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  1. I think I missed something. What was the reason they gave for Harrison leaving?
  2. This is so important! The appearance or perception of favoritism is just as bad as actual favoritism and terrible for team morale for exactly the reasons you listed. Even in a situation where Rebecca is able to be completely impartial, people are going to assume that decisions are because of their relationship and not on merit.
  3. But she is his boss. I get your point that on the face of it he's deciding whether or not to take a new job far away while in a relationship. But you can't take her being his boss out of the equation. Is he going to take the offer (even though he wouldn't have normally) because it will get rid of the power imbalance and mean that she's willing to go public with their relationship? Or maybe he won't (even if he wants to) because he knows he's one of Richmond's better players, and he doesn't want her upset that he's ruined the team by leaving. We may feel that Rebecca won't do that, but Sam does
  4. I don’t think it really matters that there was no power imbalance on the anonymous app, because as soon as they figured out who each other was the power imbalance was back in play. And this situation with Akufo is exactly why the power imbalance messes things up. Sam no longer has the freedom to make a true decision. Consciously or not the fact that he is in love with his boss is going to affect the decision he makes. It wouldn’t be the same as her not being his boss. While they together, romantic and worked decisions are tied together. There’s no way to truly be objective.
  5. When I was looking to buy a home a few years ago, a lot of the condos in my area were converted out of multifamily homes. One style I saw a couple times in one area was called "Philadelphia" where it's a duplex (lower unit and upper unit) but both units had interior stairs and a second floor. The second floor usually only had 1 bedroom and was quite small. So it's possible that the lower floor of the upper unit was above part of the lower floor of the lower unit. If that makes sense. Maybe Ted's in something like that?
  6. Question about timeline - I'm confused on how Tim Kono and Evenlyn the cat both passed away on the same night. Maybe I'm missing something. But it seems to me that whatever night it is that Tim died, everything else from the pilot episode (breaking into Bunny's apartment and finding the ring, Oliver visiting his son) happened the day after. And it seemed that the first episode ended that following night, focusing on the picture of the Hardy Boys (it seems to be night/dark). The second episode seems to be the day following, with the memorial and going through Tim's apartment. And the owner says
  7. I agree with you there - there are many different groups of people that have been discriminated against over history, and you can never really know what another person has experienced. But when we're talking about Kevin, from what the show has portrayed he's not in any group that has been a part of systematic discrimination. I don't think he's going to have or really understand that experience, regardless of what other trouble in his life he may have. I say that as a Kevin fan! I think ageism has been mentioned, but that also affects women more than men in Hollywood, and I don't think he's old
  8. So the definition includes "marginalized groups such as racial or ethnic minorities". Of course women are marginalized. Racial and ethnic minorities are an example of marginalized groups (as indicated by the "such as").
  9. No, they don't. Definition of micro aggression: a statement, action, or incident regarded as an instance of indirect, subtle, or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalized group such as a racial or ethnic minority. Kevin certainly has trauma/issues carried over from his childhood as a result of Jack and Rebecca's mistakes as parents. They are valid, and they've affected him. But he hasn't experienced micro aggressions. White people aren't marginalized. Men aren't marginalized. Kevin is a white man. He's not a part of a religious minority, he's straight, he's cis-g
  10. I think they were concerned about the out of norm meetings. I found it quite funny when Philip mentioned that all of the children phoned him up to ask what was wrong and why she was meeting with each of them. I'm assuming he let them know there wasn't anything to concerned about. But it's quite sad too, to get a lunch invitation from your mother and wonder what the real reason is. It must have been incredibly rare for her to spend time with them just because!
  11. I think it was her own car. They showed her singing while driving back.
  12. Super later but I've only just got around to watching. Tbh I was also wondering this lol - and I thought maybe menstrual blood. The Haruspex said you use what you use to create life, so sperm for men and an egg (menses) for women would be my guess.
  13. The Spectres aren't Dust, but they must be attracted by Dust (which seems to settle on adults only per the experiments in Season 1). Children don't attract as much dust and are free from attack until they grow up. Mary was told to go Cittagazze by the Angels, which are different from Spectres.
  14. It was a short conversation he had with Lee in the show that's expanded in the books - but since he wasn't able to find his way back to his own world, he became a scholar in Lyra's and has been traveling on expeditions / studying etc. The first episode of the show Asriel references him as another scholar of Jordan college whose expedition was lost.
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