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  1. The dad's final outburst, while horrible and unexpected, took me out of the moment. Why did he want to speak to Shaun and say all the nice things, only to say something mean at the end? Was he that vicious, is that what we are to take away from the whole exchange? It seemed like a too obvious plot device to me, to have a twist in the ending. I'm with the camp that thinks it's healthier to cut toxic people out of your life rather than facing those people for closure. (I also thought it was a too obvious plot device last episode when the cheated on wife slapped Claire -- why on earth would the husband mention Claire while they were still in the hospital, except to have that scene?) Lea continues to be a mixed bag for me, but maybe that's her purpose. Sometimes she gets Shaun or is at least able to say things to him in a way that he can get (saying he didn't have to get out of the car gave him some space to think and feel less pressure) but other times she does exactly the wrong thing and seems unaware of it (pressures him to get in the water and pretends to drown -- made me furious!). She doesn't always do everything right, but Shaun seems to be okay with that. That is what I saw as the whole crux with her holding him vs. him not letting Carly hold him. All this talk about intimacy, and the fact is that he and Carly are not intimate. They shared their fears last episode, that was nice, but there is still so much distance between them. They may both be horny, but there is not the comfort in her company that will allow him to touch her. He is comfortable with Lea. That said, I see no romantic future with Lea and I hope that Shaun learns from his *friendship* with Lea what he needs in a romantic partner.
  2. ForReal


    I've caught a few episodes recently, because the show is running on some station. It's nice to step back into a familiar series. The show does feel a little dated at times, and the episodes of Booth and Brennan's will they, won't they in the beginning seem weird knowing they ended up married with kids, but it's all good.
  3. ForReal


    I saw this online (news to me): https://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/bones-long-plan-blow-lab-series-finale/ Also, that was the episode where Booth was in jail, so he wouldn't have been able to be in those scenes, right? I don't recall anything about this, honestly.
  4. I know, I tried to take it slow but then I had to see what happened next so I watched all the episodes and now here I am waiting for Season 4. Sigh. Could be a year or more, I suppose.
  5. ForReal


    She was an oddly drawn character, for sure. I didn't like how she came in as Booth's ex and was quite willing to reengage. I didn't like it when she hooked up with Angela's ex, either. She seemed willing to throw caution to the wind when it came to men, but she was overly protective of her "daughter" in a hypocritical way. I figure she was always reminding them that she was the boss because even though she herself had considerable expertise as a coroner, no one seemed to respect her as a scientist. I mean, even though she understood everything they said, she never seemed like one of them; she held herself more like Booth, as a (previous) member of law enforcement. She wore some gorgeous clothes, though, and boy was she skinny!
  6. ForReal

    S17.E09: IRL

    I agree, that conversation seemed to exist to give Jack a purpose and to show that Gibbs trusts her opinion (somewhat). I can't quite decide if they are going for a father/son or grandpa/grandson relationship here. Either is fine, I guess it's on me to adjust to thinking of Gibbs as a grandpa instead of a dad. I saw some of the older episodes where McGee looked super skinny. While he did look unhealthy, he also seemed more confident and alert, and when he faced off with bad guys I believed he could hold his own. Now he's kind of soft. And all of them are still so lazy about investigating. It feels like they are always looking for the easy answer and the least activity-requiring solution. When Bishop and Torres went to the gamer guy's house and he ran, they were several steps behind him and Torres wouldn't have caught up to him. Bishop didn't even really run, and she should have been trying to head him off from another direction. Clearly the show knew they were going to have him fall in the trash bin, but still.
  7. I am really enjoying the third season. I'm taking it slowly because it will be over all too soon. Poor Dr. Varma, just can't catch a break. He always tries to do the right thing, but it never goes easy for him. I agree, people seem rather content with their lives for the most part, and it's refreshing and uplifting to watch.
  8. It is my understanding that "high functioning" refers to intellectual ability, not social ability or pragmatic living skills, in regards to the term "high functioning autism." I figured Lim and Melendez would break up eventually, and I hope they can go back to what they were before this romance started -- friends and colleagues who respect and support each other. I think there is more potential for both of them, especially him, apart, in terms of story lines. I would like to see him connect with Claire, I like them together although I don't need them to be a couple.
  9. I recall an episode of House when a dying girl was lamenting the fact that she might die without ever having been kissed, so Chase kissed her. It was the same dilemma -- kinda cringeworthy and wrong, but also kind of a heartfelt attempt to be kind. Generates discussion, that's for sure.
  10. The writing seems so shallow, they just jump to conclusions all the time, and it's not even great logic. If it weren't for Kasie, they wouldn't have solved the crime. I was super annoyed when Vance played the heavy and insisted they solve the crime quickly so Sec Nav wouldn't get mad. What is the purpose of saying that kind of stuff? Solving crimes takes time, unless you don't care if you've got the right guy. I didn't like it when Torres and Bishop broke into the woman's apartment and accused her of being a murderer, and then when she figured out she might be the target, Torres still looked at her like it was all her fault and Bishop failed to say something professional like that is one of the possibilities, since they hadn't progressed very far in their detecting. I keep waiting for the show to tick upwards, but it just hasn't been good. Sometimes it doesn't suck, and that's about the most I can say. And I have always loved this show -- still love the past seasons.
  11. Or maybe have chosen to go to a different restaurant.
  12. Not much to say here, I'm in agreement with everything above. The pig scene took me back to the days of Bones and corpse discovery, and that's not something I expect on NCIS. I skipped through the Bishop and Torres parts, I don't care for it and don't want a relationship between them. Bishop went from happily married to divorced, happily in love to having the guy killed, and now she's playing footsie with a colleague? It doesn't work for me. This situation brings both characters down. I knew when Gibbs got the explosives and the book that he was doing something for the kid. Definitely the best part of the episode.
  13. I saw an older episode the other night, and it must have been when Vance first became director. There was a kid accused of murdering his military father, and Vance and his cohorts wanted Gibbs to get a confession out of him. Gibbs, of course, looked deep into the young man's heart and realized that he wasn't guilty, and a good thing, too, since he really didn't do it. It was appalling, though, how Vance acted. He slammed an ax (the presumed murder weapon) down on the table right in front of the kid to scare him. I don't recall Vance being so uncool, but then again maybe that's why he still isn't my favorite to this day.
  14. So few comments...this is just sad. I've been a loyal fan for years, too, and while I don't want to see the show end, it's not much fun watching it limp along. Some sort of energy is missing in the show, but I can't quite put my finger on it. I liked having both psychologists working on validating hypnosis (particularly since it led to the solving of the crime, because if it hadn't, it would have been rather pointless), but I thought using the technique on Torres and letting Bishop watch was unprofessional. I liked Gibbs' kindness to the neighbor boy and his mom. That's one of the aspects of the show I've always liked -- when Gibbs shows how offering kindness to someone is so easy and it could mean much more than you would ever think.
  15. The ending of the episode reminded me of the first episode(s) of the show, when Claire and Jared were going at it at work. Claire wanted to keep it physical without emotions, although she eventually regretted that when he left. Earlier when talking to her mother, she said she hadn't wanted to rush into having sex because she wanted it to matter. Seems like they can't quite decide who Claire really is.
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