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S12.E20: Winner Chosen

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Uncle Benzene The man's a genius, and when he adds his kids, he's just too cute for words (as are they).

I have to admit, I'm a sucker for his kids since I watched the F Word. They seem to be really confident and happy, which is a huge accomplishment for someone with his history.

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I'm surprised that he does this, but Ramsay actually posts on his FB page. The most recent was short videos of the family (except, curiously, for GR himself) going on a zip line. Also pics of two of the girls having their hair done. Very dad-like, but you'd think he'd be too busy to actually keep up his own page.

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Glad the fat loud idiot didn't win.

A good observation. In fact, I think you would be hard pressed to find a more unlikeable bunch overall than this years contestants.

On a related note, early this year we were at Caesars in Las Vegas, and were going to try out GR's pub. But the the menu looked very generic, while the prices were anything but. We instead had lunch at Bobby Flays (I forget the exact name, but it's also in Caesars), and the lunch , while pricey, was superb.

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We're in Las Vegas celebrating Mr. AZC's birthday.  We also wanted to visit Ramsay's BurGR at Planet Hollywood and the Pub & Grill at Caesar's.  Today was the Pub & Grill.  The pretzel appetizer was delicious. the fish & chips were the BEST I've ever had (they make their own ketchup, and it's won awards).  We split a spotted dic for dessert, and it was yum-o.


We tend to eat at off-peak hours to try to avoid crowds.  I asked our adorable server if there was any chance Scott was working (it was about 2:10).  She said he didn't usually come in until 3, but she'd check.  Ten minutes later, there was a tap on my shoulder, and there stood CHEF SCOTT!!!  He is every bit as adorable as he was on HK, and a very nice person.  He posed for pictures, chatted with me for a couple of minutes, and then headed back to the kitchen.


I am one happy HK fan today!

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Wow, what a great experience! I always liked Scott on his season and he always seemed like a very nice guy. Glad you enjoyed the food. I know the food at Ramsay's restaurants is pricey, did you think it was expensive?

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