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  1. Anyone can tell me what Patterson and Rich discovered a the end? The sound on my video cut off and I missed the last 20 secs or so of the end. Right about when Rich opens up a file and it shows blue prints of... something LOL
  2. I wish we had seen more of those antics! Same with the Sarah night mission. That's a valid point. But I still think it would take her more than that one move, as big as this one was. I think it was smart to go back to a more under the radar style of play after the Sandra vote out; as you pointed out, it did put a big target on her back. But at some point, I would have expected her to scheme a bit more, to try and shake things up a bit more.
  3. I get that Denise is the Queen Slayer, but that's all she had to her resume. It's like she thought that big moment - and yes, it was big! - was enough to win this season. I agree I would have taken a shot at Sarah before voting off Denise.
  4. I am in total agreement with you regarding EoE. If somehow the players on the main island were made aware of what's happening on EoE, I'd have less of a problem with the whole Edge concept. I don't like that this season (I don't remember if it was like that in the first Edge season) the main players had no clue of the happenings on the Edge, while the Edge players knew everything that was happening on the main island due to them sitting as the jury. It created a very unfair unbalanced playing field, IMO.
  5. It would have been a great concept for an all winners season! I would love to see something like that. I do remember (I think? I am pretty sure I read that somewhere but can't remember where) Jeff saying they wanted to showcase how the game as evolved since the beginning, so there was no way they were going to go back to the way season 1 was.
  6. That's true! It's difficult to be objective sometimes.
  7. I don't hate the idea of EoE, in a way. I however really don't like that a contestant can come back as late as Nathalie did this season. She basically avoided all of the social aspect of the game by being on EoE this entire time (and that's why I was glad Rob mentioned Nathalie avoiding the group for a while on Edge). I'm with you - one entry back into the game, and do it at the merge, or somewhere around that time. Not at final 6. I disagree that Rob was a bitter jury member. And I disagree that he's a bully and that Amber is a little puppy behind him listening to all that he says. But that impersonation! That had me laughing! That was so good. The Tony one was spot on as well, whoever wrote it. Totally with you. I'm tired of people attacking physical traits on others. It brings nothing to the table. And it's just 100% mean spirited. I am SO curious about that fight between Nathalie and Yul! Hope some details come out. I agree with both of you! I think he would have done the same thing to any of the EoE returnee. Your chess analogy is spot on. I'm sure it's difficult to deal with a good friend voting you off or deceiving you in a game like Survivor, but one has to soon realize it's just that, a game.
  8. Yes, that made me laugh too! Jeff was saying something like "Everyone's pushing and really giving it their all!" and they showed Jeremy just walking slowly. LOL
  9. I would be ok with a 16 yo playing as far as the physical aspect of the game goes. I wouldn't worry about the lack of food, the lack of sleep, the hard challenges, that type of stuff. I'd worry about the mental aspect of this game. Grown ass adults come out of this game completely changed and sometimes messed up. No way is a 16yo mentally equipped to handle this game.
  10. Commenting without having read anything... Will catch up after. It was fun to start the show with the EoE comp to get back in the game! I couldn't believe how many advantages Nathalie bought. Good for her. I was shocked that it took her so long to get started, even with all those advantages! I for sure thought she was not going to win the comp. But she did. If Rob was not going to come back in, I was glad to see Nathalie do. She worked her butt off on EoE, and I will give her kuddos for that. It was mighty impressive. I know many on this forums are not huge fans of Boston Rob. But I am. I was so disappointed for him when he didn't return to the game. And that he and Amber got so emotional after the comp was done, argh, it got to me. And forgive me for skipping to the end of the game... Nathalie being in the Final 3 and coming so close to winning. As the episode got closer and closer to the end, and Nathalie continued to kick ass and take names, I started really not wanting her to win the 2 millions in the end. There is no question she worked hard to get to the end... But an EoE winner, again? As the episode went on, I felt more and more like this was not something I wanted to see happen for this particular season. Now if it had been Rob coming back into the game... Would I have felt differently? Most likely... And no, it's not a question of gender. Perhaps it's because Rob is my all time favourite and Nathalie isn't. Perhaps it's because Rob came to the Edge after having played quite a bit of the game on the main island (and Nathalie really did not, as she was the first vote out). I'm not diminishing what EoE is - it looks bloody demoralizing and hard as hell - but it's not really the game now, is it? I was listening to Nathalie list all the things she did on the Edge, and all I could think was, this was a side game... Not the same game that Tony and Sarah and Ben and Michelle played. I don't know. Food for thoughts, I guess. I was so mad that Sarah and Ben completely dismissed Tony about Nathalie having an idol. I don't understand how they completely refused to even consider she had one. It almost derailed Tony's game. It's amazing to me he did not receive one vote at all during the game, and yet he was painted as the one to beat for a good while... It felt surprisingly good that Tony won this time around. I appreciated that he toned down the high energy stuff and the shenanigans, upped his social game but still played HARD as hell. Michelle played a good game and I appreciated the way she pleaded her case at the final TC. I tend to not favour that type of play, but I was finding myself agreeing with a lot of what she said at final TC. I know many here are no fans of Ben. I like him. He's not the smartest player, but he plays hard and to the best of his abilities. It was very touching to me how he "sacrificed" himself for Sarah. I think this game really has brought a lot of good things for Ben. The fire challenge between Tony and Sarah was intense! I was sure Sarah had it in the bag. The jury? THAT's how it always should be. No bitterness! I was expecting as much coming from a bunch of winners who can appreciate all kinds of different ways of playing. I thought once all the "old school" players were gone to EoE that I would not enjoy the rest of the season... But I ended up enjoying it a lot. And I'm happy Tony won. Now please... NO MORE EDGE OF EXTINCTION!!!
  11. Madeline framed the team for everything that she has done related to Project Helios. Nash (forget his first name) was appointed director of FBI last season, and I'm assuming he's the one who "hired" Madeline to that FBI position (which has now changed to... I don't even remember what, and it's not really important anyway).
  12. I haven't heard Nat and Parv make a pact either, but the way Nat was saying it was team work (Parv leading people away from camp, Nat looking under the shelter) leads me to believe they'll share the 6 tokens. If they don't, I could totally see Parv telling everyone about it! I'd like to see more daily life scenes as well. I always enjoy seeing how they pass the time. It was nice to see Michelle and another player (who was it?) play chess with the coloured rocks they painted. Who else left in the game (let's include Sophie since she was still part of the castaways playing when the extortion "advantage" was played) would have paid the 6 tokens and gone for it? Jeremy had 2 tokens and would need 4. I can't see him even trying to get that many tokens from the others. Ben... I don't know how many he's got, but I could see him attempt to wrangle the tokens needed. Denise/Michelle are not on anyone's radar per say, so I think they'd reject it. Nick... I don't know how many tokens he's got. It would have been interesting to see how he'd wrestle with the decision. Sarah... I think Sarah would have gone for it, too. But Tony was definitely the one that was a sure thing, IMO.
  13. It was very strange. He may not be my favourite, but I don't really want to see a winner quit. I didn't like that Sandra did (although I can understand why she did). The very definition of "if looks could kill"! Shaking his head at him with daggers in his eyes. LOL Tony played this very, very well. He's not my favourite but last week he grew on me a little. And this week, he was just on fire. I was glad Jeremy believed him and went with him on the vote. And glad it was Sophie that went. She just rubs me the wrong way for whatever reason. Going out with an idol in her pocket/crotch adds insult to injury... But wow, what a blindside. It always amazes me that players will get mad at another player they targeted in the first place, especially when said player save themselves. Like really, they should just stay there, not play, let you vote them off? LOL Perfect blindside indeed, and I didn't see it coming either! That scene of Tony with the red bag, and the realization of what the "advantage" really meant... Love love love loved it! It's a lot of power given to the people on EoE. I"m not sure I like it either. But I guess with a season full of winners, production has to put in some new things, some unexpected things... That's why I was glad Sophie was sent to EoE. She and Sarah needed to be broken up. Sarah clearly was playing with her much more than she ever intended to play with Tony. I was annoyed that Sophie let everyone know she had an idol! I wonder if the players will know it comes from another beach or not. They may still go out and search for it.
  14. I was never anti Tony either, but I also didn't really enjoy his manic ways of playing. It was not entertaining to me as a long term thing. But seeing him with his family, then him winning the challenge and joking about how he won a patience challenge... And the way he handled Sarah clearly not listening to him during their private chat... I don't know, I liked all of that from him. I don't mind a bit of manic Tony mixed in with this more level headed Tony. I could very well like a player like that. I have not minded the whispering at tribal council. But last night, it really bothered me. The worst was the whispering after Jeremy left (which I think was a tough decision on his part, but ultimately I think he would have gone if he had not played his advantage). I wonder if Jeff/production could give the contestants a time limit to whisper at TC? After that, no more, and if they do, they get some kind of penalty (whatever that may be). Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think Denise became a huge target after her move to vote out Sandra. I love the family visits. And seeing the kids really made me bawl like a baby, especially given the fact I have not seen my own family (son, parents, inlaws) in over a month due to this pandemic. So perhaps it hit me more than usual given the circumstances... But I loved it all the same. Could do with less Jeff questions tho (and I love Jeff). Tyson was definitely pissed. He'll use that to get back in the game. I was annoyed he was voted out again because he's the biggest competitor that could prevent Rob from coming back into the game! That's a very interesting point. I had not seen the "grand gestures" at TC that way. But I guess that makes a lot of sense. This jury won't reward someone who's under the radar. Unless I really read this jury wrong. Right? I don't understand how the other four just let it happened and didn't try to interfer.
  15. I agree about Denise. Maybe she volunteered? Who knows. As for Tyson, I'm not a fan of his, but yes, if I was a player, I'd vote him out as soon as possible. I am french canadian and we pronounce it fleur de liss as well. Actually we use both pronounciations, but "liss" more often. With the way Adam pronounced "fleur", I think he was going for the french prononciation. I briefly thought about that, too! Although I am not sure Nick has that kind of play in him. Not quite his style, IMO.
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