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  1. On 10/8 Hulu is increasing Hulu(no ads) to $12.99
  2. I wish the sound quality of their equipment was better
  3. I hope they're not wasting food 😡
  4. Nice to see Adrianne Barbeau 😁
  5. Please remove this post asap. Thanx 😁
  6. I call BS on the baby being alive
  7. Britbox.com annual is $39.99 + tax through 7/12/2021 for US only
  8. Simon should've put the ring in his pocket or Howie's
  9. congrats to the 660K winners .... that being said I think the clock should NOT run while the question is being read
  10. ketchuplover


    Why were some wearing red and others wearing blue? tyia
  11. I thought the whole field got 1 free FS,and any more resulted in expulsion
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