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  1. This show has changed so much since Mark Harmon left and Gary Cole was hired. I am a fan of the change. I've watched it from the beginning, and am now rewatching the entire series from the beginning from a new perspective, but still enjoying it. IMO, the show had become darker in mood, and a bit stale, but I continued to like it. This season is like a reset, and maybe there are new writers. For whatever reason, it has improved. The latest episode was good, and balanced the drama with some lighter moments. I think Gary Cole was the perfect casting choice to take over for Harmon. I w
  2. Stuttgart couple - the husband knew that "German charm" meant small rooms, no open concept, and fewer amenities. He had lived in the U.S. long enough to like the larger, open floorplans of many American houses. If I had taken a drink everytime the wife said "German charm", I would have been zonked by the halfway point of the show. I agree with another poster upthread, open the front door and experience the charm from afar. Their choice of apartments from what they were offered was the best, IMO. Kevin must get tired of picky Americans. There should be a show about people from other count
  3. I just counted the number of houses my parents and I lived in before I left home at 21, and the number was 7. My dad was not in the military, but we moved for a combination of job relocation, and a few moves were to upgrade to larger houses. I have no sentimental attachment to any of the houses I lived in as a child. The Long Island wife's childhood home was not a Victorian, and the 3rd house they looked at didn't look like a Victorian either other than a few pieces of gingerbread trim on the front porch. None of the 3 houses they looked at were very appealing to me. Her voice was incredi
  4. I just watched the Wolfeboro, NH episode. Yes, living right on the lake is nice, but I would not choose an island. What if there's a medical emergency, and your only way to get help is by boat or, during the winter, by snowmobile? Guess there's no running to the store for milk on a late night snack run. I wonder if they are going to figure out a way to remove the spiral staircase and replace it with a more conventional staircase? The kitchen area is miniscule, even with expanding it into the "pantry". So many questions about how they are going to make this house fit their planned lifesty
  5. laredhead


    Well, following my comment a few weeks ago, ALL of the Vera episodes are now on Britbox. I ended up subscribing so that I could watch all of them in chronological order. I'm on Season 4 now, and enjoying them immensely. I do find though, that for me, it's not a series that I can binge watch because the stories are more realistic than other series like Midsomer Murders where even the scenery is lovely and makes up for a sometimes gruesome case. I'm glad that Vera exposes viewers to another part of Great Britain other than the Cotswalds and London.
  6. Auntiemel, I agree with you - as I sit here drinking my morning coffee with eggnog in it.
  7. BrownBear2012, the Reno couple said they were keeping their other house and renting it out. They indicated that they might move back there when the daughters leave home, but wanted to keep the house in the family. As for chickens in a suburban neighborhood, my next door neighbor has 3 chickens, and I hardly ever hear them. When I do, it's when they make a soft clucking sound, which I find relaxing, as they travel around his yard. He keeps them in a hen house at night for safety. Our city doesn't allow roosters or peacocks or pea hens because of the noise they make.
  8. laredhead


    Msani19, the following link is to the article where where I read that Seasons 1 & 6 are leaving Acorn. Probably Britbox will carry them later. https://www.iheartbritishtv.com/british-tv-shows-leaving-acorn-tv-in-december-2021/
  9. laredhead


    I read that Seasons 1 and 6 are leaving Acorn TV after December 30.
  10. I watch this show on PBS in the U.S. Wonder how long it will take for this episode to be shown here?
  11. I kept yelling at the TV every time the London guy said he wanted to be near pubs, and restaurants, etc. His wife is going to be on a train for almost 4 hours every day, and he's going to be at home taking care of a baby unless they will have a full-time nanny. Both of them are about to have a big dose of reality when the baby arrives. I cannot fathom her agreeing to a 4 hour daily commute with a newborn at home. There has to be more to this story than was told. Maybe they wanted a 3 bedroom place so that they could have live in help, or a relative was planning to come stay for a while af
  12. Snarts, I think she said she has been divorced 5 years.
  13. Dehumidifier, check your TV settings regarding subtitles. You probably can turn them on for HHI. I use them all the time, especially for HHI's episodes, and British programs.
  14. Milwaukee single, but wanting to date, mom - that first house was going to be a money pit after the charm of a couple of rooms on the first floor. The upkeep on that house would have been time consuming, and she admitted that she doesn't keep of the yard of the house where she was presently living. The 3rd house was the one I would have chosen based on upkeep, convenience, and her wanting to be near restaurants, bars, and places to find a date. I figured the 2nd house would be her choice since it was empty, and there were a lot of unpacked boxes in one room. Her obsession with dating and f
  15. Did anyone else see the "behind the scenes" episode of the Holiday Baking Championship? I was drooling over the two pantry areas. Incredible supplies of everything.
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