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  1. The Rhino clue showing the state of Missouri with a crown above it confused me for a minute. At first I thought it might be some reference to the Kansas City Royals, but then I found out that Barry Zito is married to a former Miss Missouri. BINGO!
  2. I suspect that one of the producers approaches every contestant to give them instructions for the big reveal. I read somewhere where there is usually a non-televised gap between the naming of the loser and the reveal so that the contestant can get hair and make-up ready for tv. There is no reason to be in full make-up under the mask unless it is coming off. The contestant might also need assistance from someone who knows how to unlatch all of the locks that keep a huge head from flying off during the performance. I think TPTB just televised this producer intervention because Will Arnett did a fake voice-over commentary that they decided to incorporate into the episode.
  3. I once lived in north central Missouri and I would never in a million years have called it "out west". Also for what it's worth--there is no North Central Missouri University.
  4. Why? Because there is no real prize--just a trophy and $25,000. That's barely a pittance in tv money. The real prize--and I'm sure the reason that so many contestants are willing to compete--is performing their act in front of millions of viewers (and booking agents for Vegas and other venues) for several weeks. Such exposure is extraordinarily valuable. Listen to the backstories of many of these acts. Even the "losers" are not really losers. All of the good acts have been busy performing all over the place. Many even have their own show in Vegas. After all, on any given night, Vegas has hundreds of performers in the casinos and clubs. And every time that some fourth-place finisher signs a contract to perform in Des Moines or Omaha or Tallahassee, their fee gets bumped up as the promoter can bill them as "AGT finalist!" The prize is
  5. Who wouldn't! I dunno. Phil might actually be a very attentive lover, while Gibbs might be preoccupied with wondering if he needed to buy more sandpaper for his boat.
  6. The fine print in the credits rolling at the end of the show states that the winner gets $25,000 in addition to the announced prize. Whoopee!
  7. The association was not giving the award to Jay. They expected Jay to give a little speech about his partner and then present the award--likely to a family member. Like the "presenters" at the Emmys or Oscars.
  8. I thought the highlight of the finale episode was the little toddler in the stroller on the street during Hans' intro package when he was pandering for votes from passersby. When Hans, in full glitter getup rolled by the little baby nearly twisted himself out of his ride trying to look back and figure out "What in holy heck was THAT?!!!!"
  9. Congratulations Bonnie! Now that you have endured your first abduction, you are an official member of the 5-0 "family". Or is it "ohuna"?
  10. 50 years ago I was stationed with the US Army at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas. I was the only soldier in my unit from the Kansas City area and I got so excited with the win over Vikings that I jumped up and broke the sofa we were sitting on. Then I arranged to get excused from duty so I could take the bus into KC and celebrate with the parade, etc. Sadly, the morning of the parade I had wisdom teeth extracted and I had to cancel my celebration plans when the pain got too bad. Now KC is planning another celebratory parade and I don't have any teeth left that might cause a problem, but I'm now too old to fight the crowds. Oh well, party on Chiefs' Kingdom. I'll watch on tv.
  11. "They" are not going to make Simon do anything. Simon created the show and all of the other nations' Got Talents. He owns AGT and is executive producer of it, so he does what he wants when he wants to do it.
  12. Joe stated that he pulled his weapon over 20,000 times in his career, yet never fired a shot. He was a policeman in Colorado Springs for 23 years, so that would mean he pulled his gun about 869 times per year. If he worked every day (365) he would have drawn his weapon almost 2.5 times every day. Congrats on never shooting, Joe--but that seems to be a whole LOT of gun-pulling!
  13. So if Phil may have ever been cleaning old clothes out of his closets, lets just HOPE that he never offered any of his "BJ"s to close friends or family...
  14. Never gonna happen. Gibbs may seem to be all-powerful to the members of his team, but NO ONE will become a new member of that team until they are hired and vetted by NCIS and undergo training at FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) and are certified by the US Govt. as a Federal Agent.
  15. I think they may already have somethin-somethin going on. When Jack tried to give Gibbs an affectionate hug, he brushed her off saying something like " ...we'll get to that later." Of course, in Gibbs-world this would be a secret more closely guarded than national security information.
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