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  1. I say GOOD GRIEF too...but not to Amy this time. This is "a job." Consider it a uniform. She does it every year. Some visitors and some viewers actually look forward to it. I don't. I don't care...but, good grief. (There's plenty of "real" stuff to complain about.)
  2. Before one of my boys could have braces, he had to have two molars pulled and then...and then a "palate expander," torture him daily for a few months. It had a little key. He opened his mouth and I turned the key--whatever appropriate direction I had. He wore braces for the following two years. He has a space between his two front teeth today; he's 55.
  3. Steven will never get this. He probably can't under the concept of a "red flag."
  4. Steven isn't the brightest of missionaries...nor even close to the maturity of those who leave on missions at 18. Could he be be neurodiverse and simply taking many things too literally? He will be annoying potential converts for a long--LONG time. And--probably...women.
  5. ...unless production allows her to see scripts and notes before the Influencers show up.
  6. I, on the other hand, give "credit" to production. Solely. I know--I'm jaded.
  7. Even sillier! I'm 81, fat, pasty, with white hair. How HUGE are my speyelashes allowed to be?
  8. Yeah, how many of us called it? 😂 And for HOW LONG???
  9. "Meghan McCain told Mary Trump last summer, 'I don’t like family tell-all books, especially when it comes to families with fame and power,' adding, 'What do you say to people like me who think this is just a great way for you to get a paycheck right now?'” (Daily Beast compilation.)
  10. Surely she wasn't qualified to deal with any learning disabilities or mental lapses. She probably took care of any/all behavioral issues instantly. Moriah needed professional help (at her grade level) from second grade on. She may have gotten lost in the "one-room classroom" approach--where Kim would pay more attention to the subjects she like (or knew...sorta). Kim bragged brag that her older children "passed" some homeschool graduation requirement. I can remember that my two sisters and I took standardized tests (reading, arithmetic...maybe more). We'd all brag to each other that we go
  11. I tried unsuccessfully to find a GIF of Carol Burnett walking as "Mrs. Wiggins." Condoleeza's WALK to the panelist desk was cartoon-like. She might have severe back problems. Still, her painful/mincing steps were entertaining.
  12. As a candidate for "The View," how many strikes against her as Meghan McCain's "bestie," would S.E. Cupp already have--now that Meghan's audiobook has been reviewed and quoted?
  13. I'm a bit off bit off-topic, Tinkerbell/ II've been ailin'/recuperatin' and one of my sons asked if I'd like any food to go. I said I'd like a large meatball sub from Subway...and would he ask if they could add a little container of "sauce." I thought I might need to "dip" my second half the next day. On his own, he asked for "extra mozzarella" (yum)--then asked the maker if he could get "extra sauce in a...." and she said, "Sure." She poured it all over the sandwich. It arrived home like some kind of weird casserole.
  14. It was all some set-up by Production ... but I agree with you 100%.
  15. The epitome of understatement. BRAVO!
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