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S09.E18: Tell All Part 1

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7 hours ago, MrBuhBye said:

Don’t these MLMs always crash and people end up in prison?

I have a friend who always gets caught up in MLM's, first it was a fiber filled mascara and make up line, then it was a jewelry line and then recently ended with a clothing line, you have to buy the entire season and bug your friends to have parties so you can get half off of one over priced, under styled piece of clothing if you sell $250 worth of that crap...I have never bought anything, she has lost money on all of it. The MLM founders make a lot of money before things fall apart, the smart ones hide money...at least they will have something when they get out of prison.

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On 8/18/2022 at 7:05 PM, MrBuhBye said:

My theory is that Patrick could no longer afford the mortgage on the Austin house after the divorce and John moved In at least in part so he could stay there.

Yes, that's what he said when we were first introduced to him, and he was grateful for John.

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