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  1. I don't know, I didn't think Moody was that possessive - to be honest I kind of thought Pearl was being a bad friend. They had already made plans to skip the dance and watch the movie instead. She convinced him to do both, and then was pretty obvious about only wanting to go the after party because Trip and Lexie were going to be there. I think Moody snapped at her then because he was hurt. He's been a good friend to her, and while she's obviously under no obligation to accept his friendship, they have been good friends up till the dance. But from his perspective, she basically blowing him off to spend time with his more popular siblings. I think many teens would be hurt by that.
  2. I thought there was something off about Gabe the entire time - he was the only teen that didn't have a realistic, skeptical reaction to the keys, and was instead all in with believing magic. So finding out he was Dodge the entire time was a nice touch, the actor was great at the end portraying the demon version.
  3. I was wondering the same thing, they seem like nightmares, and Mia seems like she's running. If he's maybe powerful or influential, she might be worried that he'd want custody.
  4. I was wondering if maybe Mia was arrested, and trashed her own record but kept the rest. And then tried to maybe save Elena during the book club to throw her suspicions off/have her feel indebted to Mia.
  5. They did, but it can take years to get approved, especially if you're looking for a healthy infant vs. and older child. And probably it just so happened that when May Ling was found they were next on the list. Super contrived, but these things tend to happen to move plots along.
  6. Yes, I wish Mia had tried harder to stop her from going to the party. I can't imagine how hard that would have been for the coworker, to know where her daughter was and not go get her. But I think legally she'd have a better shot if she went straight through a lawyer. So I feel it's something more than this - maybe it was just me, but it felt like the friend seemed almost...jealous? That Izzy was dancing with / kissing that other kid. And Izzy doesn't seem to know why they're not friends anymore (she asked in the bathroom why). I think if she'd made a pass that had been rejected she'd understand why the other girl didn't want to be friends. I almost wonder if the friend is the one that is gay or bisexual and has feelings for Izzy, and is starting rumors about her because she's having trouble processing it. Agree with everything you've said here!
  7. I'm liking this show, some good lines. I didn't realize, was this the finale?
  8. I think they dated in college? But then his mother didn't like her / think she was right for the family, and he decided to do his duty and broke up with Dex. So he got married and had a child, and Dex ended up joining the military. Eventually he realized he couldn't stay in the marriage and got a divorce and joined the military after Dex. But I don't think they had contact, I'm pretty Dex has been clear that she didn't ask him to join, and that he didn't leave his family for an affair with her. The video chat gave me the impression that although on his end he wanted to get back together, she didn't want to be responsible for breaking up the family/marriage.
  9. Would CPR be really be needed/helpful for a brain/head injury? I'd imagine it would need to be a severe injury for circulation to stop, in which case Jughead may not have survived (or may not have complete recovery). That part just seemed off to me. But otherwise I quite liked this episode.
  10. Mia's dreams and her response to the security guard catching Moody and Pearl gave me the impression that she was running from someone, but Pearl doesn't know about it.
  11. Did anyone else catch what Randall said about William? Something like, "When the treatment became too painful I allowed him to choose to end it." I can't remember, but did William want to stop treatment earlier in season 1, but Randall wouldn't let him? He seems so focused on saving their physical lives that he forgets about quality of life. I just found that statement so horrible, poor William! I'm sure William himself felt as guilted as Rebecca into continuing treatment after he gave Randall up for adoption. These are adults who have a right to choose how to spend what little time they have left.
  12. Anyone else watching? I haven't read the books, but I enjoyed the first episode. Loved the scene showing the two women separated from their daughters (Elena/Izzy by the door, Mia/Pearl by the wall).
  13. I knew it! Or rather, I'd suspected Nancy was Lucy's daughter, because there was a throw away comment earlier in the season that they'd spent Nancy's earlier life in Europe, which seemed like a dead give away that she was adopted. Although my original theory had been that maybe Kate Drew was a new identity for Lucy - but that was before I knew the timeline and that Kate had been her guidance counselor. So story wise I think it's a good twist - adaptation wise it's horrible! Why on earth was this show called Nancy Drew? The longer the show goes on the further it strays from the source material...and now she's not really Nancy Drew, but Nancy Hudson?!
  14. I like how Jack's NYC activity ends up based on Home Alone 2 - I think it must have been nice for Kevin to realize that his father appreciated something he'd shared with him.
  15. Good point - the actor they used in the flashback looked similar to Mann. But also I suppose Meyer could have been lying to Jonah about who she saw.
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