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S13.E04: Qualifiers 4

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Fast forward is and will always be my friend. 

My condolences to the editors who have decades of stuff to try to weave into an interesting story.  While still trying to make the show more than 25% real competition (just following the name of the show, it's not a competition, it's about the warriors).

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Yay for the five women who qualified in the Top 30. I'm looking forward to the day when more than five women qualify by being in the Top 30.

Poor Alyssa Beard. She went from having "up close and personal" stories done every season to being WWWA. And then not even to go to the next round!

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This is Meagan's year.  She's doing great.  It will be interesting when we get to Las Vegas.  Previously, her weak spot was her stamina and speed.  She actually surprised me during the Women's competition.

I feel bad for Alyssa though. 


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Never thought I'd see an Amish Ninja... I went to college about 40 minutes from where the first guy was from (don't remember if they both lived in the same town but I guess they're in the same area..). One of the sociology professors often turns up in PBS specials on the Amish and stuff like that (there's a Center for Anabaptist and Pietist studies at the school). Kinda neat. 

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3 minutes of van racing dude at the beginning for him to fail on 3rd obstacle. Boo! Bad show!

So thrilled Meagan Martin hit the buzzer. Overall, even though the youngsters are being hyped up and doing well, the veterans are still being more consistent and faster. And I’m happy to see David Campbell and Brian Kretsch still hanging on. 

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I've been very impressed with how well the teens have been doing this year.  I wonder if its because they are generally lighter than most of the older competitors, so even if their grip strength isn't "built up", they have less weight to carry, making some of the obstacles easier.  

I still wonder, in the qualifying stage, if a competitor is pretty sure he's going to finish the course (though I suppose anyone can fall, even Gill), why they are so concerned with having the fastest time.  certainly by the time they've reached the walls, if you already know you can do the smaller wall no problem and are going to advance, why not try the Mega Wall?  Does getting the 'fastest time' earn you some other benefit, other than bragging rights?  maybe going later in the semi-finals, but again, does going a few positions earlier or later make that much of a difference?

anyway, glad I can FF through a lot of fluff.


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