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  1. Beyond the cringe-worthy caption and his weird face, Jinger's weird here too. Her face looks like she's squeezing him tight, but she's actually barely touching him at all. Why is she making that face?
  2. My "favorite" part of this photo (not jumping in the "eating in the car" debate) is that she takes a photo that includes her husband and child, but captions it "lunch with my favorite person." I'm not saying you have to say the kid you spend all day long with is your favorite person, but it does seem like an odd juxtaposition that Sam's in the middle of the frame, but not discussed in the caption at all. Of course, the other kid didn't even make the photo, so I guess Sam's gotta count himself lucky there 😂 Or maybe not 🤣
  3. Loved the winner and how she went for the lifeguard instead of the Scottsdale bro. Super fun episode!
  4. I think it's a separate skirt and top. I liked the concept of the bottom, so I did a Google image search and found this Torrid rainbow skirt that looks very similar, including the blue band at the top. But top is crazy. I don't understand what she's going for with it as I had similar thoughts. I'm not saying she has to cover everything (it's hot in the south in the summer), but it's just so unflattering, especially paired with the cute skirt.
  5. Not the same girl, but I remember when Karissa was cut from season 6 (?), they kept her till the very end to try to give her time to get up to their level of dance, but she could never get there. And in her exit interview in the locker room, she said something like, "the only thing keeping me from making this team was taking dance classes." And I was like, yeah, why wouldn't you have taken dance classes before trying out for a DANCE team? I mean, I really liked her and I'm glad she's a lawyer in my neck of the woods now, but that was such an odd response to getting cut.
  6. I always thought that office visit was edited all to hell because Erica is crying (tears running down her cheeks) as Kelly has told her she needs to lose weight. Kelly asks why she's crying and Erica's like "I'm upset that no one like my solo." Then Kelly starts talking about her attitude, which I hadn't seen her answer back at all. Yes, Erica had a talking head after the veteran meeting where she defended her solo (which we didn't really get to see), but I can understand that reaction and it was just to camera after crying in the bathroom. Erica had gotten dressed down in front of all of the veterans before practice and then again in Kelly's office, both times Erica is crying, not "pissed off." I don't know what other reaction Kelly was looking for. If there was something that happened during practice that night, you think the cameras would have shown us as part of the Erica's "pissed off" narrative Kelly was trying to spin. I never saw it. I also thought Erica was a great dancer, so I was mad at Kelly for yelling at her twice about the same thing. It's not like she could have lost weight in five hours.
  7. The two I've bought the most are Vida (https://shopvida.com/products/protective-mask) and DeBrief Me (https://debriefme.com/collections/all/products/adults-x95?variant=14626365833258). I actually had a DeBrief Me mask from a couple years ago when California was on fire, but I recently bought another one and it shipped fast. They only seem to have one pattern available right now, but I keep checking back to see if the other colors come back in stock. The ones from Vida that come from China take a little while longer, but have stood up to multiple washings as well. I like masks with ear loops instead of ties, so I haven't tried their made in California masks. All have pockets for filters, which will also help stop the spread.
  8. That's what I assumed as well. Getting cut on the last night of camp twice would really mess with a person. It seems like she just wasn't a fit for the team (for whatever reason - I think she was great), so why go through another three months of craziness when you might not make it again?
  9. As of right now, Jinger's got 440 comments (I'm not looking to see how many are "suggestions" vs people who feel the need comment on every post) and Jeremy's got...76. That's gotta sting a little bit for RFP! 😂
  10. With Amazon, you're not downloading anything to your computer; you're basically buying the rights to stream it when you wish. With iTunes, you do download a file, but not with Amazon. In fact, I wanted to download another TV show episode I bought and I couldn't.
  11. You may want to price out buying the season (whenever it airs) on Amazon or iTunes. I've been buying it on Amazon for a few seasons now and it's like $25 for the season. I lost access to CMT on Comcast when they moved it to a higher tier and I wasn't willing to pay. Amazon's pretty good about having the show ready to watch by midnight PDT after it airs on CMT, which is pretty nice.
  12. Also, she's missing a word: "Let’s play a little game😉 Here are 6 facts that you might know about me from following on the gram!" I think she means might NOT know about me from following the gram. Because if we know them from following her instagram, then why post them again?
  13. From her caption: "For the first time in my entire adult life, this Mother’s Day wasn’t just a celebration. It was healing. Following state mandates, social distancing, etc. are important. And we did just that." Those photos don't look like they are six feet apart with masks for folks who don't live together, unless all of those folks live in the same house. Which if they did, they probably wouldn't be missing each other. Perhaps they are old photos (in which case, I think she should note that) Sorry, this just makes me crazy. I miss my family like crazy too, but we can't be together, even on Mother's Day. The disease doesn't care.
  14. That’s an even bigger reason to say no. Don’t feel bad about at all.
  15. Yeah, I'd just go with, "I'm sorry, I'm not comfortable with that." That's what my mom did when her hair stylist called her to make an appointment (Arizona is opening way too fast!). If they press, just repeat. You are not under any obligation to see anyone in quarantine, and you can blame Gavin Newsom if you need to. I'd actually be interested to see how it goes for them with Arizona plates coming into California. Has CHP set up checkpoints like the agricultural inspection? California has made our position perfectly clear and we don't take kindly to those who aren't taking this seriously.
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