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S02.E04: The Fate of the Buried Treasure

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I could watch a whole episode of Nancy following tour guides around and lecturing them on how wrong they are about Horseshoe Bay history. The delighted tourists made me laugh. "It's the True Crime Lady! Hey, tell us more about the murder!"

Carson and Ryan bonded the tiniest bit! I like it. Ace and Nancy's Dads is a surprisingly fun dynamic, too.

Also liked Ryan figuring out the music puzzle (although come on, that should have been obvious to Nancy). Nancy didn't even thank him! I enjoy that the show's not afraid to make her a prickly asshole sometimes.

Have the writers actually decided whether they prefer Nick/Nancy or Nick/George (and therefore who they'd rather we prefer)? I honestly can't tell.

Odette is cute. Petition to turn the Aglaeca human again and keep her around as Bess's new girlfriend.

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Carson and Ryan are a hoot... As was Ryan talking with Nancy... Nick shot 100 arrows into Nanny's heart with that "you never asked" line...  Totally true but still savage.... That said I still say they resonate much more than Nick/George...  Really wish those two could've been kept as super close Platonic friends and just given nick some fodder GF if he had to have someone while he and Nancy do this Dance

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Ace's hair continues to be glorious and I loved him working with the two dads. 

I laughed at the scene where he shoved the coffee in a petulant Ryan's face, heh. 

I wish Bess had just called her gf and said that something unexpected had popped up. Completely ghosting her and her parents just seemed like extra drama for nothing.

I also enjoyed how happy the tourists were to see the "true crime lady," hee.

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I would totally watch Nancy give tours of Horseshoe Bay while telling increasingly creepy and gory stories about the towns bloody past. She has a totally reputable witness, a vengeful ghost told her the whole story! I especially hope that part ends up on the tour, she already has fans. "Its the true crime lady! Tell us more about the murder!" 

I really enjoyed Ace and Nancy's two dads on their road trip, with Ryan and Carson even bonding a little bit and apparently starting to work together to try and help Nancy, even if they don't know exactly what is going on. I really can understand both of their points of view, Carson thought he was protecting Nancy by hiding her identity, and Ryan is pissed that he never got the chance to raise his daughter. Ryan even got to figure out a clue, even if Nancy was too preoccupied to really engage with him. I felt pretty bad for him actually, he was trying so hard to reach out to Nancy, but she has way too much going on right now to deal with all of her family stuff. 

I wish Bess has called her girlfriend at least to tell her she got busy, ghosting her wont help anything. I did find Bess and Ace writing their obituaries to be darkly funny. "Beloved son, friend, classic automobile enthusiast." 

I hope that the writers are going to stick with George/Nick, they really do work really well as a couple, and they seem to be in a good groove with Nancy and Nick realizing that they're better as friends. 

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1. Loved the obituary preparation. "Classic car enthusiast." "Known for her quick wit and sublime sense of style." And Nancy's indignation that they don't trust her to pull this off. More of this please.

2. Also, the Chicken Story and Nancy's Two Dads. 

3. And George worrying about her sisters. Also great, even if I'm now a bit worried that the marine biology sister is about to get eaten by ghost crabs. Or a ghost humpback whale. Something like that.

4. I know I have to suspend disbelief on these shows, but can a museum director really sell off a part of its collection without at least making a call or two to a board member or something? Especially a large piece like that which people will miss?

5. Speaking of the artifact, I realize the Evil Ghost is supposed to be, well, Evil, and thus probably not primarily concerned with the preservation of art objects, but, Evil Ghost, that CAME FROM A MUSEUM! Show some respect instead of battering it into pieces.

6. Geesh, Bess, at least text your girlfriend to let her know you can't make it. She'll be pissed, but not as pissed as she's going to be over this. To the point where she might well write a counter obituary. Possibly one denying that you ever had a sublime sense of style. Is that really want you want after your death? Didn't think so.

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Ace going on a road trip with Nancy's dads started out as hilariously awkward as I hoped it would, but I was pleasantly surprised that it ended with Ryan and Carson actually coming to an understanding of some kind.  I don't see them ever being friends or anything, but I do think they both truly want what is best for Nancy in their own ways, and that is something they both can agree on.  Between that and Ryan actually helping Nancy with the music note clue, this was quite the episode for him.

With the Aglaeca knocking right at their doors, I'm not surprised that the Drew Crew are on edge and preparing for the worst/life without them.  Not surprised that Bess couldn't go through with meeting Lisbeth's parents, but I'm sad that it might mean their relationship is done for.  George pushing Jesse/her sister too hard was also fitting for that character, but I'm glad they seemed to work things out.  And then there is Nick dropping the "love bomb" on George.  Who, in turn, isn't quite ready to say it back yet.  We shall see, I guess!

Nancy should so take over as a tour guide for Horseshoe Bay's historical sights!  Assuming she survives all of this...

So, it looks like the Drew Crew now thinks there might be an actual way to kill the Agaeca after-all.  I suspect that will still be easier said than done.

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Jokes about de-cursing Odette and pairing her with Bess aside, I will be surprised if they actually destroy her now that they've painted her as so sympathetic. Her hand starting to turn human again when she reached for the necklace (and Nancy noticing it) must mean something. I hope she gets a good ending, whatever that means for a sea spirit. (I also want to see that tour guide admit Nancy was right and update the tour to include the true stories of Odette LaMar and Agnes Marvin.)

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I was a little annoyed when Nick talked about how he used to love taking things apart as a kid and Nancy said she never knew that about him and he replied, "You never asked." I get what he's saying because Nancy was very closed off with him, but at the same time was I supposed to ask every person I've ever dated, "Hey, did you like tinkering with stuff when you were a child?" You're allowed to share information without being asked, Nick!

Ha, the Ace/Carson/Ryan road trip was as snarky as I'd hoped it would be. I like that despite their uneasy truce when they joined Nancy to bury Lucy, they haven't magically become BFFs. I can see them becoming reluctant allies, but I'm glad that the show is being realistic about them still resenting each other. I loved how once they started asking Ace questions and he was clearly not giving them answers, they gave each other a look that said, "Yup, we're in this together...for now." There's nothing like worrying about a mutual daughter to bring two enemies together. I loved that after Ryan talked to Nancy, he immediately texted Carson. I know they won't be turning into My Two Dads or sending out a Christmas card with the three of them together, but this is a good step forward.

If Nancy ever decides to give up waitressing or sleuthing, she should definitely spend her newfound spare time as a historical tour guide (or just heckling the existing tour guide who had quite the snotty attitude about Odette and Agnes and their roles within Horseshoe Bay's history). Of course he was sympathizing with the poor old Marvin who just happened to be unlucky in love. I guess that's what happens when you murder one wife and lock the other one in a basement. I loved how everyone on the tour wanted to hear more from Nancy about what really happened!

I really wish Bess had just sent a quick text to Lisbeth to say she couldn't make it after all. It's one thing to say that she's a coward and that both lying and telling the truth would hurt her. But you know what you can prevent, Bess? Your girlfriend being anxious while she's sitting in a restaurant with her parents waiting for you to show up.

I really doubt that they're going to kill Odette now that they've gone out of their way to explain why she is rightfully so pissed about what happened to her. I guess the human looking hand means they're going to end up trying to turn her human instead of killing her.


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I love that Ryan knew Nancy sounded off. Good bonding between Ryan and Carson. I liked his joy at solving the music cipher before Nancy. It

George's reaction to Nick telling her he loves her was great.

I too would watch Nancy argue with tour groups. I'd love to see the "It's the true crime lady!" guy in the future as a fan of Nancy's work.

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