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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch/v=t23ZEKqGHzs Why doesn't the video show up like the Honest Trailer above?
  2. It appears the character Han's origin is from the 2002 flick Better Luck Tomorrow
  3. Discovery+ is coming to the USA in early January 👍
  4. jabberwocky thing looked fake to me 😞
  5. The Rock buys XFL ... NFL folds ... Covid cured 🥰
  6. HUZZAH! I have stumbled onto a solution (at least for now) ...I turned off and subsequently removed McAfee web boost! :)
  7. Peacock video incompatible with Chrome,Edge,and Firefox browsers 😞
  8. Peacock TV doesn't work in Chrome,Edge,and Firefox browsers :(
  9. At the end they asked "Do you think the woman claiming to be Mary Day is/was Mary Day/ I went (to myself) HUH? They just answered it in the episode
  10. That knife should've been unretractable
  11. "The DNA points to Kevin Cooper" ???????? You said it was 3 white or hispanic males. Get it together man
  12. It should have won best picture OR best foreign film. So there!
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