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  1. I think it's probably also a way to promote the official DCC IGs of the cheerleaders instead of their personal ones.
  2. Thank you! That makes much more sense! Odd that Netflix would record over the bleep instead of just leaving it in.
  3. So, I'm finally catching up on these post-BBC seasons on Netflix and I'm curious about something. At one point, she's telling Sandi and Noel that the figures on top of her cake are them - Noel is sleeping and Sandi is "pissed off" that Noel is late. Sandi immediately says that she's not sure she can say that and the scene cuts. I wasn't watching closely - did they ADR over what she really said? If not, is "pissed off" not a think you can say on British TV? Or did I miss another bleep altogether?
  4. Seasons 1-12 are available on Pluto on a rotating basis: https://pluto.tv/live-tv/dallas-cowboys-cheerleaders Season 10 is on as I post.
  5. @DCCOracle posted this in the Auditions thread: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=833564097375232
  6. Rewatching season 4 auditions on Pluto and I never noticed that you can see Megan Fox (assist choreo) in the top corner of the dance floor leading the dancers in semi finals DURING the audition. I don't know if she did it for every single set of five (that seems like a LOT of times), but you could see a few of the ladies in one group with their eyes on her (instead of facing forward) to see the steps. I don't know if that was SOP (or still is) for the semis, but just a little something I noticed in my millionth rewatch.
  7. I've just started watching this on Netflix, three years late, to get on board with the new crew. I actually don't hate it. And this episode made me laugh out loud more than I've ever done with this show. When Julia's made the snail it looked phallic and then the end, especially the camera shot around Paul's waist - I WAS DYING! Nothing will ever beat Paul's lion IMO, but there were a few that came close here. I'm sad to see Flo go, but she's been over her head for a while now, so it was time. There aren't any bakers I dislike, but I am having a hard time telling some of them apart (or at least remembering the right names). I want to look them up on Instagram, but I don't want to spoil myself yet!
  8. This. I'm watching the show from my DVR right now and there is WAY TOO MUCH parents on my screen right now. I know they have parents with them all the time (and probably watch them on set or in a green room because that's what happens with minors) in the past, but I have literally no interest in the parents. (I have the same problem when they interview Aly Raisman's parents or Michael Phelps's mom at the Olympics - the athlete is the person of interest!) I'll probably finish this episode from my DVR but after that I'm out. If they are going to take this much time with the parents in an episode where we have so many bakers to get to know, I know I won't be able to deal with only six parents in the room or whatever. Have fun y'all! Hopefully the season will be fun for those who enjoy it!
  9. My first thought when I saw the balcony shot down with the tiny Christmas tree is that they got an AirBnB in Big Bear. It's a popular mountain/ski are for Angelos. I never actually went up there when I lived in LA because I'm not a skiier, so someone with more knowledge might be able to break it down. It looks similar to what we see on folks go from SF to Tahoe. I wouldn't think it would be advisable for people under a stay-at-home order to leave their home where the region has 0% ICU capacity (and has for days) and travel to an area with likely an even smaller hospital/medical set up. But then again, my NorCal butt has been home on my couch for months now, and I missed Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family because of it. The governor and regional health and government officials have asked those of us in the state to not travel regionally as well as out of state, but "influencers" gonna "influence." (I have a "friend" who I have to mute on Insta right now because she and her family are on a "family vacation" from Arizona to Colorado. I just can't.)
  10. Yeah, after seeing a brief preview during the HBC finale, I'm a little nervous about so much involvement from the parents. I mean, the parents have always been there since you aren't just sending minors to baking summer camp, but I don't really care about the out of kitchen drama for kids or adults. Bake the thing and then leave my screen.
  11. The most interesting part of this to me (besides that it reads more like an "about us" webpage than a Christmas card) is that Jill is identified as a blogger and content creator (which are influencer terms) not a "wife and mother." I mean, she absolutely is an "influencer" who does content creation (for good or for ill) just like all of her sisters and family members, but I wouldn't have thought that they'd readily identify like that. Makes me wonder who this is going out to, if in fact is it a letter that was included in a paper Christmas card.
  12. I went back to Jessa's instagram because I felt like we talked about this months ago, but I don't see it, so perhaps it was only in stories? Whatever, but yeah, I think they are just slowly dribbling out content they've already made instead of showing up-to-date footage.
  13. I'd love it more if those boxes weren't from Amazon and Zappos (but actually small businesses - not Jinger and Jeremy's vanity store - instead. Perhaps she shopped small through Amazon?). But yes! Stuff is taking longer to arrive, but it is arriving. Something mailed to me on December 2nd arrived yesterday, even though the tracking never updated. Something I mailed priority on December 5th finally arrived yesterday about two weeks after it was supposed to. I don't have the space to set out snacks and treats, but I do try to yell "thank you" from my living room when I see them drop things off and I'm tipping every person I can (and have been since the beginning of all this). Given what we are all facing (in the US) right now, a Christmas package not delivered "on time" is really the least of it and we need to remember that.
  14. I didn't see a standalone topic for "The Duel," so I just had to driveby post that I had totally forgotten that Johnny Bananas (sorry, John) got bounced in the first Duel against Tyler. TJ was oddly prophetic when he said, "I'm sure I'll see you again on one of these challenges." It was just weird to see Bananas being humble and accepting of his fate as a rookie instead of raging against how dare anyone vote him into the elimination.
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