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  1. There are a lot of loose ends and story lines that don't quite add up. Not sure how they will, if they will fix it. All should at times be proven wrong on things, and find that success isn't easy, like in real life. Yes Boyd started out front and center and they tried to kind of do the "Cosby and child" play with Mike and Boyd. Then people complained Boyd was to much, and he was pushed to the back ground. So it is hard to know how to do things so most people like it. They also went through the "Kyle was an idiot" stage. Then hes "good hearted but simple", which is kind of the same only not so blatantly stupid. But Mandy isn't the smartest at times, but is making her business work.
  2. Well I know what you mean. Had binge watched Home Improvement earlier this year, but with the other series I try to write on I didn't want to make time to dig in to that one on here, lol. Do feel bad they have to recast Mandy, and "age" Boyd. I know for awhile fans on here wanted Boyd pushed to the back ground when at first it was mostly him and Mike. But he almost disappeared. They did recast both Ryan and Kristin's actors when the series was young. So I guess we will get used to it, especially if it lasts more then one more season. I do think they could stick with the Mike and Ryan disagreements of opinion. They still had it with Mike and Vanessa, and Mike and the girls. I do wish they wouldn't just drop things because of lost of interest, or not sure how to move on. many series have the same problems. i hadn't watched the new Rosanne but was going to. To bad she had to be dropped.
  3. The talk between Sherlock and Kelsey to me was also kind of a "maybe I'm blocking her decision" talk about his problems and the odd living arrangements and if it takes him moving to help her decision to give the baby to Joan then he would do it. He does admire Joan. I also liked the talk she had with Kelsey. With not yet watching the following episodes, I wonder if either Joan will decide to not keep pursuing a baby since her circumstances are hard to raise a child, or Sherlock sees how much she wants a baby and will propose to her out of her need for a more stable "family" environment? it will not be because of love, it will be because of convenience? It would be nice if down the road, Kelsey Chapman lets Joan know the baby was born and all was good at home? Jane never told Kelsey that her family was dysfunctional. She glossed over it when asked about what they thought of her decisions. It was nice to hear of Clyde also. Maybe true he will soon make an appearance. Maybe his schedule is busy at mall openings etc., lol. I thought at first that Levi Salinger was the killer. But my upbringing on "Detective Shows 101" would tell you that the smarmy boss who you meet early isn't the killer(usually). Then the push off on to next suspect, "unarmed" Troy Rosetti also wasn't the killer. I would have thought that Salinger was price gouging for something that would help clean the environment and that Laura Wexler stole it to make it cheap and affordable to all, instead of the other way around. But Sherlock's cases seem to always have a little twist to them. I did though after meeting Mr. Lance Pickering, think he was just to strange to not be associated to the murder. Ofcourse the twist would have been for his assistant Marjorie to be the killer to make her boss not stress over Laura making waves about the sand and the seedy construction company permits. But she probably wouldn't have dumped her body in cement. I wonder if Vikrant Jindal will come back into Sherlock's radar in the future or if it was just a one time detour to the case? I thought the construction Bosses look on his face when "Professor Cone Dunce-cap" Fred, cut into the concrete and he saw the body, was priceless. But other then getting sick, what do you expect when you see a body? It is nice that Sherlock is rested and feeling better. Also nice that Both Marcus and Thomas commented and wondered how he was doing. But in the last couple episodes Capt. Gregson learned just how much Sherlock respects him. Even if he didn't tell him about his headaches and problems. I believe also he will press and the problems will return at a most inopportune time. Maybe when Micheal comes back to town and Sherlock confronts him.
  4. I can see if your not used to having racial diversity in your neighborhood it might be intimidating and you could worry about saying the wrong things. But Vanessa seemed to push it a bit far and still said things she later kind of regretted. Then Mike played off that. But yes I agree continuity was off. Yes the Carol line about her leaving left much to be desired. I am thinking about binge watching to refresh my memories off all the episodes. And now look at them from a more informed angle.
  5. Katy M. I agree with you there. Talking about the family dinners and Sundays. They could show the family playing games, like we saw Danny and the boys do. They can be board games or cards. My kids played these with their grandpa often. They could even show the family in the yard maybe, playing catch with a baseball, football, frisbee? My dad did that into his 70's, so Frank and Henry should at-least look like they are, lol. Or just have the older adults watching and chatting?? We also used top watch sporting events together and comment. Just ideas.
  6. To add to my talk above, I thought that Dante Sorrento might have shown a case of the regrets, or remorse? he sat behind the Squad car watching ,then picking up his gun he kind of looked hesitant. But even being paid to shot these people, he has to have some conscience. He shot a teen girl, an older lady, a DA, and 2 Officers. This would make all but the most hardened criminals think twice, wouldn't it? Maybe that is how Jamie could lay down on the seat and not get hit. He also knew by then that there was chance he could be a target too. They have swapped partners before, this could happen again and just have the interaction at the precinct and away from work.
  7. I did tear up at the hug after Jamie was shot at and Eddy saw he was ok. I am glad she shot Dante Sorrento. It always seems that her and Baez never get to actually solve the Police problems. Sometimes they have good ideas, but it stops there. I thought at first when they stopped to get teas, that Jamie had spotted a tail. But that didn't happen. Now was the car mislabeled as a Nissan? Or did Sorrento change cars but kept the same color? I would think if cops are looking for a dark sedan, then change it up to red or green? But I know a dark car blends in better. But then also he could have changed plates too,(stolen) lol. I am glad to see Jamie and Eddy together. Was surprised they jumped into proposal so quickly. But they have dated off and on for several years. As stated above I couldn't tell if the family knew about the shooting. I would figure Frank would know, even if Sid called him at home to fill him in. "Hey Boss, your son Jamie was in a shootout today!" Yes it would have been nicer to see the family glad he and Eddy are ok. Eddy did a good thing getting the patrons down. It showed she was doing her job, even if it meant Jamie getting shot. I thought that Henry and Frank aren't for them working together when married, but they are happy for the couple. I to teared up when Danny was talking to Linda at the cemetery. I really didn't notice it later that the snow disappeared so quickly. But living in NY state your used to snow. I thought Danny on the arrest of Duann Wilson and talked about the snow, was just one more jab about having to go to NY and not being locked up in Miami. I also thought I'd see Horatio Caine or Frank Tripp on the Miami Dade Police arrest. A few years ago i thought the same as Criminal Minds had a episode in the same town. It was nice that Manuel Escobar helped Jamie and Eddy with info. Also could see kinda why mom was mad. But wondered if she was hiding something? Also was nice that they helped Luis.
  8. To me it did seem that Jack Boyle thought also that he and Erin could catch a bigger fish in the gang if shooter Malcolm James would talk. Luckily they didn't solve it by the end of episode. But they should work together on it to finally bring someone in. Did they arrest Risa the girl friend in the argument also? I did like Jack telling Erin about everyone needing a fair shake. Then him telling her about the Reagan way. Forgot exactly how he worded it. But I did figure when Jack told about his wedding picture that he missed those days. Maybe they will get back together, or at-least be friends again? Sure most Reagan men don't care for Jack but... Jamie and Eddies case, which ofcourse is part of Erins/Jacks case. But Eddie being shot surprised me. But she was hit in the vest, Officer Andrew John Dunleevy was shot in the head. I was surprised that Jamie thought he was still alive. But being a Firefighter/EMS you always have that hope. I figured he would be moved by Eddie being hit. He trying to talk to her when her bf Barry Cooper kept showing up was very awkward. It was nice that he was the one who dumped her when she talked to much about Jamie. But it could happen again. I know they have feelings for each other, Eddie and Jamie,(and most of you here don't want it), but Erin pointing out to Jamie about loosing her with out her knowing his feelings is true. But ofcourse Jamie will hide his feelings and Eddies time with Barry will run it's course. Either they will break up, or all of a sudden he will want to marry, and she will be unsure. It was nice for Frank to visit her in the hospital. The wake was sobering. It was nice for the family men to all be in uniform at the dinner after, and the talk ofcourse paralleled all the story lines together. Danny's case, Janay Brown(her and Danny might make a good pair), and her son, Amir Christopher Browns unsolved murder. I do think that Danny solved it to easily, but the gun in the drain helped a lot. I do wish when he and Anthony, and Baez dug in the crud in the drain that one of the others found it. it just seems to often Danny does anything important, and the others are there for smart remarks. I do wish also that we would have seen an interview with Amir's buddy Jordon Robblis(sp). I figured using Detective work 101, that when Janay said Amir was at club with Jordon, he was more then likely the killer. Like at times Danny and Erin arguing about the cases, and then Anthony and Danny's jabs at each other at times are cute too. I did like the game night at end with Danny reflecting on all the members being happy playing a Linda tradition. It is nice when he smiles. I almost thought that Janay Brown would be at the door. But not all problems can be solved so soon. Franks story. Yes at the press conference for the announcement of Officer Dunleevys murder, Mayor(still want to say Poole), Maggie Dutton(Liked her in Rizzoli And Isles), did speak wrong, but it seemed like she wanted to put everyone at ease and not cause tensions. But as we know she did in the Police and in the public. I hope the news of the murder being for a gang initiation would calm the public. But Mayor Dutton definitely saw at the wake that she made the NYPD not like her. It does seem like she won't stick around, but you never know. Frank may just at election time, back her. It will probably be a decision he makes after we see who her opponents are. She did bow to him, basically. But I like that Sid, Garrett and Baker all have their opinions on things too. I myself liked Erin and her first investigator, the one before Anthony, but can't remember his name.
  9. First off I thought Maria Baez looked good in that dress when she was undercover at the club. I also liked when she told Danny to leave the room when she wanted to talk to Jimmy O'Shea. But we find-out that they probably set it up ahead of time. It would have been nicer that Danny notices that Maria did a good thing, and says something like, "I wish you would have clued me in on what you were doing, Partner!" Even though we know that "Reagan" does many things and Baez has no clue what he is thinking until later. Danny was pretty hard on Jimmy, but he did use his and Linda's names and info. on bogus credit cards so Mo and Rustam can charge merchandise and sell it for their business. I liked seeing Jimmy have problems when he was bugged at the club. He isn't a professional, and most people in that situation would freeze up or whatever. Especially when he asked what they would do with the cards, I knew he was in trouble. The story with Uncle Lenny Ross being drugged and set up for killing the Bouncer and Dancer was a little confusing. I guess he had helped put former partner Sal Cardozza out of a job. Then his son Mickey,(liked him in Spin City), tried for revenge. I would definitely think a blood test on Lenny would show he was doped. I liked that Frank asked Erin and Anthony to investigate it. Erin should know dad would not ask to go easy on anything. Even though it was nice for Erin to confront him about missing files in the original case files. Lucky it was before Henry was in charge. Convenient maybe. Nice that Crystal Harper spilled the beans on smart mouthed Mickey. Did like that Frank told Lenny later about his expired gun permit. Watching other cops shows also told me that when Tariq Ali(per IMDB/CBS),(I though that Jamie called him Mr. Lamb? Undercover name maybe?)talked to Jamie about being deep undercover and his handlers not contacting him often, that maybe the Mosk/Church group he was in(not sure what to name it), was sent to move into NYC and maybe draw out terrorists? I think they had just moved to that area. I figured that the Protestors weren't the reasons that they put him deep under cover, and for the most part would eventually blow over. As to who planted the bomb on the bus, with it being a bus that probably drove the group around it could be thought to be a protestor, blaming it on the others But no one was arrested. Not even the head of the protest Bob was questioned. I liked that Tariq helped Jamie disarm the bomb. Nice the red was the simple wire to cut. Thought maybe head protestor would thank him, but glad the 2 groups didn't skip off arm in arm humming after that. On other cop shows people would be questioned. Also some might think that Tariq set the bomb himself to be easy to disarm, and that his handlers would contact him. But then he would probably be kept under deep cover because someone actually did set a bomb in area. So now with him moved then they would have someone else watch for more terrorism in area? Or will they have a reoccurring Bomb threat to solve over several episodes? Probably not, we won't hear about it again, and won't hear from Tariq again. I liked when he came to tell Jamie about his transfer and thank him for his help. Then after Jamie told him he didn't do anything and it was all Teriq, then I thought Eddie would have said he left, "Why didn't you tell him you talked to someone about him?" But nope. Because I would think with the bomb threat he would not have a reason to be moved. The Easter dinner was nice. It did parallel, as is sometimes the case, all 3 story lines. Also liked Henry saying, "No one is perfect!"
  10. I thought it was a decent beginning. Eli Gold writes books with Guinen. Lol. I think one reason they were telling Dylan he was looking fat, or his stories were getting boring was to help him branch out and help Detective Lizzy. To get him more active, Instead of feel safe and just write books and be a Professor. I did wonder who took over his class when he was on a case? i wasn't sure that Dylan spilled all his history secrets to soon, like that he was ex CIA? They needed a story line for Det. Needham to have to use Ex CIA Reinhart on her cases. So her spouse being dead, and other officers hitting on her kid of helps, and the hitting on part lightens it up. Sure you can match this to many other shows that have kinda the same formula. But I am in to watch it because I don't dig to deep into the formulas of shows. If I like the Characters and the action, I'm in. I liked Julian Cousins on Lost. He can fit in here, and help the story. it is also nice that Dylan has a significant other in Andy. Sure not telling him right off the bat what is up, will make for problems. And the Lt. Gooden and Mayor Myers added in could make for interesting episodes. I have seen episode 2 so I can't remember all of the case. i may have to watch it again. But I'm in. And can't wait for Elementary's return.
  11. I did like the break area on the roof as being Gibbs. Not sure how often he uses it. Maybe more so since his injuries in the last couple of seasons. It would have been nice for Ducky to also join him as stated above. I did like the team reading Ducky's writings for his book and giving their well wishes. Should be an interesting read. Tony Sr. and Gibbs didn't actually call Tony Jr. by name this episode, did they? He was called Junior, Sr.'s name for him. But can't his name be used on the show anymore? Or did I miss something? I like Sr. and his interactions with Abby. They always make a good meeting. One of his redeeming actions in the show was to become Ducky and then being used to locate the evidence on the Adrien Fincher case. This left Abby hopefully safe from the bad guys and give her a chance to get help. Also later when cuffed with Nick, Sr. had his tool from the "Sherlock Consortium" to help them break free. I don't know how Burke Bernhardt, bad guy that had them in evidence room, was going to dispose of the evidence, but the fire he started seemed to be a desperate attempt to burn it and finish his mission. True his brother Eric who blew up on the roof had explosive devices. Not sure though if that was to distract and empty the building of inhabitants while the other 2 stole or destroyed the evidence, but either way they seemed like cheap muscle and didn't really have a good plan. But he said "Plan C" was to toast the building. The 3rd baddie, who was shooting up the bullpen, got what he deserved from Gibbs and his baseball bat. It was cute that "Janitor Nick" tried to get his weapon. I to was surprised that Gibbs could make the electronics make the guy go off on them. Must be that Tim has been rubbing off on him. I did like the teams being paired up and having their own problems to help stop the 4 baddies. I was surprised that Agent Leslie Vyas was a mole. I didn't recognize it until really when Tim said it was from inside. I must be slipping. I did like Jack tackling her, and then trying to get her to spill info. If she was paid 75 thousand to control the systems in the building, the other 3 must have been paid very little. Looks like Vance has his work cut out for him to check all employees again for cracks. It was cute how Jimmy and Bishop basically destroyed the lab to finally blow a window to break out. I thought earlier, can't you break a window? But they answered that. I liked that Reeves and Agent Joanna Wright worked together. Her trying to wait until the Bomb Squad shown up was a thing you would think would happen. But at-least Reeves didn't try to reenter the building alone. He did need a helmet, but at-least he wasn't leading the charge. They might make a good team(pairing). I also liked the scenes with Gibbs and Burke and Gibbs telling him to shoot him and he knowing enough to let Gibbs live to help his escape. The fight on the roof was good too. I figured that Burke would fall through the skylight, but didn't know it was over the bullpen and that the hole in it from the pipe would have Vance be able to shoot him. Wouldn't skylights in a Government building have some kind of grate system over them to protect from break ins, or things being dropped on them? I know buildings in the city have protections like that. I do think that Tony talking about Judith leaving him at that time was not the right time. But he was very nervous and probably not sure if he would live and wanted to get it out.
  12. I had 2 days ago written up a long talk about episodes, "Goodbye Vietnam" and "Liabilities". I had watched them in a row on my DVR. Then the dreaded blue screen on my computer popped up and deleted all my ramblings. So after a couple days away from it, I am tying again. I have not yet seen "Warriors of Peace". The grey Toyota SUV that the team used in the opening shot of Korea looked awfully like the one that they used in "Criminal Minds:Beyond Borders". I know these vehicles are "hired" from people to use in these shows. But the saving of Hetty and Harris Keene was good. Dang got what he deserved. So did the others. Hopefully he won't be back. I liked the "Golden Girls" talk and the help of Jeff Carol. His flirting with Kensi and in the transport trying to lay his head on Chegwedden's shoulder was cute. Also Hetty saying it was bloody time when the team saved her and the touching way she acted towards Callen. The head on his shoulder was nice. Then ofcourse Deeks falling asleep on Kensi was par for the course, lol. Not sure of the time lapse between Hetty being saved and her coming back into headquarters? But she really didn't look to worse for wear. Maybe she put on some heavy make up to be seen by the team? I liked her talk to Hidoko. And yes the rug and heel talk to Moseley might have been just feeling her out. But like posted above, Granger was rough on them at first too. I loved that he went to his daughters, Jennifer Kim's to die. I also agree with both ideas listed elsewhere, he should be left to rest under that tree, and his life should be celebrated. Not sure how you do both. I was surprised that Keith Stiger killed his wife, but I guess she didn't really know about his life? Can't remember. But his business partners, that I at first thought could be in on it, actually had no clue. I was disappointed that "baddie" Chin Woo that came over from Korea to help Keith do his plan, wasn't a little more of a problem. Deeks took him down with only a short knife tussle. Stiger was a little more elusive. Also they talked about using the Polaris vehicles to move the bomb stuff to the tunnels. Are they a sponsor? Also didn't think that Sam's throw of the scanning device "ball" would have been so accurate. It went right in the one missing pane of glass. I would have figured that it would take out another pane, and Callen would say, "that works too!" They would have said it if Deeks threw it. But he probably would bounce it off the frame or wall, and ask Kensi if she had another one, or would retrieve that for him. When the team in Korea broke into that motel room, the lock pickers didn't work, so Sam finessed it with his body. Talking about Mosley wanting to split up the team. Someone posted about the other NCIS teams being broke up also? Well the Gibbs team has had over the last few years had a few changes, so the team is relatively new. And with Vance right there, he can keep an eye on things. Pride's team has had a couple changes, and almost was broken up when he went rouge to stop Mayor Hamilton. So LA other then loosing Dom and Nate, hasn't changed to much. Nell and Eric are kind of together too. Also on Blue Bloods, Jamie and Eddie.
  13. I did like the episode. I felt very bad for Luca and ofcourse the guy that was chained to the pillar. I know the promos showed the building blowing up. but when the scene happened, I thought he would save him, or stay with him, and somehow be shielded when the building blew. I am glad that Detective Ben Rose didn't blow them off as not knowing anything, or act like a stupid cop himself. It happens way to many times on these shows. That's what I always liked about "Elementary", the PD knew how to do cop things, they just needed Holmes and Watson to figure it out quicker. I was glad the team saved Lance Roy and Tina. The fight between Luca and Martin Harwell(the unsub) was good. I at first thought that Chris should have fallen in too, but then thought of it as a good thing for it to be just Luca. He was fighting his demons just like Buck was. It is also nice that he helped Keri Sims and had her see Dr. Wendy Hughes. I do like Keri and Luca together, they can stay as close friends and not be lovers. I could not find her age on IMDB but he is young looking and in good shape, so it wouldn't be that long of a stretch(for me)to think that something could happen between them. Hondo did ask about his keeping in touch with her. But they could workout together, go to sporting events and have dinner and not leap into bed together. And if they do ,so what! I wouldn't mind seeing her in future episodes. She doesn't have to be in on another case. Maybe helping the team workout? Both shouldn't stop seeing Wendy. Just because Harwell is behind bars, doesn't mean the nightmares go away. I know it seemed like an easy fix for Jessica Cortez when she explained to Rocker about the situation. And it was nice that Jeff Mumford could make his cameo by being with Rocker and Val when they came forward. The threat letter was bad enough, but they did not do the vandalism to her car. So there is someone else out there that hates what she is trying to do for PD. Hicks seems to be hard on her with the "I told you so!" bit. One person who was invisible this day was Micheal Plank. I still sometimes think he is not always on the up and up. He sometimes acts like a used car salesman, lol. But with his connections to get the Doctor to do the operation and like that it makes me wonder if he isn't a problem too, or wrongly connected? Either way this probably will have more problems before it is fixed. I know the want to be together is still strong for her and Hondo, but it is good that they will meet at a neutral place to give him his things. I liked that Hondo was worried about Buck and even though he saw him more often that Jim Street became more worried also. Buck trying to help pay off Reymond Harris's College bills anonymously was a noble attempt. It was cute that Street couldn't bowl. I at first thought he was doing that to get Buck to open up. I liked it a lot that Hondo got Reymond and Buck to sit and talk. It may not solve all the pairs issues, but it is a start as listed above. I agree also that more disputes need this. It would be nice in the future to see the team at the bowling alley having fun together. It can just be a ending clip or talk of meeting on their day off or something. We don't need the team in the Bowling Alley and have a gun man or something come in as we have seen to many times. I liked that Hondo and Victor Tan did some of the investigating and also that Deacon and Chris did to. It is nice to mix up the groups. With Criminal Minds it was nice for Morgan and JJ to be a team, or JJ and Hotch, but I liked to when they put Hotch and Rossi or some other combos together to investigate. I thought it cute also to have Deacon work for the power and light company and leave the comment slip by the gate, lol. I liked it also that Street gets a beer, according to Hotch because he put up with Luca as a room mate for so long, lol. It is nice that they are an "odd couple" type, and not over the top. It would be funny to if we found out that Luca was a rich surf kid who didn't want to flaunt it.
  14. I agree, I to had said that in a previous episode, and posted a picture of her in her hat. I still would like to see her wear one. Her character isn't really much different from Prime Suspect. I'd like to re -watch those. I liked her co- workers there too. Some cases she doesn't have much to do, but we see that with Vance , Palmer and Reese.
  15. IMDB and CBS list her as Kasie, but at first I wrote down the Casey spelling also. I keep notes, but rarely read them later, unless it is 2 weeks later or so I comment on it. That way to I can go back when rerun season comes and see if i had seen it. Even though sometimes I don't understand my own scribbling. I didn't catch it as , Jethro and Jack getting lucky. Just co workers(friends) getting together. She had gone through an experience in the previous episode about telling John Ross about her captivity. Then she talked to Vance about the experience(telling Ross). So maybe this is part of her healing, and coming to grips with it all? So she is here to help others but maybe the team will help her?? I thought that buddy Bill Lester, who was with the COs wife, had said that the bar was long gone? But yes I would have thought we would hear about a deeper investigation in to him. Even if they say we have come up with little information or something.
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