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  1. Same! I'm thinking this will come back to bite both Salen and Resnik and get them both off the show. I know a show needs villains to rail against, but this just isn't working for me. I need characters to have redeeming qualities or at least sympathetic qualities so I can hate to love them or love to hate them, but Salen and Resnik are just annoying.
  2. Andrews was such a jerk early on and then he came around. I hate to see him be a jerk again.
  3. In total agreement. This struck me as the female version of people going to Gibbs' basement to bare their soul and pour their heart out over a stiff drink out of a jar.
  4. I have to agree, on all counts. I get that Mike doesn't want to be unkind, but Gina cannot and will not take a hint, it seems. I didn't like Kristin with that guy, either. And yes, the new guy is a little dull, although still likable.
  5. If someone called my husband a silver fox, I'd be like, "Isn't he, though? And he's mine!"
  6. That was great, I could just hear his voice and delivery reading it. I'm glad he enjoyed being on the show as much I enjoyed his being on the show.
  7. I thought he was staying in the garage to quarantine. I recall that he many times spoke of how much he loved his wife when Shaun asked relationship questions, so this is rather sad for him that his wife has lost interest in their marriage.
  8. It's a small world, isn't it?
  9. Yes, he sent that money to buy his own peace of mind, not to support Claire. He hasn't apologized sufficiently to deserve forgiveness yet, in my opinion. For all the arguments Glassman threw out, he never once acknowledged the position he would have put her in had there actually been an intruder and she acted as if she was armed but wasn't. I am with him on being uncomfortable with her having the gun, but the way he undermined her choice behind her back was infuriating and unjustifiable. How would he have felt if she'd been killed during a break-in?
  10. I respectfully disagree. He seems socially awkward and his English isn't great. I don't think he intended to come across as arrogant.
  11. I wonder if he suffers from some kind of extreme anxiety. That could explain a lot.
  12. I think it's more likely to be the teen girl vote than the "cougar" vote. I told my husband, "Willie won't win because the teen girls won't be voting for him." I don't think Arthur was being audacious in his invitation to Sheryl, I think he was trying to somehow offer a courteous response to her after choosing not to perform, which had nothing to do with her. I honestly don't see why the other contestants would be mad at him -- they are all lucky to be there, so why be mad at his good luck? Unless you were a contestant who got cut right before him, but still, those are the breaks and i
  13. I thought she seemed kind of nervous, too. She sang well, but she didn't seem to be enjoying herself. I personally didn't know she ever covered it, and I was wracking my brain to recall whose voice I was hearing in my head. I googled it and yep, Eric Carmen. That's the only version I know or care to know. It was too long for me, for sure. We recorded and then watched, and even with FF it was long. I was a Grace fan all along, but I wanted Willie to win because I thought it would mean the most to his life. I think Chayce will be fine no matter what.
  14. I loved Maddie Poppe on her season, rooted for her all the way, created a playlist for her on Spotify, and...I never listen to it. When I do think of her, I think of "Brand New Pair of Roller Skates" or "Bear Necessities," not anything she's done since. I remember Adam Lambert's great performances from his season more than I do anything he's done since. I guess that's the nature of the beast.
  15. Well, Mike didn't know Kristen at all when he first went to Brokenwood, and if I recall he was sent to sort of sniff out some corruption or ineptness, which turned out to be the guy he ended up replacing. So maybe he felt it was better not to talk about Tania, or maybe that's just how it works -- the more secret the identity, the safer the witness. I also felt kind of off kilter by Mike grieving while Gina was reciting her poems and so on. It was an odd juxtaposition. I always felt that Tania didn't like Mike very much, or at least she blamed him for having to go into the witness prote
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