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S02.E08: Man City

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Ted staves off a panic attack in this episode with a call to Dr. Sharon Fieldstone.  I thought Ted only had one other incident but now I'm not so sure.

I re-watched the pilot last night and wondered if Ted's response to the overwhelming reporters at his first press conference was a precursor to his panic attacks.  The music/sound effects just before his spit take enhance that sense of impending dread that happens with panic attacks.

Since we don't have a general topic anymore because we've been promoted, I'm not quite sure where to put this.  I don't want to accidentally spoil anyone new to the series by putting this in the pilot thread.  


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I think he had the stirrings of a panic attack in the first episode, too. As he tells Roy and The Diamond Dogs he's been having them off-and-on, so surely the "For The Children" and the beginning of the one he had when he received the call from Henry's school were just ones of the few he's had since coming to England. I think his separation anxiety from Henry is one of the fuels behind them.

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I love Sam. I love Rebecca. I don’t love Sam/Rebecca. This is just going to end badly. This being Ted Lasso and they usually avoid tropes, I really hope it’s a fun fling for both of them, they get what they need and they move on with no drama. 

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It’s hard to believe that Rebecca wouldn’t be completely turned off by the age difference. I’m 42 and recently met a guy who was 21 and I just couldn’t fathom hooking up with him. They’re like kids at that age!!!!

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1-2-3-butts! This show is my happy place these days. It's just so full of heart. The hair cutting scene was fantastic.

Obviously Rebecca getting involved with Sam is a capital N.O. For the reasons she said -- she's the boss and the age difference. The boss being the one that matters. But this is fiction, not real life, so it's a charming onscreen plot for two hot, likeable characters who really need this moment of connection. If we set aside the IRL consequences of scandal and unethical behavior, this is going to be so good for Rebecca! And, hoo boy, Sam takes my breath away he's so open and sweet and beautiful.  I hope they can keep this story pain-free, or end it swiftly. For both of their sakes.

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