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  1. Maybe that's where abused wives originate. These shows ARE "alternate reality". That boy probably sees and experiences plenty-o-negative stuff now that Myrka isn't home to mother him.
  2. Couldn't do THEIR job...or couldn't/wouldn't follow her orders?
  3. Isn't it all in how these "stars" negotiate the extras they want TLC to provide? Some are just smarter than others.
  4. HOW ON EARTH did she ever get on television. I can kinda understand radio...but after that--EGAD! And she's a horrible human. Never watched Kyra, so don't know much about her. She is pretty, a wealthy heiress, and good on talk shows. Are ANY sitcoms good these days? I'll usually watch the pilot...and if it's an actor/actors I like, watch Episode #2. Rarely do I have to go further. They're trite (some even have laugh tracks)...and repetitive. "Video Killed the Radio Star," and Streaming killed the Sitcom.
  5. It really is, especially if you've already practiced in another state. I asked only because I was involved with another profession's licensing "requirements," where there's a lot of politics. A LOT! "Want to practice in another big city with lots of amenities? Not so fast, young man! Interested in a little podunk town with one traffic light and a diner? I think you'll pass with flying colors."
  6. Sometimes I can't "heart" a post if I don't agree with all parts. I LOVE this part of CHLBAN's comments
  7. If James didn't have success...or the type of attention he desires, he might stop his antics. As long as there are women/stews who appreciate his approach, it won't change. Why should it?
  8. Isn't the yacht small...and limited quarters for the crew? Maybe that's one reason. I'm in awe of her talent and intelligence, but I don't fine anything else appealing. I wonder if she has never seen videos of herself when she's "in a state." Maybe she won't be so nonchalant after she watches "her" show.
  9. yeah I was like "what the heck do you find attractive, girl? The guy is disgusting." $$$$$$$$$$$$
  10. If I had cried when my son moved (only) 500 miles for college (film school), it would have been because I WANTED TO GO TO FILM SCHOOL !!! He had a great time...and even got work in his profession.
  11. When I read (and mostly agree) with comments like this, I really (really!) want people who know the particular contestant to join in and say, "I work with her, and that's how she rose to the top!" Or..."I went to college with her and she's not like that at all." Just give us the lowdown...c'mon.
  12. The camerapeople must HATE him. There are always better angles...and Production should tell him that "eyes closed" looks so much better. He looks like he's ready to pass out, bless his heart. I wonder if his mother cringes as she watches him; he's SO uncomfortable.
  13. I agree. The "psychologists" associated with the Bachelor Franchise let too many "sensitive" contestants fall through the cracks. Sarah should NEVER have been on this show.
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