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S09.E02: Dancing For Your Life

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No, there is no formal feedback for those girls.   If they have connections (someone on the team, Kitty, etc.) they can find out that way.   I think it's safe to say if they made it to Finals they were at least somewhat close to making training camp.  If the person makes training camp and THEN gets cut, then yes she gets feedback.  Also, at that point she has K&J's contact info and can reach out if she has further questions.

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I also really liked Shannon, but I wonder if she would be considered "lady-like" enough for the DCC, she seems to be someone who might speak before she thinks sometimes, don’t get me wrong, I really like her and think she’s great the ways she is, but I don’t know if someone like Charlotte feels the same way...

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Rewatching Season 9 and Ashley Nicole at the end of the line with Shannon from Pittsburg in kick line and her kicks look low. Kali low.

Courtney the Tampa Bay cheerleader has a pooch above her shorts for the first few episodes. 

Wonder what kept Melissa out of training camp before, she was seen in Season 7, when Chelsea, Kim etc... first tried out. 

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On 8/16/2014 at 8:32 AM, McSavaney said:

In reply to GBPackersfan, they are called training camp candidates as they are simply a candidate for the time at this time.  Once the team is announced they will be rookies such as last time when Kelli tried to announce the team she said "I see before me ____ number of veterans and ___ number of rookies working together."  The girls were too stunned to react to what she said so she tried it again!

I read a book written by a former DCC and she said that after the rookies made the team they were told "you are not Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders until the end of the season when you get your pinky ring".  WHAT!!!

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