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  1. "They" are not going to make Simon do anything. Simon created the show and all of the other nations' Got Talents. He owns AGT and is executive producer of it, so he does what he wants when he wants to do it.
  2. Joe stated that he pulled his weapon over 20,000 times in his career, yet never fired a shot. He was a policeman in Colorado Springs for 23 years, so that would mean he pulled his gun about 869 times per year. If he worked every day (365) he would have drawn his weapon almost 2.5 times every day. Congrats on never shooting, Joe--but that seems to be a whole LOT of gun-pulling!
  3. So if Phil may have ever been cleaning old clothes out of his closets, lets just HOPE that he never offered any of his "BJ"s to close friends or family...
  4. Never gonna happen. Gibbs may seem to be all-powerful to the members of his team, but NO ONE will become a new member of that team until they are hired and vetted by NCIS and undergo training at FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) and are certified by the US Govt. as a Federal Agent.
  5. I think they may already have somethin-somethin going on. When Jack tried to give Gibbs an affectionate hug, he brushed her off saying something like " ...we'll get to that later." Of course, in Gibbs-world this would be a secret more closely guarded than national security information.
  6. The show was pre-empted by Impeachment hearings several times during the week they were filming in Las Vegas. I understood that the episodes that were not shown nationally would be repeated when possible during the rest of the year. OK. So today I watched a show from Vegas and Kelly clearly stated that it was December 26, 2019. I know they did not return to Vegas the day after Christmas. What gives? Laurie's show with Tom Bergeron was a very fun show. It was produced in a studio that was a very large apartment in NYC with various rooms (including a bathroom) and various segments were done in different rooms. The network was F/X and the show was finally cancelled when F/X changed its format. For one show, Tom and Laurie (Hibbard) were interviewing Regis. Of course, in those days, Regis did not do any appearances like that without bringing along his producer, Michael Gelman. They put Gelman on camera with Regis and he and Laurie started conversing (flirting) ...and the rest is history.
  7. During one interview Patti LaBelle said that one of the things she liked about performing in the costume was that under the mask she did not have to wear ANY makeup. That makes sense. But with all the characters (especially the women) when they are unmasked, they pop out in FULL hair and makeup--ready for their closeup. Ana Gasteyer joked on Seth Meyers that it was "television magic".
  8. That was Lindy Booth--the quirky math girl from "The Librarians".
  9. I am sure TPTB don't give Eric Stonestreet any flexibility when it comes to Cam's fixation on Missouri's rural quaintness. However, ES knows better. He spends a lot of time in Kansas City, and is actually one of the new part-owners of the Kansas City Royals major league baseball team. However, ES actually came from Tonganoxie, which is near KC but in Kansas. Kansas and Missouri residents have been sniping at each other since the Border Wars in the 1850s. Maybe ES is just poking fun at Missourians because of his Kansas roots.
  10. My first thought was "Wow, that burning latex is gonna set off the sprinklers/fire alarm."
  11. Nancy destroyed Simon's shrine and she thinks that she eliminated him for good. However, the dude in jail for the original kidnapping told Nancy that Simon would be back--he would find another host human. Then, we learn that Ace popped out of his coma just about the time that Simon needed a new body. I really expected the final scene to show Ace back to his normal self--except that his eyes are glowing!
  12. One more clue this week that proves (to me) that The Flower is indeed Patti LaBelle. The number 524 popped up in large numerals, and Patti was born on May 24 (5/24). I always remember that fact about her because Patti and I were born on the same day/same year.
  13. I believe that the woman who was throwing the party for her son (the dead guy) was a Petty Officer in the Navy. Perhaps she lived in on-base housing.
  14. I think you are confusing "The Real" and "The Talk". Carrie Ann is on "The Talk". Speaking of Carrie Ann, she made a big point last week of Hanna not connecting with the mood of her dances. HB would do a serious dance like the Rumba or Paso and just grin from ear to ear (pageant face) throughout. Carrie Ann correctly critiqued her for not staying in a serious dance mood. This week HB had to dance a very peppy, happy dance and of course she was still grinning from ear to ear, but CAI praised her for finally "connecting" with the dance mood. IMHO Hannah did NOTHING different, just the mood of the dance was different. WTG Carrie Ann!
  15. GMA did a segment Thursday morning about the danger of wearing costume contact lenses that are NOT prescribed by a professional. Apparently the cornea can be scratched and dangerously infected, and in some cases lead to blindness. I hope Sunny's clown contacts were professionally fitted. Also, I felt bad for Abby, who had to sit for the entire hour covered with that "blood" goop.
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