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  1. Season 5 premieres this Wednesday, August 3rd, 10pm!
  2. Jessica Brown Findlay gave Julian Fellowes early warning that she wanted off the show. He gave her a big send off. Julian’s writing doesn’t always make sense. Personally, I don’t feel that Tom got over Sybil quickly. But that’s just my opinion.
  3. Also, and this is SO STOOPID but I feel like sharing ‘cause I’m feeling silly: How funny would it have been in the second episode of this season when Mr. Bates finds Anna in the boot room crying and he says to her, “You are married. That means you never have to cry alone” and he started wailing???? I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself.
  4. Carson has tunnel vision when it comes to the family he serves and ESPECIALLY, Mary Crawley. Thinking about it, the only times (3) I liked Carson was a) when he was made a fool of by Charlie Griggs and, b) he’s pretty lovely to Mr. Bates when he is having all his problems (telling past history, awful wife showing up and threatening the family, convicted of murder), c) when he goes into Baby Sybil’s room when she is crying. Which after reading the above is surprising considering the way he treated Mrs. Patmore when all her problems arose...and none were as bad as Mr. Bates’. Some times t
  5. Agreed. In addition, I never saw the “slow burn” between Carson and Mrs. Hughes that was discussed/obvious to everyone. Julian Fellowes did the character no favors writing Carson as insensitive and condescending this last season. Mosley and Miss Baxter were the better couple. I thought we would see them marry or at least get engaged.
  6. I believe you!!! I never really got into Friends nor have I seen the episode but if it is what is described here, I’m glad I missed it. Sidebar: David Schwimmer + monkey = why?
  7. Grace was not a twenty-something when the show began...try thirty-something. Aside from that, I agree!!!!
  8. Thank you so much for this. I needed a giggle today.
  9. She’s perfect for Axe and I’ve actually grown to like her in this role. I’ve watched the show over and over. It’s my new favorite. Malin was also in The Comeback. Another favorite. Just my opinion, of course. I didn’t like her at first but now I think she is well cast.
  10. Well guys, I think I am done with this board. I don’t live in Texas and don’t know anyone who would try out for the squad, but it sickens me the way the dancers are discussed on this board. Trashy, ugly, fake, fat, etc. This board has devolved into a spewing bunch of mean girls and I can’t take it anymore. I respect women too much. BigSkyGirl, you are lovely, patient and professional. Drops mic.
  11. Jessica is tiny. There is a shot of her in the locker room on squad photo day in their rookie season. Danielle is taking photos of Jasmin in her uniform and crying (out of happiness). Jessica walks by. I think she is 5’1’ or so.
  12. How lovely of you to reach out to this board. I’m an old lady in relation to you - I am probably older than your mom - and I just want to tell you that you have guts. When I was your age, there is no way I would have had the self-confidence to even try to audition, not that I was ever dancer. If there is one thing you should take away from this experience it’s this: whenever you get in front of a group of judges, they want you to succeed, not fail. There is an inherent want to like whomever is standing in front them. That is what you should think about each time you audition or interview fo
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