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  1. I was actually surprised to see that she wasn't the actress picked to play Ted's wife last year. But maybe one of them needed to be in LA as their kids finish school? (Or have all of the Miller/Lawrence offspring go off to college/become adults because I'm SO OLD?!)
  2. Yes, I was expecting that too! I know that Richmond isn't a team like Chelsea or Man City, but Rebecca is still the team owner and Sam is still a player who clearly does post-game interviews. While the dinner could be explained away as a business diner, when he walked her home and then she kissed him, I was waiting for the flash. I think this relationship is a bad idea for the reasons Rebecca listed plus all of the ways it will be detrimental to Sam's career if/when it comes out, but if they're going to do it, stop kissing in brightly light entry ways please! Also - what did Sam say
  3. And that’s with him searching his name on Twitter. It doesn’t seem like he has an account since no one is coming into his mentions or snitch-tagging him any of this stuff. It would be interesting (in an academic way, not that I actually want to see the spiral)to see how he’d react if he tried to get into social media and engage with “his public.”
  4. I mean without context, it looks like the silly photos they would take back when they worked together 15 years ago. I wouldn’t get too worked up about any Benson/Stabler sex scenes yet. This is just how Mariska and Meloni play when they are at work (for some reason).
  5. This scares me a little bit but after the week I’ve had, I’m ready for whatever they throw at me!
  6. The most generous reasoning for the AirPods I can think of is perhaps translation. It was helpful when I was in a country where I didn’t speak the language to use Google translate to “talk” to people in urgent situations where my dad wasn’t able to translate. But that assumes there is service which is probably not the case. And that he’s not a dbag which is also not the case. 😂
  7. Given this recent Men's Health profile and the resulting photos, I thought we needed a thread to appreciate the man himself. https://www.menshealth.com/fitness/a37081725/christopher-meloni-interview-law-and-order-organized-crime/
  8. That was everything I never knew I always wanted. The rest of the plots are silly and kinda dumb (not enough world building to know who the other randos on the trip are yet), but every once in a while, MAGIC!
  9. I also got the "so we're really doing this?" vibe from Sam, not a "wait, WTF?!" during the last scene. As others pointed out, Jaime coming back to Richmond would be a big press deal, so it's not like he'd just show in the locker room (after everyone else) and no one would know. But I'm very curious to see where this goes. Ted wants this for Jaime, but does Jaime really want to make amends and work WITH the team this time? I was more thrown off by the snow. I don't know anything about soccer schedules, but it seemed odd that it would already be snowing in, presumably, the middle of th
  10. Interesting post about sex and purity culture (the Duggars are also name checked - though in the section about the Pearl method of child training): https://jezebel.com/i-didnt-want-to-deny-my-husband-his-martial-rights-for-1847361950
  11. All this talk of Roombas and pets just makes me think of this horrible story that stuck with me from a few years ago: https://www.boredpanda.com/robot-vacuum-cleaner-spreads-dog-shit-everywhere/ 🤢
  12. This is my thought as well. I'm definitely guilty of asking my parents to take a photo of me on vacation to post on Insta, but I can't imagine asking them to either take a whole photo shoot at a mini golf place or wait while I set up a tripod to do it myself. I know their Insta is their income at this point, but it's still hilarious and weird and awkward to me.
  13. Season 2 has started filming: https://www.instagram.com/p/CRgx0WljXfi/
  14. TVLine also wrote about it here: https://tvline.com/2021/07/15/law-and-order-for-the-defense-cancelled-nbc-spinoff-not-moving-forward/ Still don't really have any details, but it seems like NBC decided to pass before anything actually happened. No pilot had to be reviewed, so they likely were still in pre-production this summer and NBC said no - for some reason. It seems odd given the rest of the article indicates that NBC really wants Thursday night to be all Wolf, all the time, but who knows what happened behind the scenes?
  15. Oof, episode 5 was ROUGH! I still don't feel like I understand what happened with Konnor and her coach or how they were able to move to WOGA so quickly, but yikes that exit interview that she did was A LOT. And the husband too. It was so cute to see Kyla and Madison with Laurie at the gym. Those girls have all been through it and I wish there was more of that to see - the camaraderie between gymnasts who don't have any other elites in their gym, but stay connected to the other national team gymnasts because they are the only ones who get it. I'm not entirely sure why we got the whole
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