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  1. UncleChuck

    S21.E06: Whacktivity Competition #2; Nominations #2

    Nicole is not a bombshell, as a few of the more glamorous hamsters might be described, but she is an attractive young woman, who appears to be smart and personable. The Jacks of this world might consider her a part of the furniture, but there are lots of men who would be thrilled to hook up with her, with or without Fiji. I believe her social game will be exponentially greater once she returns home. Her wallflower days are probably over.
  2. UncleChuck

    Blood & Treasure

    I kept waiting for someone to drop the line "We'll always have Paris".
  3. UncleChuck


    On Sunday, June 16, CBS is broadcasting the Tony Awards all evening. Edited because I cannot read a tv schedule (or a calendar, apparently).
  4. UncleChuck

    S07.E03: The Price of Admission

    Apparently the manager (who was killed) was in the habit of opening everything in every client's storage room as he looked for stuff he could use to blackmail the client. The coins were legal, and left alone as that locker produced no blackmail evidence.
  5. UncleChuck

    Good Girls

    I read today that IRL--in Overland Park, KS (Near Kansas City) a band of criminals was arrested for counterfeiting. Apparently they had the bright idea of altering $1 bills into $100 bills, then using the fakes to buy merchandise from chain stores and returning the items for cash at another location (gee--that scheme sounds familiar). Unfortunately for the criminals, IRL they got caught!!!!
  6. UncleChuck

    Blood & Treasure

    I can't tell the bad guys apart either... And how did they find that old woman who was the child in the photo?... And why would she be in danger? She might know the name of the castle, but nothing else...
  7. UncleChuck

    Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda

    Joe just announced that Season Nine will be the last for Homicide Hunter. He said that he is running out of cases, and the ones that will remain untold after season 9 are too boring or too gruesome for tv. He wants to go out on top, and not try to milk the show until we are bored with him. Not to worry though. Joe says that while DiscoveryID will end production of Homicide Hunter, the channel is NOT finished with him, and he will be used in a different show. There may be a silver lining to this news. Sounds like we get to keep Lt. Kenda and lose Carl Marino!
  8. UncleChuck

    S10.E22: A Year of Birthdays

    Congratulations!!!!! You would last 4 minutes longer than I would.
  9. UncleChuck

    Whiskey Cavalier

    Christa Miller is the wife of WC Executive Producer Bill Lawrence. He was also involved in producing Scrubs, Clone High, and Cougar Town. Christa Miller appeared in all of those shows also.
  10. UncleChuck

    All Episodes Talk: NCIS: Los Angeles

    As XO of that carrier, Rabb would not be a part of the aviator group. His duties require his talents and presence elsewhere on the ship. However, I do accept that Rabb would take an opportunity from time to time to get some flying hours under his belt. Even though he's not flying missions, those old pilots love to keep their status current, just as a matter of pride--plus he loves to fly.
  11. UncleChuck

    All Episodes Talk: NCIS: Los Angeles

    While picking at these nits about rank terminology, I noticed that the military ID card for Sergeant First Class Baird was marked as "SFC" (Correct), the dead woman's ID card was inconsistent. She was listed as a "SSgt" for Staff Sergeant, but Army (and National Guard) uses the abbreviation of SSG. All Army ranks use a similar system. From PV1 to PV2, PFC, CPL, SPC, SGT, SSG, SFC, MSG, 1SG, SGM, etc. Air Force would use SSgt, but SSG would be Army.
  12. UncleChuck

    S38.E13 Idol or Bust

    I like Lauren, but it would be funny if she decided to play it but has forgotten where she hid it...
  13. UncleChuck

    S16. E22. ...and Executioner

    We never met them individually, but it was revealed that they were all current judges, who had all began their careers as law clerks to the Mike Farrell Judge.
  14. UncleChuck

    S03 Africa

    Casting Kelly G. for a return might be problematic as she worked for CBS for a time after her season. She was a casting associate and helped to cast several Survivors. For CBS to re-cast a former member of their casting department might be a conflict of interest or something.
  15. Yeah, but when will Tani and "Junes" get their mandatory kidnapping/hostage episode. Everyone else connected with 5-0 has been abducted at least once, so you know their turn is coming up soon. It's like an initiation. You can't be a "real" member of 5-0 until you have survived your first abduction.