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S20.E19: In the Spotlight

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A couple things that I liked about this episode - while it was a Jess-centric episode it wasn't about some trauma in her personal life. And I liked the scene in the lab where Kasie and Jimmy were acting like kids doing experiments with Adam.

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I laughed hysterically when Torres rushed over to the old woman calling, “Grandmother, Grandmother!” and she puts a huge gun in his face! She was having trouble holding it level with two hands!
Nice that Knight apparently worked out her unease with kids, but he was some special kid. 
Episode flew by, with just the right amount of personal, and it didn’t interrupt the flow.

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I thought it was out of character for Jimmy not to do more to deal with the burn on Knight's hand.  I think if anyone on the team is hurt Jimmy would insist on treating them or make sure they got treatment.  She was incredibly casual about it - in reality, burns hurt like hell and can easily get infected.  

On 5/1/2023 at 9:14 PM, Grizzly said:

Raise your hand if you knew the murderer the second they were on the screen. 🤚

Isn't it always the person they interview in the conference room?  The concerned family member/friend/co-worker?  

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There was something I had a problem with.  Parker told Knight that it's not important if the kid likes you, but that he trusts you.  She then proceeded to "promise" the kid that her team would bring the mom back safely.  I understand being confident in your team, and wanting to reassure the kid, but bad things happen even to good and competent teams.  Heck, even car accidents on the way back to NCIS.  She could easily have said something reassuring that didn't involve a promise, so that in the event the worst happens, there isn't a trust issue on top of that.  Also, I didn't like it that we didn't have a sense of why the kid didn't like her in the first place, and then how super quickly the kid's whole opinion changed after him seeing that she could have forced the patron to hand over his phone.

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