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  1. I just finished a rewatch up through season 4. I am so fascinated by Lisa, and in particular by the Lisa-Dale dynamic. Watching the episode where Dale was eliminated, it was just so apparent that they couldn't get out of each other's way and there was always a power struggle. Initially I was sympathetic to Dale because, in that first episode where they cooked together, he was dead right that Lisa was creating a very negative atmosphere in the kitchen and it was contagious. But his outburst in the stew room was embarrassing and hostile, and then in subsequent episodes their toxic rivalry just w
  2. Nope. The police have other tools at their disposal that they are able to use to prevent a tragedy of any kind. Circling back to this. Spartan Girl, YES! And thank you Whoop. Kyle Rittenhouse had a big old assault-style rifle and was not apprehended before shooting Jacob Blake. Imagine that same scenario with a bunch of white kids fighting in the front yard. I don't have a doubt in my mind that the officer would have handled it differently.
  3. late to the party on this but just wanted to cosign on this! During the election I had a vivid daydream that I took a girls weekend with Rachel, Joy, and Nicolle. I love them together.
  4. lovinbob


    I don't understand why they used actual footage of Aretha with Annie Lennox but went back to Cynthia Erivo and NotGeorge Michael for Knew You Were Waiting. Very odd choice. Similarly, who was the woman who interviewed older Aretha? Was that supposed to be an Oprah knock-off or is that a real woman I've never heard of? Erivo's performance was interesting to me. Was Aretha really that soft spoken? I don't know enough about Aretha and all of the drama described above, with the other artists. But I wept when they showed her singing Nessen Dorma at the Grammys. That was breathtakin
  5. For frog's legs is my new go-to expletive.
  6. I don't see the chemistry with Kenan and Mika, unfortunately. Something that has been bugging me is, why is Kenan always pouring drinks in his dressing room. Isn't it a morning show? Don Johnson and the girls were sweet. The spa storyline was an unexpected delight.
  7. I don't disagree with the potential diagnoses being discussed—certainly, narcissism seems like the tip of the iceberg. But since I'm not a doctor, I'll just say that at a very basic level, Woody's treatment of Mia by having sex with her daughter is beyond cruel. They were together for 12 years. They had a child together, and he treated her adopted children as his own, apparently. This was not an unavoidable situation of star-crossed lovers. He chose his "affair" with Soon-Yi, which is a kind word for it. Whether or not he and Soon-Yi have stayed together, that initial act is so cruel and
  8. I don't really know how to do this, but I think one of the most important things that we can do in response to this story and others like it is to believe women and take accusers seriously. The other thing, in terms of the art, is not to support/produce future works by these problematic people/alleged abusers. How many talented female directors have been sidelined while Woody Allen gets to make as many movies as he wants? He is hailed as a genius (thanks, ScarJo) but you can't tell me there aren't women and BIPOC who have a lot to offer and don't have nearly the number of opportunities Wo
  9. I didn't make any conclusions. I just said it made me feel uncomfortable.
  10. I don't think Mia's judgment about men was great. She married Frank when she was 21 and he was 50. Not sure of the timeline but it seems like she didn't stay single for long--divorced sinatra in 68, married Previn in 70, divorced him in 79, began her relationship with Woody that same year. I'm not judging it but it seems like she was attracted to powerful, controlling men. (Though I should say, don't know much about Previn.) His son's sister and his partner's daughter. That is not ok at all. I'd love to know what his diagnosis is, because his treatment of people he would claim to lov
  11. I'm rooting for this show but something about it doesn't work. Don Johnson's character is such a question mark. I adore Kenan Thompson but as a straight man he is not winning me over just yet.
  12. Is Fauchi any relationship to Chachi? Meghan can say what she wants about Fauci. Just makes her look incredibly ignorant. Anthony Fauci doesn't walk on water but he is honest and doesn't appear to be guided by anything but his scientific knowledge and experience. He's not trying to be famous--just trying to do what he was trained to do.
  13. Agree wholeheartedly with these posts. I've never been the biggest Pete fan, but I love his gameness for whatever they throw at him. His silly Jack Skellington was delightful, as was Cuomo. Chloe nailed Daphne Bridgerton. There's not necessarily a lot to parody but she got the vocal mannerisms per-fect. RJP did not disappoint. Versatile, relaxed, poked fun at himself and elevated everything he was in. So interesting that prior to this, we've had three amazing hosts in a row, and while each was great in their own way, the material let them down IMO. The material here rose to the occ
  14. Have Meghan and Lindsay Lohan ever been spotted in the same place? The resemblance is creepy.
  15. I can't stand when grown adults use the expression "I'm obsessed." You are a grown professional, or at least you're trying to be. Stop using Kardashian lingo. Liberty is cute, though. 🙂
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