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  1. Only Red headed Rangerettes allowed !!! Hahahaha
  2. I think Emma & Rachel, I don't know who else. I think Emma & Rachel, I don't know who else.
  3. Ohh !! Thanks Only them, There were mid seasons cuts or departure like last season ? Mic pack
  4. Hey, I have not been paying attention to DCC that last year, can someone tell me who is retiring ?(& if someone got during the season ? )
  5. Honestly, I thought K&J meeting with Madeline with either just for the show or insanely petty & gross. It’s feels like they doesn’t want any rookie confident they has to be shaking in their boots. And the Veterans who complained that she’s helping other rookies WTF is wrong with them. It seem so Toxic. Another, Useless Melissa rehearsal. If i was one of the girls I would be like why am I wasting my time with this. And she was insanely petty with Rachel also she seemed Jealous of her or something.
  6. I actually slept on it & changed my mind. Honestly, why would a vet care about a Rookie getting favoritism among their rookie class.
  7. Do you have her medical File ?? lol
  8. I have to say after watching the ep, I am beginning to believe the conspiracy about Tara.Her Office visit seemed odd, she looked like she was laughing through her critics.
  9. Ain't that the Truth !!!!!!! 100% And crazier thing is that Jinelle had the opposite problem !!! a lot of people her rookie years didn't like her bec she was too thin !!!
  10. Finally watched the ep , thought the lighting was so bad it made everybody’s skin look bad. Here is a couple of my random thoughts The person Kelli chooses to help Victoria lose weight is Janielle !! the girl who’s problem when she was a rookie was that she was too skinny. LOL that made me laugh so hard. Kelli said Kirsta looked bored during the bonding outing. Yes kelli you put together the itinerary ever !!!!! Can you blame her ?!!!!. And even tho I am the person that called Miranda last year 90s hot. I think it’s insanely ridiculously unaware for Kitty to say that anyone stuck in the 70s.
  11. Does anyone have a link for episode i can't find it anywhere ?
  12. Former dancer so I know how abusive coaches and instructors that doesn't mean it's right or it should continue . I also find it weird and makes laugh when people on this board say attention seeking about girls as negative it's literally a part of job description of any performer. You wouldn't pick dancing as a career if you don't like attention.
  13. The fact that just bec she has personality means she's automatically obnoxious is ridiculous . I would take her any day over the stale white bread that 99% of DCC. Also, in my opinion being terrified and only being able to say than "Yes ma'am" and is more immature than expressing yourself even if it's not necessarily in the right way. All the other girls behaviour isn't necessarily great to her being different is bad.
  14. I've enjoyed having Travis to show how having a good professional dance teacher is like. He gave useful criticism and actually gave the girls tips on how fix them unlike just saying you are clunky or pastel. Also,I am glad Travis gave praise to Victoria as a dancer so this board stop saying that people who gave her praise are bias. I not like huge Victoria or anything but i think it's crazy how much hate she gets just bec her mom said a girl looked old once bec LETS BE REAL People on this board have said things a MILLION times worse about every girl that appeared on this show ever. She has a lot of technique and is fun to watch, even if she's messing up she's still more entertaining than have of the boring girls around. This year doesn't have a ton of powerful dancers (other than Gabbi i haven't seen any) so the fact that she's powerful make her stand out.
  15. I thought Jay came off super pity and ridiculous , he’s suppose to help the girls be more healthy and work on their fitness. Not yell at them if they talk while they are doing nothing. Also he’s work out are not really helpful and this stupid test is not an indicator of anything. Tho I thought the nutritionist was pretty good, wanna see more of her.
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