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  1. I was hoping it’d be Megan, but knew it’d probably be Trenton. Oh well…
  2. Most of the guys have a deer in the headlights look or they’re annoying as hell. Jay was the one who couldn’t match the garnishes with the proteins before the service, so I was okay that he went. Alex should go because he can’t cook. Antonio should go because he’s annoying, egotistical, and can’t cook. Steven looks like the only real contender on the men’s side. Not sure on the women’s in terms of who’s standing out. I know who’s starting to bug, but I’ll save for next week.
  3. I’ve wondered this, also. I can see putting on weight, but preparing for the hunger also makes sense.
  4. Thanks, y’all, for keeping me entertained. Best of the rerun season to you all!
  5. I could have been eating at restaurants. But didn’t like a lot of choices, so when I’m tired of them I hit the grocery store.
  6. Now that I’ve seen mom I think I better understand the spelling of his name.
  7. I’ve spent much times in hotels. And lost weight. Did a lot of eating out of grocery stores, too.
  8. Feeling extra-large pizza-size stress? Big bag of burgers stress? Pound o’ fries o’ stress?
  9. They Work! So! Hard! at something. Dr. Now just never appreciates it.
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