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  1. DB in CMH

    S01.E10: Day 10

    I guess that's a better way to put it. The supernatural stuff didn't bug me, so much as it felt unnecessary. There was more than enough story there to tell without complicating it by adding evil spirits. They could have had just about everything that was there (including the imaginary friend, and the caricature in blackface) by explaining it in a different way - the product of PTSD.
  2. DB in CMH

    S01.E10: Day 10

    What a mess. Beautiful cinematography, fantastic acting, great music, terrible story telling. I had a really difficult time following it. The supernatural angle was completely unnecessary. Suburbanites gone insane would have been believable enough. In fact, until the historical backstory episode, I theorized that the family was going mad because of the abuse. There would have been interesting social commentary there - the psychological manifestations of the trauma of racism. But instead they went with spirits. Meh.
  3. Thank you. They retcon the stupidest shit on this show. Erasing Jerry and Andy was completely unnecessary. You don't have to bring them on his character's, but they can still actually exist. The little Ed stuff made absolutely no sense, and there was absolutely no reason for it. He has never been seen or mentioned again. Even this stuff with Molly was dumb. If they couldn't have gotten the original actor to answer the door, get a look alike. The show is clearly playing on our nostalgia for the original (playing these clips), but then shits on the original by changing pointless things. If there was a reason for making changes, I wouldn't have a problem with it, like erasing the lottery season. But they're just being careless. It's not like we haven't seen these episodes in 30 years. They're still available, and Roseanne is still airing in repeats.
  4. Don't count on the rest of the cast banding together against Meghan. Joy has been on the show forever. She has spoken quite a few times about going through good casts, and boring casts. She has bragged about the press they get. She may get annoyed with Meghan on the air, but she knows that the sparks are what keeps the show going. She has said as much on the show. There is far more theater going on here than I think anybody on these threads realize. They're all acting specific parts, and they're doing it extremely well.
  5. Is Hulu just not updating the episodes at all now? I used to be able to count on them being up by 6:00 p.m. Sara is very different this time. Rumors were that Meghan is what drove her off the show the first time (MM saw Sara as out of her element on the show), but I don't think that'll be happening again. She has been really nasty to Sara on several occasions now.
  6. It seems like they finally gave up the ghost on COVID, and I'm glad. Watching the dance they did with masks was infuriating.
  7. I definitely agree that the cast is a big plus plus plus for the show. I could get over my issues with the show if it just made sense. But it doesn't. I don't know why anything is happening other than to bank more episodes for Netflix.
  8. I don't know with this show. I like some things about it, and other things I just can't stand. I don't even really know what's going on anymore because it's so convoluted. Does everybody have to keep sinking deeper and deeper and deeper? The thing with Stan was particularly egregious. The show already has enough plot lines that it can't service or juggle.
  9. Have you been outside of your house in the last year?
  10. Whoppi has a very warped/limited view of society. I think that's why she actually works on the panel. She reminds me a lot of my aunts. She is the "common voice" of a good deal of The View's audience.
  11. That border interview inched pretty close to propaganda. I know people are loathe to criticize the current administration because it is objectively better than the prior one, but it is okay to criticize them. Especially given that The View falls into the purview of ABC news.
  12. That article really misses the mark regarding Roseanne. It seems they had a thesis, and did not let evidence get in the way. The first five seasons of that show are a constant economic struggle for the family, capped off by the fifth season. Whatever the American dream supposedly is, Dan and Roseanne certainly did not achieve it in their early twenties.
  13. I've said it before here and I'll say it again: Meghan is too smart to be that stupid. She's being willfully ignorant to burnish her conservative credentials, and that is why I strongly dislike her.
  14. She is clearly talking about her cohosts. Meghan on Friday told Sara that she was "okay" with kids in cages, and today accused Joy of supporting the deaths of the elderly and developmentally disabled. She didn't come right out and say the second, but it was very very heavily implied. I'd love to know what's going on behind the scenes. The rancor is not just petty anymore (which it always was), but it's getting pretty vile.
  15. Oh. My. God. I really needed that today! Sunny and Sara's faces were everything!
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