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  1. I read all of the comments about the Naples HH before I watched the episode. Wow! She looked like she was auditioning for Housewives of Naples. When she was giving the one-on-one interview snippets, she looked less harsh, and I guess that was lighting. If she would remove the false eyelashes, and get rid of the bad blond hair/wig/whatever it is, and dress more stylishly for a person of her age, she could be a very attractive woman. In every scene she looked like she was posing, and wanted to be the center of attention. I guess her husband is used to it, and it must not bother him. N
  2. I don't know how far in advance contestants are notified to appear on Jeopardy, but if the contestants in this new season already know of Matt's winning streak, I would think they are probably disappointed to show up for taping and he walks in as the reigning champion. They would know his strategy, and by the time they can manage to ring in for an answer he has gobbled up all of the high $$ clues like an old Pac Man game gobbler. I'm also in agreement with some aforementioned comments that he leaves the smaller $$ clues for the 2 other contestants when he's way ahead.
  3. Is anyone on this forum familiar with San Francisco and surrounding areas? Regarding the SF couple who bought the new construction townhouse across the bay from SF - where is it located? The aerial view showed downtown SF in the background, and the townhouse was located next to a huge complex of very long, low structures. It almost looked like warehouses. I did a little poking around on a map, but could not figure out what they are living next to.
  4. Noosa, last night my son and DIL and I were watching this episode. Son and family are at my house this week because Hurricane Ida has left them w/o power since Sunday night. Halfway through the episode, my son says "What is wrong with that woman. Those houses are beautiful." By the end of the episode he was thoroughly disgusted with her expectations, and the husband's seemingly total acquiescence to the daughter who is the same age as my grandson. He wanted her to have to go live in his house for a week w/o electricity to change her idea of what was acceptable - lol. I didn't like the ho
  5. Open concept is also a drawback when you are the hurricane shelter for 4 extra people and you are used to living by yourself with one cat. The cat hasn't been seen in hours, the noise of the TV, and other electronic devices is disturbing, and everyone but the owner wants to be in the same room. Um, glad to provide shelter, but next time, I plan to buy a house with 10 separate rooms with doors - lol.
  6. Yes, those people who want open concept, and then turn right around in the next sentence and ask for a get away space. Uh, those were called walls that divided spaces into separate rooms in "the old days". Open concept isn't all it's cracked up to be for many people.
  7. I cannot believe it took the Irvine, CA buyer 15 years to get fed up with a 2 hour commute each way. The school her daughter goes to must be a one-of-a-kind facility to get her to make such a nightmare commute daily. I did not know the distance involved, but a map shows it as about 52 miles via I-5. I know some people who live about 45 miles from my city, and they commute daily, but it's an hour at most via the interstate - barring any wrecks. Of course, we don't have California traffic here. I think I would have looked around for another school years ago before the daughter became so ent
  8. Possibilities, I thought the same thing about his voice. I don't watch baseball, so was not familiar with him, and while he kept the game moving, his voice is the wrong type for Jeopardy. It is "shouty" and sports announcer friendly. I also thought he was treating Matt as a winning contender with his encouraging remarks. I am feeling sorry for all of the people who have appeared on the shows with Matt. He gets to go first (rules), runs through all of the $1000 clues and proceeds to clear the board except for a few questions. All the other 2 contestants can do is stand there like props.
  9. I got tired of the whining of both mother & daughter in the Atlanta (bad carpet) episode. If the daughter was so determined to make the house buying her own "journey", then she should have done it alone, and engaged a realtor who was not an old family friend, and was obviously in her mother's corner. Yes, it was nice that she was able to live with her parents for 2-1/2 years to save to buy a house, but that doesn't mean her mother had to be with her on every tour. I agreed with the dad in the few scenes he was in, and trying to give his daughter some space. Having said that, the mother
  10. Saw this on a news feed this morning regarding Patrick's record setting lowest score ever. Count me as one of the fans of Jeopardy having a match between low scoring contestants. https://news.yahoo.com/le-var-burtons-debut-as-jeopardy-guest-host-overshadowed-by-record-for-lowest-score-ever-051913626.html
  11. It was a shame that Patrick ended the game in a deep hole. The woman (I've already forgotten her name), seemed to be having trouble with the buzzer, and several times you could see her waving it around trying to buzz in.
  12. Maastricht couple seemed to not be on the same page as to where their relationship was going judging by his comments. I didn't get the idea that he's ready to become a permanent couple. As for the housing options, I think the 2nd one was the best choice. The one they chose is close to where he wants to live, but that place is small, and those stairs are just waiting for one misstep by someone.
  13. I always feel sorry for the contestants who end up in the hole and can't participate in FJ. Pat(?) never seemed to gain his footing with the buzzer, and then gave wrong answers on most of the ones he answered.
  14. CrazyInAlabama, I agree with you about that first townhouse in Arlington last night. They didn't show closets, but I bet they were tiny since that place was built in 1948. I was hoping that her love of location, and charm would not win on that one. Once that baby comes, that place was going to seem even smaller because of all of the stuff that babies have now days. I liked the single family home best, but it was a long commute. I just can't imagine having an hour commute each way daily, but I know people do it.
  15. Miss Chantelle was quite the demanding HH, but her father was the one with the common sense. I'm sure the parents were providing some of the $$ for that purchase. I also wondered what a customer brand satisfaction manager is, and how much she gets paid for that? For someone who had been living in a garage, albeit a very nice looking one, her demand list was extensive and impossible to meet. All she wanted was "pretty". As long as it was pretty she didn't care about security, broken light switches, grout lines on floors or counters, etc. I think she's been watching too many Kardashian sho
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