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  1. ForReal

    S07.E33: Kaden & Adriana

    I figure she's probably stringing tons of guys along with the occasional text just to boost her ego and follower count. I wonder if she realizes just how unlikeable she came across in this episode. When Kaden said he's moving to California, I wondered if he plotted this whole thing to get some screen time. Perhaps he wants to be an actor or model.
  2. ForReal

    My Lottery Dream Home

    That was an interesting article; I had no idea how extensive his tattoos actually are. I guess I've become accustomed to them, but I do find the spikes coming out about his neck kind of distracting at times. I can't even imagine having that much ink on one's body.
  3. ForReal

    House Hunters International

    When my husband and I first moved in together, I very much wanted a second bedroom for guests, yes, but also so we could have some space from each other, if needed. Not sure we'd still be together now, 30 years later, if we hadn't given ourselves breathing room.
  4. ForReal

    All Episodes Talk

    "You're making yourself look like a fool by going on this TV show," says the guy who appeared on it -- twice! What a perfect spokesperson for this show. As he says, the viewers are getting catfished by the show the whole time.
  5. ForReal


    I just saw the episode where House tells Stacy to go back to Mark. It always gets to me how wrong Wilson was in his assessment. He thought House was just rejecting a chance for happiness and choosing to be miserable, when he was really thinking of what was best for Stacy and best for himself. He was being brutally honest, like he always is. Granted, he was a jerk on the way to this revelation, sleeping with her and all, but still, Wilson was wrong. I think for me this episode colored the way I viewed Wilson ever after; I did not see him as any kind of authority on what House was thinking or feeling, even though he seemed to think he was.
  6. ForReal

    My Lottery Dream Home

    That's probably not the protection you think it is. It would be hard to prove that an agent that is pushing their own brokerage's properties is not doing their fiduciary duty unless they flat-out refused to show other properties, in which case you'd dump the agent. We have the same laws in our state, but having been an agent and a broker, I don't think it would change the behavior of such an agent. In my experience, an agent's main goal is to sell ANY property to get a commission -- unless the market is crazy, which it has been here, no agent would risk losing the entire commission to push a higher priced property. That said, they will show higher priced properties given the opportunity, which can be self-serving. Sometimes the buyer should refuse to view them if they don't want to pay that much, but sometimes the price is flexible and can be negotiated down to your budget, so you can get more house than you thought for not as much more as you'd expect. In our area, there was a sense that if you belonged to a big brokerage, you'd have a better chance of getting your buyer's offer accepted for an in-house listing. In reality, that benefitted the broker, who would get a percentage of both the buying and selling agents' commissions, but it didn't do much for the agents. If I had a listing and an outside buyer's agent brought me a better offer, I'd advise my clients to go for the better offer, which could coincidentally be better for me if the price was higher. Again, the main goal was to close a deal.
  7. ForReal

    S07.E29: Mathan & Leah

    No, you're right, but I'm thinking maybe they did find the body, but because she's a minor there was just no reporting on it. And you are even more right, the whole thing is very strange. And tragic -- that she's been in and out of jail three times since filming shows that being part of Catfish hasn't been good for her... Okay I officially hate myself for giving so much thought to this show, but I looked on Facebook and someone posted a picture of them together that Mathan posted and then deleted, so they did meet after filming -- guess she didn't want to appear on TV. Also read that he is an aspiring actor; his moving to L.A. should have tipped me off to that. Still no word about the baby, but a lot of speculation that the sister was the catfish. Maybe she has the baby?
  8. ForReal

    S07.E29: Mathan & Leah

    That's what I thought, too, but then like you said, how could she be free on the streets in that case? I'm wondering if the baby was born dead or died, so she wasn't charged with anything. Since she was a minor, that stuff theoretically would never have been reported in the papers.
  9. ForReal

    S07.E29: Mathan & Leah

    Well, this is a new low for the show. Such a tragic story, and they exploited it. I think it was a bit much that they criticized the girl for not being truthful and saying she "owed him an apology." I'm impressed that she was able to keep in contact with him and cheer him up whenever HE was down when her life was such an utter mess during that whole time. I think it's terrible they took Mathan up there and filmed it all. Once they saw the news stories, they should have shut down production and told Mathan to talk to a therapist for closure instead trying to talk to Leah. I hope Leah has a therapist, too, since the airing of this show will no doubt stir up a lot of stuff for her as well.
  10. ForReal

    The Big Bang Theory

    Was that the episode where he told Penny he knows everything, and she asked him, "What's Radiohead?" He didn't know, but managed to respond that he knows everything "worth knowing," or something like that. I loved that she stopped him in his tracks with such a trivial question. That was her gift, in my opinion.
  11. ForReal

    My Lottery Dream Home

    I could still see thanking your buyer's agent for finding and showing you lots of properties, but David isn't doing all that.
  12. ForReal

    My Lottery Dream Home

    Ever since I read this, I watch to see if he does it. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I can't not watch to see if he does it, now, so there we are. I know from having worked as a real estate agent that property listings can be printed in different formats so that the pertinent information (listing price, days on the market, square footage) might not be in the same place every time, so that you have to scan for the information. That may not be what he's doing, but I do recall having to do that back when I was an agent.
  13. ForReal

    My Lottery Dream Home

    It always strikes me as interesting when the buyers thank David so profusely. In the big scheme of things, he doesn't do all that much, and he certainly gets paid well, and not by them. I figure they get prompted to thank him.
  14. ForReal

    S16. E24. Daughters

    Yes, the mustache was quite off-putting. Somehow Franks looked a little...unhealthy, at least compared to how I remember him later.
  15. ForReal

    S16. E24. Daughters

    I saw an episode with him last night. It must have been a later episode because he looked older and I thought he was a hallucination as well. He set himself up as bait to lure out a Russian mobster. After Gibbs showed up to take out the body guard and hold the mobster at gun point, Mike point blank shot the mobster. He told Gibbs later he wouldn't lose any sleep for killing the guy like that; in fact he'd sleep like a baby. He said knowing that guy was running loose was what kept him up nights. Having observed this attitude towards killing bad guys on the show over the years is what makes Gibbs' sudden angst seem contrived to me. Perhaps Mike needs to show up again.