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  1. I didn't mean to say that Julia's TV story line is bad. I just said that for me, personally, the TV show took everything I was interested in and replaced it with stuff I really couldn't be more indifferent about. See, I am not even a fan of the book series as a whole. I didn't care much for book 1, not beyond a decent enough, forgettable genre book, and was only interested in Asmo in book 3 (I thought it obvious it was her from almost the very start). But book 2 is just special to me, the kind of book I recommend to people that know me in lieu of explaining stuff to them, especially now that I
  2. Right? I understand changes due to the different format and/or the limited number of episodes, but Julia's side of the story is completely different, with events and names from the books just thrown in. I wanted to rant about it at certain points, but I was too disappointed to spend more time thinking about the show. It was the changes with Pouncy, Failstaff and the reason for attempting to summon a god that made me walk away. Not only were my favorite moments in the books removed, but they were replaced with boring stuff and this time traveling(?) that makes no sense at all. I don't get it. W
  3. I dropped the show over the changes to Julia's story line, which was the one thing I liked in the series, so I'll just ask here: are they still doing some version of Murs? (ETA: It's an ongoing question. I am asking about episode 11 and whatever comes next. My last ep was 10, for... obvious reasons. If anyone takes the time to keep me posted, thank you.)
  4. ^ Very good points about Kady. Nothing about it made sense or even had any real point - unless she comes back later and all this is somehow significant. You are right about the stars: they are just signifiers of power. I don't see why Julia couldn't get new stars on her other arm and never show these old ones. The location for the stars is not a standard and it's not like she has to strip in front of other magicians. The problem was that she didn't track down anyone else in another city to get away from Marina's influence. No. Btw, the whole thing was changed, i.e. even the geese par
  5. Crim

    Spotlight (2015)

    I thought Spotlight was quite tame in terms of provoking an emotional reaction, actually. And I'm not saying this as a criticism of the movie itself, since its scope was the Spotlight team and their investigation. If you really want to get your blood boiling, I think Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God does it; not via the personal confessions, though those were effective, but by how clear it made the fact that those who tried to do something were ignored or silenced by an institution so twisted and perverted that not even a higher position in the hierarchy meant anything.
  6. I'm done with the show, but saw this on tumblr - twin. It made me laugh so hard. The show is so off the rails with the rehashing. (I'm still reading Heather Hogan's recaps for the lulz.)
  7. ^ She was also on this week's episode of iZombie. She is awesome, isn't she? You mean the Physical Kids? Doubtful. Quentin was housed there only because there are so few of them. If all those were in his house, there would be even more in other houses, and we'd see way more students on campus and in class. As every week, this episode was the most boring yet. The Trials were lame head games, the Hanna-as-Kady's-mother reveal very obvious (if only Kady had mentioned her parents before instead of juuuuust when we found out Hanna had someone she could contact... *sigh*), the secret revea
  8. Kady: "Is that why you're hanging out with the angriest bitch from the safe house?" Julia, awesomely deadpan: "Oh, if you want to insult me, try again."
  9. ^ It does seem that way, except for the part where nothing we see resembles Julia's back story in The Magician King, so I wonder if her story will end up at the same place at the books. Maybe there is no such encounter, or maybe it's the result of a spell she randomly finds (that would be lame though...) Btw, I saw an interview with Stella Maeve and she mentioned having fun recently filming a scene where she flies, which sounds like that very last scene of book 1, so that's in season 2. Since Julia is already a co-lead, the show can run her story up until that moment, instead of Ember's Tomb -
  10. There are zero spoilers in this, just world building the show skipped (at least at the moment), but putting the tag as per the thread policy. The Marina group itself is show-only and Julia's arc is very different. Hanna could in fact be a version of a book character, but only if the show decided to change Julia's story, not just add a new chapter at this time. Since Julia's backstory was in book 2, all Julia season 1 stuff could be added to introduce her as a main character earlier, and then season 2 covers book 2, and all characters she meets now are show-only. There is no way to know
  11. ‏Jason Rothenberg tweeted the 12 clans and their symbols, as seen during the Summit. bluedevilblue, I not only agree with you about Clarke/Bellamy, but also think this would be even iffier now that there is Kane/Abby. Then again, I see Clarke/Bellamy as just a fandom couple at this point. There was no romance on the show between them, their connection is friendship, partnership; the show even avoided the classic "oh, one of them is jealous!" bits other show runners throw to fans to keep them talking. And, for all their connection, they've spent more time apart than not since Clarke starte
  12. IMO Grimm's failed approach to story arcs is the exact opposite of, say, Person of Interest (though I understand someone might object to the change itself): whereas in shows like PoI everything comes together for the story, and they don't just thin out the procedural aspect, but are actually less of a procedural in retrospect too (so many CotW and seemingly minor events/flashbacks are revealed to have been the story all along), Grimm always had some story arc going, but it was always completely unrelated to the CotW, and then, crucially, it went nowhere. ALL these previous stories were either
  13. True, I expected they'd spend more than 1 season pre-Fillory, as we are also getting part of book 2 with Julia's story. Also, the Dean and Kady are in season 2, which indicates Brakebills scenes. Then again, I'm not eager for the show to go to Fillory, tbh, because that means either a much larger budget for special effects and location filming, or dodgy CGI, or changes to Fillory itself (like have its denizens be humans, I think would save the most on effects without a non-book reader even knowing it). Also, if the audience gives up on the show at that point, that could actually be the end of
  14. ^ W.T.F. Far better or more popular shows didn't get a game, and Grimm does? Well, I guess I'm applying for beta now.
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