gotten better since... I’d hate to watch the smaller “alliance” (ugh) go after the footballers so I think I will just check back in at the end of the season to see who wins and avoid the aggravation of watching any of those three pairs win.
  5. Sorry for putting that out into the universe! I also really hope that does not happen. I'll show myself out now...
  6. I hope they are. Luke deserves much, much better. And protester guy may be cute and all, but to me he gave me a whiff of stalker vibes. Maybe it will be nothing and he just likes her, but he seems... overly invested. Happy that Lola and Mark are on the mend.
  7. I really liked this episode-with the exception of the awk.ward oversharing at lunch. Yikes. I liked that at the end when Claire finally spoke up, they cut to the reactions; Sean was not about to get into it, and Park seemed to be thinking dam, she did It! Lol.
  8. I wasn't sure I was going to watch this season after the season finale either, I was so disgusted with them having gotten rid of Melendez. I could have sworn I had deleted it from my DVR, but was surprised to see it on the channel guide as an upcoming recording. I was also surprised at how much I liked it. And it was amazing to hear doctors say things that we now know to be untrue (hindsight is 2020 and all that). One that stuck out to me was the thinking that children/babies do not get it--at my job we learned of a case for an infant--6 months old, as well as many children. So no, babies are not immune to this. Also, weeks into the shutdown and people are walking around maskless in the "non-covid" wards. Perhaps that was to indicate the short supply of PPE. But my recollection of the time (early May) around here (NY/NJ area) was different--I had to go take my mother to the ER for an urgent non-covid issue and everyone had masks, thankfully. Last place I wanted to be in. But then again, we had seen the horrific refrigerated trucks outside the hospitals in NY and everyone was much more vigilant then. The hospital having less people did track for me; in those initial months, people really did not want to go to hospitals unless they really needed it.
  9. Seconding the hazard pay suggestion. Otherwise, how is he going to pay for all those years of therapy? Not enough brain bleach in the world for that. I was not going to watch the episode but y'alls comments convinced me to seek it out. I did like that the cousin was aware enough to agree with prosecutors. Cindy's parents, on the other hand...
  10. A.Ham

    The West Wing

    Spoiler tags just in case:
  11. A.Ham

    The West Wing

    I would really like that. I didn’t even know there was a thread for movies on here. I had done a haphazard search with no luck.
  12. A.Ham

    The West Wing

    I loved the HBO special. How easily these actors can slip into those roles as if almost two decades have not passed. I just love these actors and this show. I also liked Sterling K. Brown in this-no one will ever replace John Spencer, but Sterling is a heavy hitter in his own right, and I think he did a great job. In other Aaron Sorkin news, has anyone watched The trial of the Chicago 7? It just released today on Netflix. I need to check it out.
  13. A.Ham

    The West Wing

    I love the idea. He is very talented and I look forward to seeing what he does with the role, even though he is a bit younger than the role calls for, perhaps. The actual age difference is only about 11 years (John Spencer was 55 when the episode aired and Sterling is now 44).
  14. A.Ham

    The West Wing

    So naturally I discovered that though I pay plenty for cable and internet, I don't have TNT. Bummer. And of course I did not see the Colbert alert in time, but I will be searching for it post-haste! So thanks BW Manilowe!
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