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  1. ketchuplover

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    I thought the dead dragon destroyed the night watch
  2. ketchuplover

    Online Cable Alternatives

    Acorn TV one month free. Try promo code SPRING30
  3. ketchuplover

    NFL Thread

    Kellen Winslow Jr jury = 3 women & 9 men. All white. 4 alternates details unknown
  4. ketchuplover

    Online Cable Alternatives

    Starz is currently offering a 7 day free trial followed by 3 months at $5 each
  5. ketchuplover

    S03.E18: Her

    That looked like a series finale to me. Therefore I hereby declare this show officially ended. Thanks for the memories. All the best to the cast & crew.
  6. ketchuplover

    Online Cable Alternatives

    Started watching AcornTV. Losing visual now & again. Tried site help and they blocked my IP due to high volume. Please advise. tyia Solved my issue. When you go to another tab/window you lose the picture. It returns when ye returns 🙂
  7. ketchuplover

    Online Cable Alternatives

    I hop from service to service. Right now I have CBS All-Access (In March I began to unsubscribe and got 2 months at 50% off) where I am re-watching Big Brother USA from the start and Star Trek discovery and the new Twilight Zone. I have Hulu w/o ads again to get a month of Showtime free. Also have youtube tv at least until early may. They have added channels and raised price to $50 starting May 13. Also using free trial of HBO NOW where I am watching Veep. In the past I've had/tried Amazon Prime...Netflix...Philo...Sling TV (orange + blue)...DirectvNow...Hulu+live tv w/o ads...playstation vue...FuboTv...BritBox...plus another British service probably I only watch on my laptop. Don't have/need Roku or similar stuff. I have a TV which is now being used sparingly.
  8. ketchuplover

    Season One Discussion

    Try scrolling down at CBS All-Access
  9. ketchuplover

    College Basketball

    Zion goofs by going for 2 when they're down 3 and Tacko goofs by trying to stop him. SIGH
  10. ketchuplover

    College Basketball

    Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Zion v. Tacko! Reinforce your screens!
  11. ketchuplover

    S05.E16: Failure is an Orphan

    I rewrote some dialogue... Flash "Please take the cure" Cicada "After you"
  12. ketchuplover

    S23.E06: Week 6: Vietnam

    That whole Demi(se) bit seemed fake to me 😭
  13. ketchuplover

    AGT The Champions: All Episode Discussion

    Dorenbos ftw 😁
  14. ketchuplover

    AGT The Champions: All Episode Discussion

    I have a dream that one day they will show the act,the whole act,and nothing but the act. So may it be posted. So may it be done.
  15. ketchuplover

    NFL Thread

    Go Pack Go!