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  1. Lazy and dumb. Just like the show overall. I felt embarrassed watching them. This episode completed the narrative turn, taking the Conners from working class victims to their misfortune literally being written in their DNA. We should laugh at them because they are losers, not because the system keeps people like them down. It is, frankly, gross.
  2. I think Rosie spilled everything in Ladies Who Punch. Joy is always more reserved.
  3. I think Rosie and Joy appeared on Watch What Happens together a few years ago, and there wasn't any animosity there.
  4. I don't know how I officially missed this, but.... Ho.lee.shit. Really up there with the football players from a few years ago for the worst players ever. Was it Gronski?
  5. This is getting off topic, but I see both points of view. As a lit professor, I want students to appreciate texts the way I do (the Rentz method) but I also don't want to look out and see half the class sleeping, hence I incorporate some of what Yaz does. Not to that extent, of course - that was very much heightened for television. Learning comes in many different forms. There's a weird strain among many professors who approach students as if they are future scholars in the field. They aren't, and it's important to keep that in mind.
  6. I too felt like it wrapped up pretty well. So, who on the show has worked at a college or university? Because, as a junior faculty at small college in a humanities department, they absolutely fucking nailed it. Everything about it. Right down to the old professor not being able to work the copy machine, not bothering to look at student evaluations, young faculty needing to bite their tongues around older faculty (I have a colleague who still hauks around aTV cart with VHS!), and the Title IX officer being expected to do 8 other jobs, and none of them well. I could go on and on and on.
  7. I'm mostly watching while doing other things - if Jason Bateman or Kaitlin Olsen ever need voice stand-ins, they definitely have them in the actors who play Carey and Brooke.
  8. Talk about your bad faith arguments, Bill. McCarthy made his "joke" about Pelosi just a few months after the storming of the capitol where her life was in very real danger. He's also making these ”jokes” to a bloodthirsty crowd who brought a noose to the capitol. IIRC, Damon said that he retired the word fag recently. As in not 20 years ago, but in the last few months. I know that he issued a clarification, but his original statement was a poor choice of words. Being an old white man, Bill doesn't seem to understand how much representation matters. Ellen coming out in 1997 mean
  9. Wow. A brilliant team that totally choked. The got extremely lucky that the Beast choked worse. How did they miss some of those questions?
  10. DB in CMH


    I haven't thought about Passions in years, but I recently started listening to the Passions for Life podcast and it's bringing back a flood of memories. For those not listening, it's done by Travis Schuldt and Natalie Zea (Ethan 1 and Gwen 2, who are married IRL), and they're doing a rewatch of their time on the show and going over all of the gory details. It's really quite juicy - they brought in McKenzie Westmore for an interview and she revealed a lot about her weight struggles and how the producers handled it horribly. I'm enjoying the podcast way more than I should be. Can we raise a
  11. Beside the constant reminders that This! Is! The! Season! Of! Legends! I quite enjoyed the episode. I like that they're getting lots of practical criticism.
  12. How much of this did they film pre-pandemic. Last episode I noticed Aron mention ”last year's winners," so at some point production must have shut down. According to this, 10. https://deadline.com/2020/10/masterchef-fox-reality-competition-series-resumes-production-covid-19-season-11-1234606056/
  13. Loved Dominique and Nathan trying to figure out what they could and could not do when he won. I wonder when these were filmed?
  14. Top contender for worst episode ever. Between Bill banging the woke drum and Bitcofer not knowing when to shut the fuck up, I barely made it through. Now I remember why I unfollowed Bitcofer on Twitter. She's fucking obnoxious.
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