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  1. To the ppl who love the character.. It happened already... When she was in the mall for the vigil... Her somewhat pained face and anacostia saying she felt remorse was it... Is it enough.. Not to me.. I'm hoping she at least mentions how she killed Porter.. I imagine her reunion with Raelle will be emotional so maybe it'll happen then.. Either way.. The show has her killing bad men.. So they want us to get on the train
  2. Connection for sure.. From the first episode I was clocking it... Dunno if anything happens this season.. But seeds have been planted
  3. So the show is going reverse Danerys with scylla's redemption.... Makes sense I guess.. Enjoyed the episode.. Still haven't gotten the full story on the martyrdom, does look pretty rough for Alder, tho I'm hoping it's not that cut & dry. Did feel for Raelle when her not dead mom didn't show up.. I wonder if the dad knows but has kept it from her, guess we'll know more next week... Still enjoying the little bits of M and Gregorio we get.. I appreciated Alder pushing Talky back a bit, I know she's a protagonist and we all want answers but barging into a superior's space and demanding answers
  4. Now being back Wally...mention cecile's other kid... Let Barry comment that he's part of a black family... Let Jefferson Pierce show up... And gimme a villian who hurts ppl again..
  5. Didn't catch the epi yet... Is Grover bout to get Jimmy olsen'd???
  6. I wonder how Abigail will suffer this week?
  7. The creator is in love with scylla.. Raelle... Raylla and the spree... Whether we want it... Whether it makes any damn sense... We're gonna get a scylla redemption... Which will lead to more raylla.. And an "evening out" of the military and the spree... Probably by showing Alder in a bad light... Not looking FWD to it as I like Alder... But feels like that's the plan...
  8. Been looking FWD to res dogs
  9. As usual I kinda start commenting before catching the epi... I did really enjoy this one as well... I'm really happy with Raelle and how she was there for Abigail... I enjoyed the dynamic of the three both at training ( seems wasteful to have those dummies just to destroy the heads.. Also who resets them) and at lunch with Petra.. Who seems insistent on being a better mom to Abigail and motherly to the other girls... I love gregorio.. Yes partly cuz I am starved for a male insert.. But I didn't glom on to Adil last year like I did Gregorio( they do speak about him as if he's a stud horse.. It'
  10. Shhhh don't let fandom hear you talk about Scylla.. She's been an unrepentant murderer who lied to the girl she supposedly loves.. But pointing that oit means ur a hater
  11. Well the creator of the show says its All Raelle ( if you've seen him talk about the show you know he loves his Raelle.. Only thing he loves more is Scylla/Raelle) so yet again Abigail gets shafted... I been on the sub-reddit since the epi ended talking about the worrying way Abigail is falling behind both Raelle and Tally... Also about how they keep using Anacostia as the mouthpiece for Scylla's redemption... So she's kinda getting into mammy territory as she's basically been chasing after and trying to save this mass-murdering white girl for over half a season And before that it was constant
  12. I agree.. But its already season 2... We saw glimpses for tally and Raelle last season as well.. We all talked about it pretty frequently and still into season 2 Abigail hasn't been given anything.. Other than a massacre of her family.. And the slacker of her unit.. Kinda failing upward into a new power... Its just a lot to put on her shoulders... I'm scared were gonna go into Bonnie Bennett territory sooner or later
  13. We've gone a season+ and they still haven't given us a truly Abigail only special moment... The one they teased they took away and gave it all to the Unicorn/ special of specials Raelle... ( and I swear if Scylla gets in on this mycelium ima snap) but still nothing for Abigail.. Again Tally shows how amazing she is.. Its just getting annoying now
  14. Good epi.. But no real answers... Was that an archangel... Was his wife turned into salt.. Can you be charged for that?... Why hasn't kristen's mom gone to Kristen to tell her what's going on... Is that nun an angel as well?... That priest and David are gonna keep butting heads right..
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