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S04.E07: ...had an identity crisis

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As Paxton struggles to let go of his past as king of high school, he seizes a chance to thrive as a swim coach and finds closure with an old flame.

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I was hard on Gigi last season and I still think her narration back then was to fast and not enunciated enough. But she did really well the second time around.
The story with Paxton and Eric was a bit superficial from a sports perspective.

For a moment I thought they'd go full circle on Devi and Paxton, but I am glad they didn't.

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It's kind of depressing that nobody showed Eric even the most basic form before, and that he didn't think of looking into lessons or even doing YouTube research on how to swim. You'd think a nerd like him might do some analysis and understand that he wasn't making progress on his goal, and could maybe seek an expert for help.  

But it does make sense that Paxton could be a teacher, and this was a quick way to establish that. 

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I’m enjoying this season well enough, but the biggest laugh I’ve gotten so far is when Paxton sexily took off his shirt & Eric frustratingly asks who that was for.

I got a kick out of the little sidebar episode, and only Paxton could pull off “dumb enough to think even attending a high school party was OK”. 

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Surprisingly this has been my favorite episode of the season. It felt like a really complete story with a satisfying conclusion. This show really nails the end of storylines. Hopefully, now that we are in the back half of the season, Devi’s character growth can actually stick. 

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I'm so relived that Paxton and Devi aren't actually getting back together and that the kiss ended up just giving them closure, they are so much better as friends, plus Paxton getting with a student is all kinds of messed up as even a minor staff member, no matter their past relationship. 

That might be my favorite episode of the season, Paxton showed some real growth that made sense and had a solid beginning, middle, and end. I also like that while Eric got better he didn't become this amazing swimmer after just a few weeks or so of working with Paxton, he's just better than he was before. 

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I wish we could have had Paxton's sister in this one. She always tells it like it is. I did love this one, it felt like a logical step for Paxton. 

I cracked up when he said to his mom about his uncle something like, well at least he tried something. The delivery was pretty funny.

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I liked Paxton helping Eric with the swimming. I like Eric explaining why just didn't give up. That hurt Paxton didn't it? Of course he thought the party was a good idea or at least no one would find out about it. Ah, that was never going to happen Paxton. It would have been all over school. I'm glad someone finally told Paxton that he's a coach or assistant one. I do wish it had come from his sister. I wish she had been in the episode. I always liked her.  

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