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  1. Are you talking about Jared? I liked him a lot, but he was underutilized, especially when he came back in the last season.
  2. I got AcornTV for Doc Martin, but I've really enjoyed Brokenwood Mysteries, too. I've found some of the music on Spotify. I believe there is another season of Brownwood coming, isn't there? I like the Australian and New Zealand shows a lot, but I wish there were more people to discuss it with. I am watching the final season of Seachange right now and have lots of thoughts on it. I also really liked The Good Karma Hospital. Such a nice change in scenery from U.S. shows.
  3. ITA. I am liking imagining the show without judges, just a host, and voting determining who moves on. It's not a competition anymore. I felt the same way. I thought from the start she would win because she's the total package -- not the package that has what it takes to be a successful entertainer, but the package that makes her the perfect winner of TV show like AI. I liked her, I liked her song in Hawaii the best, but I doubt I'll be hearing her again in my music-listening future.
  4. I follow a FB page on Acorn TV/Doc Martin, and they say a tenth season has been confirmed. Plus this: https://www.newsroom24.co.uk/2020/04/11/doc-martin-series-10-is-officially-going-ahead-details/
  5. I like Ruth better than Joan, too, because she seems more like Martin and seems to understand him better. Plus she makes me laugh!
  6. I always saw Tony and Kate as sibling-like. The only time I ever saw her look at a coworker with some heat was the time she bumped up against Gibbs in the submarine doorway when the boat dipped, and who can blame her. I don't recall her looking at Tony like that. Being an only and lonely child, I could see Tony enjoying the big sister aspect of their relationship, and I figured that was why he named his fish Kate. With Ziva, I always saw it more as a true friendship that grew into something more in the end. She saw past his buffoonery and he saw past her badassery. I didn't see chemistry, but they both went through some stuff and stood by each other and I can buy that they chose to be together in the end.
  7. Hopefully Lionel will take a paternal interest in Just Sam's career and help her out. He seems to adore her, and I believe she can find work as a sing-ger. I'm just not sure I'll ever hear her on the radio (at least on the stations I listen to).
  8. I often wonder if perhaps Alejandro DID win last year, but declined first place. I seem to recall that he bailed out of a trip to NY to be on Ryan's show because he had a fear of flying. Maybe they all agreed that his being the American Idol wouldn't be positive experience for him (or the show). Regardless, it seems like Laine has received little love from AI, which is a weird way to treat a winner.
  9. I thought that, too, especially Luke Bryan in his barn-styled office.
  10. Wouldn't that create an interesting dilemma for her and Fez, I mean Torres.
  11. I truly enjoyed this episode. I agree that Joe annoyed at times, but I was okay with it by the end. Best episode in a long time, for me.
  12. I thought, too, of House and how the original team was replaced after the third season. Seems Shore is keeping to form. My husband early on (before he knew Melendez was going to die) said he must be going to make movies, because he is that good. I also thought Melendez told Claire he loved her too, because why not, it was kind and he did care about her. It will hopefully help her heal. Shaun and Lea...yuck.
  13. I was scratching my head over Nick Merico making it in right off the bat. I thought his performance was weak. I guess because he has the right look, they are overlooking his average singing skills. I almost liked him better when he was kind of cocky, before Lionel put him in his place. Maybe Lionel didn't do him any favors, shaking his confidence like that.
  14. ForReal


    Particularly when they circle around to him later in the show. Crazy, indeed. Yes, there is nothing she can't do. I look at it as I do the opening scene -- they are trying to make it as outrageous and gross as possible and try to one up themselves every episode. Angela does more amazing and impossible things every time. I think she's probably the most valuable member of the team.
  15. I thought that was just his excuse, because he didn't want to admit that he wasn't making tons of money.
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