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  1. We’ll have to agree to disagree. 1. Meg is an attention-seeking hot mess! “Sorry to interrupt your meditating but I just miss my mother … who died two years ago.” I know there’s no timeline on grief and I’m sure stress is a factor here, but the way it came out was just so ridiculous. And for all her big talk about designing for plus size models, I didn’t think her look was very good for her model. 2. Darren (who should have been aufed for presenting someone else’s look) ASKED CHRISTIAN OUT ON TELEVISION. What a dope—I hope he goes. Didn’t think I was going to like Zayden,
  2. Ha! I kept thinking, Are we supposed to think he's a good singer?
  3. I was really disgusted by it. But I think it speaks to Kim’s programmed/robotic nature. She’d say whatever they put in front of her—I’d be surprised if she gave it a second thought. Same comment as above. I don’t know about that but I always thought Blake Griffin looked a lot like Kim’s ex Kris Humphries. I’ve seen that comparison made many times before.
  4. He is seriously hot. He was always handsome/charming, but now he's Dad handsome/charming --> hot. Eh, I'd suspect suburban kids in 1968 Alabama would have southern accents. I don't think the TV influence would have taken hold. I could see maybe Dean and his sister not having accents, because their parents are well educated and more worldly, but there would definitely be some kids in that mix with drawls.
  5. I'd never seen or heard of Beanie before this show, and while I like her performance her physical dissimilarity to Monica has definitely thrown me off. Then I just learned that she is Jonah Hill's sister, and I think that's why it's not working for me. She looks exactly like him! A beautiful version of him, but I think I'm seeing him rather than Monica. Seriously, though--Monica's features are so soft and round, while Beanie's are more angular. Normally physical stuff like this doesn't bother me but for some reason I can't get past it. With Paulson I am seeing Linda Tripp, 100%. Clive Ow
  6. fair enough! But if I recall correctly, those challenges were later in the program. It would make a little more sense if they pared off the less skilled bakers, or rather, offered that challenged to bakers who proved that they could bake well in the tent.
  7. I completely agree--I have hated the last two showstoppers. So gimmicky, like something from Nailed it or one of those stupid food network challenges. Paul is always complaining about "style over substance," and that's what these challenges invited. Except that almost nobody showed real skill or refinement in their style! It's not a showstopper if it looks like crap. (Although I guess that would stop the show.) In the Rahul season, they did a showstopper challenge that was really good -- the biscuit self portrait. We learned that Ruby was a marathon runner, that Antony climbed kilamanjaro
  8. For me, the Beanie casting is off not because she is too overweight, but rather that she has a pretty voluptuous hourglass figure. Monica carried her weight lower down. At the time (we are the same age) I remember thinking she was "chubby" or pear-shaped. Now I would kill for that figure.
  9. Did I hear Coulter call that group of guys "the elves"? If so I believe one of those guys in the group must be Brett Kavanaugh--he was affiliated with them at the time. I took this as Linda being angry that Kathleen assumed she would back up her story when at that point Linda was holding a grudge against Kathleen for getting that job while Linda was banished to the Pentagon. God, Linda is pathetic, loathsome and miserable. The Major Dad subplot was lowkey hilarious, and I howled when the tour was canceled (by Dean Pelton from Community!) I wonder if that's really true, that she w
  10. Sure. But my point was just that a person who would seek a job working in and around the White House might also tend toward bolder, more risk-taking actions than someone like me, who sought out a job working as a volunteer high school teacher. 🤣 JFK was 6'1. Did you mean Bobby Kennedy? He was more known for his teeth, and I think he was 5'8 or 5'9.
  11. This actor wasn't nearly as cute as Stephanopoulos was at the time I wish they had gone with another actor from the Ryan Murphy stable -- Darren Criss. Regarding the Goodman portrayal--I watched this awful old interview of Tripp recently. It was from after she had lost weight and had plastic surgery. She kept saying something to the effect of how she didn't blame people for being critical of her looks, because when she saw herself on TV she thought she was ugly too. So she had the surgery to soften her image. It was so bizarre. As much as I might disagree with her behavior, physically she
  12. This might be splitting hairs, but I didn’t think Nance said that Shapiro’s show sucks, but rather his debate MO. He said something like, “Is this what you do on your show? Because it sucks.”
  13. 100 percent agreed. He did not let her get a word in. I have no idea what her organization’s position is or what they propose. I agree with Bill that the issue of trans athletes in competition is complex. I would much rather have heard from an actual authority on the subject instead of Bill who has a huge ax to grind re wokeness. I agree that Nance was a bit condescending toward Shapiro but it’s hard to blame him. They are not equals by any stretch. Shapiro was superbly disingenuous regarding CRT and Nance’s response to it. And Bill was close minded as usual. We do not teach hist
  14. I binged this this weekend and I loved it! Mike Schur has made all of my favorite shows--I just love his work. I had never seen that actor before The Good Place. He was great at playing an entitled asshole. Now I have a huge crush on the guy! This was absolutely my favorite. At the risk of sounding totally ignorant, I don't think I had ever fully understood why Native American costumes (headdresses and the like) are so offensive to Native peoples. This scene helped me understand that it's not just about cultural appropriation, but about the damage done by historical inaccuracy
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