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  1. They killed off Raf for this ??... Homeboy got up outta there at the right time
  2. You expect a TV network to not showcase a handsome green-eyed white guy with perfectly coiffed hair as a romantic possibility for the younger female cast member?... May I introduce you to like all if TV history
  3. Scott being Indian was kinda the crux of the fear that once again.. A show may tease or hint at a man of color but ultimately put it's female lead(s) with a white guy... Whether the female is white or not... Of course it isn't absolute.. But in my 24+ of TV watching I seen it more than enough...
  4. Yeah the show is a mess.. Whatever... More Donna and Tim... All right I see you Connor Luthor... Still don't care about Rachel or Gar... Or Jason for that matter, but time will need young ppl around him next season so I guess it's cool...
  5. Not sure if they're whitewashing him... I doubt it... But yes.. The prioritizing of the white male as the love interest over the POC...especially when it's men.. TV shows don't mind as much having a white man and a WOC... But two POC's... Or a White Woman and a POC... Doesn't pop up as much... I mean look at Chicago PD... They don't even let Atwater be alone with Hailey.. He never seemed to speak to Erin and how often is he with Burgess nowadays.. I'm hoping I'm wrong.. Scott would also be against norm TV tropes as well even if he was white I'd still feel like the show was angling the son and
  6. Scott woulda been asking all the questions... But they didn't take him.. They forced him to be a weird sidekick to annoying son.. And his longing looks at Riley.. Ugh
  7. So I really dislike the son, he's a bit of a jerk.. And that the show seems intent on throwing the doctors daughter and him together, when it would be a refreshing change of pace to see her with the stoner kid ( skipping past the racial implications) upsets me... That said I'm enjoying the show and will be back next week
  8. Or she could know about aliens some other way and just be super surprised that the new Alien( we thinking friend/for/ love foil?) Was asking after a star pupil of hers
  9. Well if she's a teacher from Roswell she'd at least have an inkling about sky people...
  10. Great speech by helmar
  11. I enjoyed it... So the kid is raych right?... That salvor keeps seeing... So we get gaal back next week... Good... Is she headed to terminus or somewhere else?
  12. Do we know who the L.I will be yet? I don't hate Hailey as much as the rest.. I just always felt like the show played it safe pairing her.. Or better yet, not pairing her with Kevin... I don't mean romantically... Tho who knows what the future holds.. I just mean as a partner.. They have such differing views in some ways.. And in others they're similar.. Might a helped both characters breakaway from the molds this show seems intent on forcing them into
  13. Just get Donna to tim ... That's all I'm asking show... After that.. Do what you want... But get big sis to find and then mentor lil robin
  14. I feel like he knows Jones is evil and all that.. I just don't think he had a choice.
  15. So many ways to go... As a man of faith.. How does being an alien change that.. If at all... Being in a triad... How that changes him... How it changes isobel and Michael... How it affects max.... Will heath stick around?... Is Dallas actually sick or just an Alien... How will his interactions with Rosa go now... And probably more... I imagine with the triad complete and Maria being able to see memories.. That if not this season... Next we get more flashbacks about the original triad... And more oasian culture... Also if nora was the engineer and Louise the empath... What was theo?.... Are al
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