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  1. Exactly. 'prying' 'forcing' is such loaded wording, especially when she did neither. Not to mention, how much of it was set up for *le drama* of 'reality' tv?
  2. I was shocked Gina wasn't in contention (seemingly) for point. I wasn't a fan of her during her TCC time - brilliant dancer, arrogant AF (or at least made to appear that way in her edit or perhaps a mix of both) but she's really improved - either she's softened or she's more relaxed now and more of her personallity has come through, but she really is fun to watch. No disrespect to Amy but she wasn't even on my long list for point. i've nothing against ehr, but i think in a way that's worse - to me she's the definition of a blender. she's cute but not stunning, good to watch but not amazing, sweet but kinda bland. I know Im likely in the minority but I love KaShara. was she necessarily the best dancer? no, but damn she was a lot of fun to watch because her joy in dancing, in performing was so obvious. she didn't have the contrived 'sexy smile face' of so many DCC, she *genuinely* seemed to be having a ball and wanted the people watching to have a great time to. Amy doesn't have that. She doesn't have the gravitas the point needs - either as a lead dancer or a leader. It feels like something she got on senority, not ability or suitability.
  3. I think it's a bit much to say Jinelle was 'prying around' or 'forcing her' and 'checking up on and investigating'. We actually don't know the process of Jinelle finding out that VK just skipped out on a doctor's appt (which is unacceptable anyway,r egardless of who or how an appt is made, wasting a doctor's office time like that is not acceptable and where i live has you discharged immediately) who rang who etc. Jinelle clearly didn't force her to go because VK didn't go. Jinelle wasn't 'prying', she was told by her boss to go to another employee and seek out assitance for that employee. VK was an employee of the DCC at that time. your boss wants you to go to the doc and it's your dream to be a DCC blah blah blah, you go. you take up any opportunity and lifeline given to you to get your dream. all it would take would be going to auntie kelli and saying its embarraassing that it' my weight etc etc. BUT at the same time, it was embarrassing for Holly when she was being told she was too stocky for the team at the same age. it was embarrassing for every other 18 year old that was being told she was 'too fat'. VK isn't special in tht regard, but she did think herelf so sepcial that she didn't have to take the opportunities given to her - ones above and beyond what we've seen girls get before. Like it or not, body and weight is part of the DCC. unrealistic or not it's part of the DCC. someone like VK knows that better than anyone.
  4. I wouldn't put it past any footballer to say something like that to any other. Every hockey player i know has always gotten in the face of the opposition and whooped about something or other. has nothing to do with Maddie's size. likely just because she happened to be the person there.
  5. If I DNA a doctor's appt they call my house. it may even have been arranged through the DCC, is there doctor's coverage? in which case the doc's may well call to say 'hey, even though x didn't attend the appt, you're provider is still being charged for the appt'
  6. An employee telling their boss that a fellow employee didn't do what their boss wanted is not 'narking'. It's doing their job. Why should Jinelle cover for her, esp when it'd be super obv with the doctor's office that VK failed to attend/
  7. Good old unrealistic societal and DCC body requirements strike again. Of course it'll be a 'I was busy and forgot to eat/I didn't have time and i was so rushed today I missed lunch' rather than a likely more real 'I have to maintain weight so restrict my eating to a stupid degree considering I dance in texas heat for hours on end
  8. I love a highneck back to a collar but if there is something against my throat, forget it, all bets are off, I want that garment off off off. again, dancers'd be used to it, but I always loathed any skating dress or costume that involved having my whole neck encased. sure it was very giving material and was never actually constricting, but it felt like it *would* be and I'd skate, book it to the changing room, strip asap and get into a nice loose hoodie. can'tt handle stuff on my throat!!
  9. Think that's largely what her instagram is for...but hey, if that's what she wants to do, that's what she's gonna do!
  10. yup, those dancers with implants, the implants move as one sort of unit, whereas natural boobs have much more jiggle and wiggle to them and so they like to get a little bit frisky with the edge of a bra in the way that an implant just doesn't.
  11. Well, once you get to the level of dance most of these girls are at, you've danced in pretty much *anything* but it's rarely comfortable. There's a reason they all practice and workout in actual sports bras and not push up bras! I can't imagine what washing the damn things must be like - washing a bra is a pain in the butt anyway, but ALL that push up padding and no small amount of underboob sweat after 3 hours in texas heat dancing...no thank you please on that laundry duty! The most supportive kinds of sports bras are the ones that have individual cups rather than the crop top 'boob log' kind, but not a damn push up bra that is designed for one thing and one thing only - to push up and out the boobs, not deal with dance for 3 hours! I don't' even understand the serious padding that you can get in sports bras (sure a little padding if you don't want things to get nippy in a cool gym or somthing but full on push up padding...I don't understand it)
  12. she does have some of the largest on the team. Kalyssa's bolt on used to busting out on the regular too.
  13. Would be unlikely to work. the spray helps stop the bottoms riding up, not hold the buttocks in, especially against the sort of forces that that poor shirt and bra are fighting against. In all seriousness, the physics of boobs moving around during exercise is actually pretty complicated, it's part of why a good sports bra is essential. The bombshell bra isn't for dancing in, quite honestly, esp not for the girls with a fuller bust. 'tit' tape would have a better chance of holding her in, but she really needs a better fitted bra and a better shirt. However, the picture likely looks much worse than it is. it's a microsecond of time when the boob is moving one way while her body is moving another, as happens to all us boob having people, its just physics, so it looks worse than it is, as though she's busting out at all times when she isn't (if any of us were to jump up and down in our bras and someone was taking constant photos, we'd likely all have photos where it looks like we're about to spill out even when we're not as breast tissue shifts). but if i were her I'd have nipple pasties on, jic, and be taped into my bra like crazy. just to be safe.
  14. Agreed. I wouldn't wear that outfit at all, regardless of wanting to be a newscaster, but ESPECIALLY if. It just screams 'look at me, look at me' and not in a good way. Dressing/looking sexy doesn't have to mean putting everything on show for all to see whether they want to or not. The more skin you show, the less sexy you can look, imo
  15. that's it? sorry, but that's absolutely nothing. hardly a 'whoa' moment
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