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  1. Ok, I did suspect the hustler with all his convenient answers but I settled on the woman because of the car decal—she did “look”:like “Daddy’s little princes”, more than the other two contestants. I really would have put my money on her.
  2. I am starting to get better at this. I’ve had strong hunches the last couple of times, and this last episode too. For me the top choice was “Alaska” guy, with green blazer lady being a second choice. Something about the way he hinted at the answers (but not too strongly), and then had a bit of a visceral reaction to pink lady’s statements about the hustler being scary / creepy. I keep thinking lady in pink looks similar to an actress, but I can’t quite put my finger on who.
  3. She can miss me with her victim mentality. At least she didn't spend 3.5 years in jail like Russ did.
  4. Oy. So I just started getting into this and had seen the first three shows, only to have Hulu yank the first season off yesterday. Now only season 2 is available. That third episode though--of all the contestants I had seen, I would have put my money on that Ben guy. The pool table screamed man cave to me, plus being able to have time to go to amusement park for a month? Had to be in education. Not that you can't get a month off in other careers, but it is very uncommon. Glad Craig called him out on the multiple "chick" references though. I was impressed by the lady as well--she sure fool
  5. See, the only reason I even went to see In the Heights the first time is because I thought it was going to be about the Dominican neighborhood. (Born and raised Dominican here). I was like, Bingo! Some Merengue on Broadway! So I can kind of understand that maybe the movie was not what some people were expecting, especially if they had not seen the show, and because of the specificity of the neighborhood. However, the fact that it did not solely focus on Dominican culture did not stop me from absolutely loving it. It was still a celebration of Latin roots, it had vibrancy, joy, a sense of toge
  6. Agreed. And just saw Lin’s response to some of the criticism:
  7. Yay! Love it! Needless to say, I loved this. This was the musical that introduced me to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s work, and have been a big fan of this as well as Hamilton, of course. I loved the humor woven in with the sentimental moments. And so many things were relatable to me when I first saw it and now. The nostalgia and longing for the good things left behind back home, but also building new memories here, and a great sense of community that comes with it. I still have the soundtrack running in the back of my brain (ok, that is mostly the cast recording from the original Broadway produc
  8. I’ve not watched breaking bad but the same thought crossed my mind… maybe I’ll blame it on Dateline instead.
  9. Thank you for posting! He is just delightful. I wish I could also understand the French one, but alas, I am not as talented as Freddie.
  10. There it is. I hated this with the heat of a thousand burning suns. Ok, that is an exaggeration. But still, I want those two hours of my life back. I’ve had not one or two, but four family members affected by dementia, including my mother who I am currently caring for in my home. One of my aunts already passed, another is in a nursing home, and I just discovered that the youngest one has been taken advantage of by her husband’s sleazy cousins for about $800.00. So I watched this and the only part I liked was Diane’s character, even all drugged up, saying a smiley “I am your wor
  11. I don't bring my purse to most places I go to these days. Learned to minimize after the pandemic--all I bring in is my keys and cell phone, which has a place for credit cards. And my mask, of course.
  12. Completely off-topic: I remember watching the second tower fall in horror from across the river at the medical center I worked at. Everyone felt the need to try and do something immediately--donate blood, offer up critical incident stress debriefing, just anything. While we were able to help in some other ways around trauma work in the aftermath, we were particularly told there was not that much blood needed. There just weren't that many survivors. That stayed with me--watching the worst and best of humanity revealed in such a condensed timeframe. Regarding the episode, I thought it was
  13. I didn’t understand. The place was nice enough when they decided to stay there, but rats with babies? Aw hells no.
  14. Good times, good times. I actually understand him the great majority of the time—if only because English is my second language, so I find it funny when others (native and non-native English speakers) don’t understand him.
  15. So I read this story earlier today and found it fascinating. Not much foul play found, contrary to what the title suggests. And if you are a squeamish person I would suggest to skip it, but here it is if you are interested: How science solved the mystery of feet washing ashore in the Pacific Northwest
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