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  1. TPTB have ONE main goal, to produce an entire summer's worth of variety entertainment and they certainly want to be certain that the end of the summer has plenty of variety remaining. The goal is NOT to have a legitimate contest with ironclad rules about amateurs or experience, but just to fill two hours with entertainment. Some performers are worthy of continuing to the live shows but don't have enough different material to do something different every week to keep advancing, so TPTB arrange one of the judges to give them a Golden Buzzer. Quick change lady can only change outfits a limited
  2. I wondered if this might be a set-up for the NCIS:Hawaii spinoff, but the lead for that new series has already been set and it is not Katrina Law. Also, according to IMDB, the back story for Agent Jessica Knight is that she has a husband and family and the husband takes care of the home while she is out saving the world, so unless they change the backstory, if she joins the mothership she will not be cast as a love interest to Jimmy or Torres or anybody.
  3. I am amused that Ed Begley Jr. has gone full circle in his career. As a young intern on St. Elsewhere, he struggled without success to suck up to the old curmudgeon surgeon and now he has reached the point where he is playing the old curmudgeon. Missy must be growing every week. I have noticed that lately she is either seated or lying down in every scene, and even when she is seated on the bed or a couch, she is slouched down to hide her height.
  4. It seems like it is more that the show makes her NOT a prickly asshole just once in awhile.
  5. I know. I had to pause the episode on the DVR, then go online to figure out what I had missed and when... Then I learned that I had not missed anything so I could go back and resume watching the episode.
  6. So Deeks is going to attend FLETC? The training center for federal agents surely has a pretty strict discipline, dress and grooming code of standards. Will Shaggy's stupid hair survive the academy?
  7. Might have been funny if those painters had been painting over the original neutral gray/green with orange, and someone at NIS would have commented "Is that wall really going to be ORANGE???"
  8. Wait! There's a night shift? How many times have we seen our intrepid crew working all hours of the day and NIGHT with never even one mention of "Let's go home and get some sleep. The night crew will get this" Or when have we ever seen agents from the night shift getting off work as McGee, Bishop and the rest show up in the morning?
  9. Was this episode shown out of its original order? Last week Nell came back to NCIS as a favor to Hetty to supervise just the one very special mission with the Russian plane. Now this week she appears again, at one point siting in Hetty's desk, with absolutely no explanation as to why she is still there. I don't mind because I like Nell, but what the heck is going on?
  10. All of the teams accepted the barrage of flung pies with laughter and good spirits (one even stopped to lick some of the delicious filling before finishing)--and no one dropped their own pies. Everyone had a great attitude--except Michelle and Victoria. As the two sisters were getting splashed with whipped cream one of them whined: "they hit my face! they hit my faaaaaace!!"
  11. The filming was for a travel and leisure segment on the website "Naked News". They film a daily news show from Toronto with additional features such as "Naked on the Street" and naked sports challenges. Those women spend most of their working day nude or semi-nude and even walk around in their offices/studio in the buff, so cavorting naked on the yacht is just another work day for them. "Naked News" experimented a few years ago to have naked male newsreaders, but it was unsuccessful. Apparently equal opportunity nudity is NOT what sells subscriptions to the website. Mr. Skin also sponsor
  12. Looked to me like Nicole was still pissed that Janelle got the comic as the blond bombshell and she was trying to make a statement that SHE was THE blondest bombshell!
  13. The Rhino clue showing the state of Missouri with a crown above it confused me for a minute. At first I thought it might be some reference to the Kansas City Royals, but then I found out that Barry Zito is married to a former Miss Missouri. BINGO!
  14. I suspect that one of the producers approaches every contestant to give them instructions for the big reveal. I read somewhere where there is usually a non-televised gap between the naming of the loser and the reveal so that the contestant can get hair and make-up ready for tv. There is no reason to be in full make-up under the mask unless it is coming off. The contestant might also need assistance from someone who knows how to unlatch all of the locks that keep a huge head from flying off during the performance. I think TPTB just televised this producer intervention because Will Arne
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