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S02:E01: Aniq 2: The Sequel

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Nothing is as it seems during a murder mystery, in which each suspect's story is told through a different film genre.

Airdate: 07.12.2023 on Apple TV

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Sam Richardson lost some weight. I usually like my men a bit more robust, but it looks good on him.

I'm glad this show is back. Hadn't kept up with it so this was a welcome surprise, when it showed up. It could have just as well been a limited series. But I think there is a lot of potential for multiple seasons. If we don't want to go the Jessica Fletcher route of commiting murder and framing other people for it stumbeling into a new murder every season, I could see Danner and Aniq just opening a detective agency.

The murder has clearly something to do with the crypto keys. You don't build glowy, massive, unrealistic props for nothing.

Also white chocolate is made from cocoa beans. So Edgar and Aniq are full of it and talking out of their behinds.

13 hours ago, AnimeMania said:

I hope that the noise that interrupted Zoë's speech is a really important clue. I was thinking the blue pills might be Viagra.

Yeah or maybe some pills to loosen him up a bit. He probably wasn't just drunk at the devil-speach.

Anyway, her being the murderer would be too obvious and I don't think this will be a double twist.

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I didn't know Jack Whitehall was in this, what a fantastic surprise!

Of course he's an ass so this should be fun.

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I'm so glad that this show is back, what a nice surprise! Poor Aniq and Zoe, they just cant go anywhere now without a crime happening, if this keeps up they're going to start getting un-invited to a LOT of events. 

Grace probably put something in Edgar's drink to get him to loosen up and that's why he was so over the top after one drink, I don't think she did it. I also think that Zoe is massively projecting her own failed marriage onto her sister. 

That noise that interrupted Zoe's speech is absolutely going to be important, and so are the crypto keys. 

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In season one, there was an Easter egg in every episode that ruled someone out as the murderer -- here's a list. Looks like they're doing the same thing and more in season two!

Here's the wedding website: https://edgarandgracewedding.com/

The registry tab asks you to input a flower. Each episode has a hidden clue for a specific flower. Once you enter it, you get a puzzle involving that episode's storyteller. This episode's clue is:


Tulip -- explained here

It's all a bit too much for me to get into, but I enjoy seeing how people solve it every week! Here's the Megathread if anyone else wants to follow along (it'll contain spoilers for all aired episodes).

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