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S04.E02: Education, Corruption, and Damnation

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17 minutes ago, MaryMitch said:

In my memory, seems like she was planning to get surgery, but she just didn't wake up one morning due to overdosing.

I'm pretty sure Dan said that she had the surgery and he was controlling her meds which is why her overdosing was such a blow. When he was yelling at Mary Steenburgen on the porch the girls ran out with bags of pills Roseanne ha hidden forcing Dan to accept that she was an addict.

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Yes, she had the surgery.  ("I got her knee fixed!")  She was supposed to be managing the post-op pain with OTC meds, but got into her stash, accidentally overdosed, and didn't wake up the next morning.

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What an odd episode. If I had to write an atheist challenging a priest on the existence of God my mind would never go to Noah's ark (unless the priest was supposed to be a creationist). Also odd: writing down a prayer in the middle of the Bible. Roseanne liked to write and I guess she could have started a prayer journal when she felt really desperate. That would have been more poignant for Darlene who has dropped her writing completely. And if the show manages to turn that odd plot around so that Darlene returns to writing and finds there whatever she's currently looking for I'll be impressed. More impressed than I am with Jason Alexander's priest.

I'm glad Dan thought of sensible gift for Becky. It was annoying to hear them once more complain about being poor and then see all the junk they bought her just for fun.

And finally: I wish this show would make better use of Patton Oswalt.


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On 10/1/2021 at 1:00 AM, Cherpumple said:

It's not just you. It still looked really run down, and those stupid footballs in cases took up a ton of counter space. I hope it gets fixed up for real.

Why do I see a future conversation where Neville screams "I gave you $30,000!" and we learn that Jackie spent $29,000 on paying debts (or, being the Conners, stupid shit)?

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What Darlene is going through is a result of her own actions (except the panic attacks and Molly’s death) but I feel for her in not knowing exactly how to right the ship. Unlike the past, at least right now she has SOME foundation in her current job.

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