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  1. jabberwocky thing looked fake to me 😞
  2. The Rock buys XFL ... NFL folds ... Covid cured 🥰
  3. HUZZAH! I have stumbled onto a solution (at least for now) ...I turned off and subsequently removed McAfee web boost! :)
  4. Peacock video incompatible with Chrome,Edge,and Firefox browsers 😞
  5. Peacock TV doesn't work in Chrome,Edge,and Firefox browsers :(
  6. At the end they asked "Do you think the woman claiming to be Mary Day is/was Mary Day/ I went (to myself) HUH? They just answered it in the episode
  7. That knife should've been unretractable
  8. "The DNA points to Kevin Cooper" ???????? You said it was 3 white or hispanic males. Get it together man
  9. It should have won best picture OR best foreign film. So there!
  10. ketchuplover


    Blocked due to Trojan
  11. Memories of Murder .......... Mother ....you're welcome
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