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  1. We had a Great Dane puppy (6mos) who ate a terrycloth bathmat! I found "evidence" in the back yard and assumed she had passed everything. She had not. It was a long, sad, painful (two surgeries*)...that removed more than half. She was skin and bones when she died at the vet's hospital. What led to her death was something called intussuspection. After surgery part of the intestine "telescoped" into itself. This was the early 70s and I don't know if there was a way to tell that was happening--other than past experience. Heartbreaking to see her get so sick. I was going there every day t
  2. Not sure what you mean. That perhaps NHS has demanding criteria (social, psychological, physical) before allowing a British citizen to see a specialist like Dr. Emma. She almost always gets an answer about how they have lost confidence...how they have lost self-esteem. She asks the correct leading questions to obtain the answers that NHS requires.
  3. NHS comes to my mind too...but it's during her interviews. She asks some probing questions that end up with some answers regarding their psyches. There must be a "serious reason" required for them to visit Dr. Emma and she's getting "testimony" on camera.
  4. EGAD! One would think Chris Harrison's cronies would be thrown out with the bathwater. Are these guys Otherwise Unemployables ???
  5. I want to comment on the coloring of the Plaintiff ... her pale skin color and her eyes ... her make-up, and THEN the beautiful shades of blue/lavender in her hair. STUNNING
  6. I do see it now...kind of a Mini-Me...Mini-Him. Picture them together. Karl, Toxic Motivational Speaker!! Excellent, Stats Queen. Maybe Triumph, the Insult Dog Comic could use him as an opening act.
  7. He's a creeper, but I was VERY IMPRESSED with his kissing technique. Obviously practiced to perfection. Start the kiss sitting face to face Slide right arm back around around her waist (stealthily). Pull in and UP a bit. UP more...and she's on your thigh/knee you've placed perfectly! Caress her thigh with POWER! Make out. She's LOVING it!
  8. Every one of those moments is a BIG FAST-FORWARD for me. They're all just too creepy. "Almost aggressive" is the perfect term, Real4Real!
  9. Yeah...magically morphed into blonde and then she shows up as a confidante with DARK hair and BIG LIPS! Those who controlled Chris Harrison must be still at the helm. Can't "quote" in this edit...so here's a copy: ON 6/15/2021 AT 3:41 AM, NLKM9 SAID: when plastic surgery has the opposite effect and makes you look older. I had to laugh, apparently kaitlyn has a ton of negative social media and claims the only procedure she had was her earlobe surgery. her right eye is distracting and I see her as jocelyn wildenstein someday. JenE4 commented: Sounds like she mi
  10. Names I called out (my boys are in their 50s): Groovy, Wrinkles, Lola, Tapper, River, etc.
  11. I saw it (again) ... and wish those 144 (or whatever the number) other scammed individuals would come forward--either here or on HOT BENCH!
  12. Shall we team up and sue Cox Communications? I've been going through HELL (on top of being sick-ish) trying to transfer stuff from old PC to new PC and Cox going out every few minutes. One agent says, "Temporary problems in your neighborhood; we're working on it." We call from a different phone and get, "No, I don't see anything wrong in your neighborhood."
  13. I had only TWO kids and still I'd end up calling one of them by one of the dogs' names.
  14. Yep, JJ was clearly one sided in this case, the defendant was disturbing the peace, throwing debris over into his yard (JJ says no proof of this - BS, - for preponderance of evidence if they were obviously thrown over the fence from her yard should be enough). AND she wouldn't let the poor plaintiff provide all his information. JJ kept saying "twigs," and he was trying to tell her they weren't twigs. A twig can travel only so far...this was much more. The only things JJ knows about lawncare are the expletives she uses to the servants who take care of her properties.
  15. And THIS was after she commented how she would do ANYTHING for her child. Love the editors. She needs to look further into herself and what her religion teaches; she is not a good role model. Don't forget her "sensory" issues. The doctor/staff made ALL accommodations to suit her (not the patient; not the doctor) and then she had to keep her eyes closed. She obviously wears the pants wherever she lives/travels.
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