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  1. DB in CMH

    Small Talk: Viewers Like You

    Stah is definitely in the book. All over the book. She didn't hold back and is quite self critical. Rosie comes off as a fucking lunatic. Both through what she reveals, and what is said by staffers of the view and her original show.
  2. DB in CMH

    "The View": Week Of 3/25/2019

    What the fuck happened in the preshow meeting? Everybody seemed sour today and on edge. And Ms. Infanticide needs to stick to facts? L.O.L.
  3. DB in CMH

    "The View": Week Of 3/25/2019

    What I've read are direct quotes from Rosie herself. For being such mortal enemies, Trump and Rosie are alot alike in that they have no filter and are unable to shut up and leave well enough alone. Watching the interview was worth it for Joy alone.
  4. DB in CMH

    "The View": Week Of 3/4/2019

    "Are we going to break?" *Awkward silence* "We're going to break. Bye!" Ugh. Whoopi is really shitty at this too.
  5. DB in CMH

    "The View": Week Of 3/4/2019

    Joy is doing a great job moderating in letting everybody get a word in, but doing a terrible job with her intros and exits. It's very clunky.
  6. DB in CMH

    "The View": Week Of 3/4/2019

    What pisses me off most about MM is that she is too smart to say such dumb things. She knows she is spouting talking points. She knows that it's not infanticide. She knows that it's not 600k and banning cars. SHE KNOWS. She is nothing but a whore for the GOP.
  7. DB in CMH

    "The View": Week Of 2/18/2019

    Meghan today: I love playing political hypotheticals. Also Meghan, to Joy: I don't play hypotheticals.
  8. DB in CMH

    "The View": Week Of 2/11/2019

    Somebody on another forum said they were in the audience today. Not sure if true, but it sounds believable: I was in the audience today and the atmosphere was terrible. McCain stormed off during the commercial break and spent the entire show rolling her eyes and shaking her head at the audience. How Joy kept it together I don’t know. They were supposed to do a political segment but Megan would only come back if they did the Philly house segment that her husband suggested. It was like being at a Thanksgiving dinner with fighting relatives. The Deal segment was pre taped but Sunny/Megan/Abby stayed and talked to the audience as it was shown. Joy left the set and never came back Sunny did turn to her after the incident and said something to Joy when she stormed off. Brian then came in and talked to Joy before disappearing and coming back at 30 sec to go with Megan and the notes for the topic Megan’s husband suggested. Joy then gave Sunny the eye on getting the new topic and Sunny just sort of looked into the distance and didn’t engage either of them. During the deals prerecorded segment, Megan shared about her grandmas birthday and said grandma reminded her of daddy. The ladies behind me groaned
  9. DB in CMH

    "The View": Week Of 1/21/2019

    While I still love Joy, her inability to see past Trump in just about anything is frustrating. She was adjacent to the point in the discussion, but didn't quite get it. Trump didn't create these issues, but he exacerbated them. We're all on edge and ready to tweet with confirmation bias MM actually impressed me during the discussion. That rarely happens.
  10. DB in CMH

    "The View": Week of 1/7/19

    Who needs John when you have Alexandria Ocasio Cortez? I can't fathom why Meghan has a career. I've seen her on the Sunday shows - she has never said anything remotely insightful. I love when she says ”over my entire career,” like she has the credentials of Barbara Walters or something.
  11. DB in CMH

    "The View": Week of 1/7/19

    Meghan seems to have replaced "my father" with "Alexandria Ocasio Cortez." Trying her damned best to demonize!
  12. DB in CMH

    Joy Behar: "So Whaat? Who Caaaares?"

    Meghan basically told Joy to shut up today. You can look at the trail of who Joy gets along with to see what kind of person she is. That list even includes Ann Coulter of all people.
  13. DB in CMH

    "The View": Week Of 11/26/2018

    I think "not caring" is Meghan's shtick. She thinks that professing her complete disinterest for certain topics is utterly hilarious and shows everybody what a great sense of humor she has. Again, it goes back to Meghan wanting to be perceived as funny and fun-loving, but it just comes off as calculated. She just doesn't have it.
  14. DB in CMH

    "The View": Week Of 11/26/2018

    One that would end in Meghan's tears. I don't think Joy consciously wants to hurt Meghan, but it's in her nature as a comedian to say things that people like Meghan can't handle because they have no sense of humor. I think Joy sees Meghan as weak more than anything, and Joy is one of those old school comedians who doesn't punch down.
  15. DB in CMH

    "The View": Week Of 11/26/2018

    What bothers Joy about Meghan isn't her politics. It's her lack of any sort of sense of humor. Joy gets along fabulously with Ann Coulter because Ann has a clear sense of humor. Meghan has this worldview where she's the life of the party and wants SO badly to be loved by Joy because that would validate her perception of herself - that she's loveable and fun. I think Meghan's whole life is about seeking that approval. That's she's fun, loveable, a vital political analyst, etc. As a comedian, people like Meghan are the most fun to take down because they can't laugh about themselves. Joy really has to hold back because she knows that Meghan can't take it, and she does have to work with her. Meghan is the true definition of a snowflake.