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  1. As if we don't have enough false and misleading information around already, I saw this on television recently: "Hi. I'm Jan from Toyota" No you not, you're Laurel Coppock, an actress who is paid by Toyota to play a person named "Jan". And guess who shows up next: "Hi. This is Lily from AT&T." No your not Lily, you're Milana Vayntrub, and actress who is paid by AT&T to play a person named "Lily". I wish these companies wouldn't think we are so stupid not to realize that all these "spokespersons" are just actors hired by them to play a part. I can't think o
  2. You forgot the pre-requisite sob story with the deaf (sorry, hearing impaired) person. When you have to have a sob story to get a deal, I have no respect for your product.
  3. And according to the Jeep commercial--he's a singer.
  4. I guess whether this show succeeds is if you find Glen a believable guy or not. So far, ok. But one thing that bugged me is when he got the job cleaning someone's home. He said he hasn't picked up a mop in years, and boy, did it show. He didn't even move the rugs while washing the floor.
  5. and I too was puzzled by the "Food Truck math" when I first heard it. I came here to see if others had heard the same thing I did. The only thing that made sense to me was Tyler misspoke. For a large TV production to only have 25 or so people to participate is kind of unbelievable. And the trucks seemed to be pushing out the food. So for 1 food truck to have only 7 customers is hard to believe. What I think Tyler meant to say was (paraphrasing): "You can take $200 or take $25 dollars for every vote you scored over your next closest competitor." And even at that, it's
  6. Good thing Production gave that idol to Christian. He would have been toast without it. Of course he would play it. Now that he did, this is the time to vote him out. But noooooooo, he will win the whole thing, due to the stupid play of others.
  7. That's why I only cursory watch this show and don't invest much into it. Christian got nearly all the votes last week (but production likes him--he does a lot of the talking heads) so we'll make sure he gets an idol. Next week someone will find the Double-Nullifier, play it, only to be countered by the Triple Sun Idol. If the sun is shining, the idol has triple the power and you can save three castaways. But play that carefully, because the Steal-An-Idol Idol is not far away. You can steal someone's idol by asking them if they have one, and if they do, it's yours. This is n
  8. Can someone explain to me what is going on in the Grammerly commercial called "The Sell"? It seems they have a beaten up old desk and decide to name it "Hugo". Why (the name), and for what purpose? The desk is sold and................ What just happened? (I know the small spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar were corrected in the commercial.) Should there be "cute" names for everything on sale?
  9. I'm surprised no one addressed the elephant in the room re: the Gunnar glasses: What if you already wear glasses? Also, this was the first product I've seen on Shark Tank that I was familiar with. Someone I know has them and wears them just for gaming. I'm not in that demographic. Something must have be edited in the Solar pitch for Mark to jump on it so quickly.
  10. I'm surprised no one noticed that this paid homage to the great Twilight Zone episode, " The Invaders". One alone woman against a smaller threat, robots (i.e. spacemen). Even the B&W was a great callback.
  11. About the Christmas tree: Barbara said, "One of the things I don't like about this is you have to display it" Huh? I thought Christmas trees were for display. I had to rewind to be sure. Roc Box must have some type of wheels to move it around the record. So instead of a stylus being the only thing in contact with the record (on a traditional player), you have the stylus plus some wheels scuffing up the vinyl.
  12. I wish the llama was there every week to comment on the deals.
  13. "May we stay in your house tonight?" "Okay, but does the cameraman have to stay too?"
  14. I'm sorry but the new GE commercial "Imagination" just blew my mind.
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