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S05.E10: Fragments

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Andy's former rookie, Duncan, is back on duty and looking to reconcile – something she's not ready for yet. But personal feelings get thrust aside when a bomb explodes in a downtown parking garage. With the city under threat, the officers of 15 Division must work frantically to figure out the source of the threats, and stop the suspect before more innocent people get hurt.

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I can handle a lot of things on TV that aren't quite believable in real life, but the fact that Duncan is back working at the same division, on the same shift, and was even able to request being paired up with Andy, is possibly the most unrealistic thing this show has ever done. Though I guess this is the same division who allows superior boyfriends continually work with their girlfriend, so I shouldn't be surprised. 


Not quire sure why Andy was all mad at the fact that Marlo, a woman who was nothing but nice to her as her boyfriend screwed her over for loving another woman, was back on the job. Glad to see the Marlo storyline wasn't just wrapped up in a neat bow. Like seeing her back. Hopefully someone gives Sam/Andy a little talking to over how much they screwed people over. I wish I got a bit more out of the Nick side of things. At least a little remorse from Andy. "Are you happy?" *big, ignorant smile* yep! of course! why you ask?! Nick is a better man than I would be I guess. 

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"Duncan, stop talking." Oh, Nick, you're just the best. Also, unlike some of the passive-aggressive dingbats on this show, Nick most likely means it when he tells Andy he's happy that she's happy, and they're doing okay.


Nice fakeout with Frosty's meeting with "Lauralee," show. Yes, filling out a profile is hard -- but that's probably not how a candidate talks to her adoption caseworker.

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So, in other news, I still hate Duncan and absolutely figured he was going to get himself into trouble sooner or late. He's an absolute idiot and he really shouldn't be a cop so I'm glad Andy didn't correct him over the radio and told him that he could be one. He's just...no. He has a long road ahead of him if he even wants to be a half decent cop and hopefully this bomb scare will be a positive thing for him. I really wouldn't be surprised if he disappeared by the second half of the fifth season. 


I'm glad they brought some of the Nick/Andy back from last season. I wasn't sure if they would drop it entirely, so I'm glad they didn't. Also, why is Andy suddenly mad at Marlo? I mean, she wasn't that bad and I get Andy might feel intimidated that Sam's ex is back working for them, but Marlo isn't a bad person. So, I'm betting some unresolved tension will be there and I swear if they break up Sam/Andy because of Marlo.... I don't even like Sam/Andy but they need to just stay together for more than half a season, because I hate this back and forth thing and I'd rather just have a clear answer than them breaking up again. I like Nick/Andy a lot, but I just want Andy to take the goddamn key and have them just be in a relationship. 


So, Chloe has to tell Dov the truth and unsurprisingly, he's pissed about it. I don't blame him because she has lied about Wes in the past, but now it seems that the question asked is if they're going to work it out. Personally, I would be fine with them breaking up because I've been lukewarm about their relationship anyway, but I also don't oppose to them staying together anymore. 


The Gail/Sophia adoption storyline was absolutely surprising. I think it might actually be a good storyline to tell, and now with Holly back in the picture, we might get a cute little family on our hands. 


So, next week's previews: 90% positive Andy's gonna get hurt in the explosion (because it's her turn to be in the life-and-death situation). It won't be Duncan or Nick, because they already had the bomb scare, but I wonder who it'll be if it's not Andy. Maybe Oliver? Maybe Dov? Maybe Traci or Steve? 


ETA: Ok, now 100% positive it's Andy, judging by the synopsis for next week's episode. Of course. Because nobody else but Andy and Sam can be in near death experiences constantly. 

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Nick was awesome this episode. I do think they have written him in a very consistent manner. His handling of the bomb, the way he asked Andy if she was happy and how they were okay, it all fits in with his character. I liked it. A lot. It was nice to see more of him. And I like that he and Andy are friends.


I also really enjoyed seeing Bailey the Bomb Squad Guy more over the season. He's just awesome. I do miss Sue the Bomb tho. She was good to and for Dov.


Speaking of Dov, I was so happy he just wouldn't take any bullshit from Cloe. Not that I hate her - I actually like her character - but you just don't do stuff like that to Dov. Trust is a big thing for him and she screwed it up by lying.


Frosty...  They got me with that fake out. Don't know how I feel about that storyline, but good fake out!


And Marlo.... While I'm a big Sam/Andy fan, a little drama there wouldn't hurt ;)




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There's a small cynical part of me that thinks it would be karmically awesome if Marlo were injured in the next round of life-threatening whatnot and Swarek realized that he is still in love with his ex. Frosty and I would laugh and laugh.

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Called the adoption. Still not a total fan of the idea, because Gail's still a mess even if she's getting a little better overall. However, they did get me for a brief moment on the fake-out. It does add some interest to the Gail/Holly storyline. Dating someone new is one thing. Building an insta-family with someone is quite another. 


Otherwise, we've got the same patterns. Andy/Sam are having their relationship tested, first by the key, then by Marlo's appearance. Duncan't is an idiot. Dov is having trust issues with Chloe. The latest "dumb rookie" stunt should be enough to get his badge and gun taken away, again. 

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Duncan't should have called for backup the minute he saw the car with the plate Andy had called in. I understand he was trying to prove himself by chasing down a lead on his own, but, come on!

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I frowned when Frosty met another woman. I laughed at the fake out. Then I rolled my eyes at the storyline. Adoption. Seriously, show?


There's a small cynical part of me that thinks it would be karmically awesome if Marlo were injured in the next round of life-threatening whatnot and Swarek realized that he is still in love with his ex. Frosty and I would laugh and laugh.

I'll be laughing too. This was my first thought when I saw Andy bitch about Marlo's return and grill Sam about having been in contact with her. The show probably won't do it, but it'd be hilarious if it did.

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Yeah, the adoption seems a little rash - I'm kind of hoping that the powers that be decide - not unreasonably, it seems to me - that a single woman in a dangerous profession with an unpredictable schedule - might not be the best bet.  So we see some growth for Gail without then having another "single mother raising a child" storyline, since Traci's got that covered.


Also, I will be honest:  I was totally rooting for Duncan to die.  I only grudgingly gave up when I realized he'd be taking Nick with him, since Nick is becoming one of my favorite characters.

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For some reason, the adoption story struck me as really obvious, I don't know why. I'm trying to remember if I've seen it on other shows. My guess is that it won't work out but it will be a good lesson for Gail in terms of love, sacrifice, etc.


I get where the show is trying to go with Duncan, but they've made him too incompetent to invest in. He's worse than Andy was as a rookie. How is that even possible? I still can't really care about Andy after her ridiculous rookie year and she's a main character they've worked really hard to prop up. How much can they really do with Duncan? "My step-dad is really the bad guy" is a lame excuse.

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Andy the Stallion after waking with Sam, lol It is cute things seem to be working out. Marlo Cruz back and she works as an intelligence officer. Sam had kept track of her. Andy not happy and Sam frustrated. Andy turned down Sam's key. Chloe didn't believe it.

Duncan wants to bury the hatchet. he got his gun back, surprised though he isn't on desk duty. But with Chris on vacation....

Well sorry even though I know Duncan tried to fix things with Andy it didn't get me until he was cuffed in the truck over the bomb. His message to Andy brought tears to my eyes. And again Nick comes through 2 time, by taking Duncan as his partner and then defusing the bomb with help from Sargent Bailey. Duncan said his step dad said to make Andy look bad that is why he recorded her confession. Commissioner Santana is not nice. I thought when Nick pulled the detonator out and taped it all up that there were pieces of tail pipe he could have wrapped it in too. Funny how he described the bomb as wrapped sausage. But the red/white wrapper and shape made it look that way. Nice that after Nick told Andy they were good and if she is happy it is good. Such a nice guy!

Duncan, or Ducan as he said his name tag read, was so irresponsible to take the tip on Tom McDonald and go on his own. But when blue Chevette(and orange bicycle) owner clocked him with the pipe wrench in the garage I bet a lot of people wished it had been Andy swinging it!! I was surprised he was allowed to take Squad Car alone.

Nick is cute also with Chloe when she wants to know what colors to wear. He don't want to help, but did. Big Commissioners Gayla coming up, Oliver tells everyone it's not mandatory but get your tickets.

Liked this exchange about Nick taking Duncan along. Andy: You'll ride with him?

Nick: Yeah why not, I just won't turn my back or try anything too policey. It will be like Adventures in Babysitting.

Dov finds out that Chloe's cam recording is partly erased. Interesting! Andy figured out that she saw the blue Chevy Chevette at the condemned housing relocation. It was the angry Orange Biker!! It was his mom Vera McDonald's car. Chloe told Dov about the kiss and that it didn't mean anything, but Dov can't trust her he says now. She needs to drop off those papers at Lawyer. Dov saw her talk to Wes at the explosion site. But she told him it didn't mean anything and he agreed.

The bombs blowing up and Brianna Kelly being hurt in the first one. Andy and Chloe first on scene. Her father Aiden Kelly is mob related. Is that why she was targeted? Second explosion, Michael O'Neal dead, works for Seque Mellinoff also a contractor like Kelly.And maybe mob connected. McDonald's son Brandon was killed in a explosion 4 years ago. Is it Justice or Revenge??

Gail meeting Marley in the park made me think at first it was a blind date she set up on line. But find out it is to try and adopt Sophie. But it made me think, with Holly back, why go on a blind date?? Part 2 coming up.

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