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S05.E05: Fallen Idols

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As usual, problems:

  • How on God's green earth would a congregation in the bottom 10% of the city crime-wise, be able to gather $40-50K week after week after week in the offering plates?
  • No way would they have not proactively lined up character witnesses for the pastor.
  • When the prosecutor asked the male lover how he thought the pastor got the money, he would never have said he had no idea...he would have immediately said from the books, which had apparently been hugely successful.
  • Near the beginning of the show, when discussing how difficult it will be to persuade about such-and-such (I don't remember what the specific issue was), Bull said that's why it will be important to choose a jury that believes xyz (again, I don't remember the specifics)...and then we didn't see any jury selection!
  • Bull passing Benny the note that said Robbery when the officer was on the stand, seems to indicate that they had done no discussion beforehand about what their approach would be, even though because the officer was not a surprise witness, they had already known he would be testifying.
  • They didn't show anything to indicate that the jury was "so clearly not with us".  They didn't do boredom close-ups or shaking-their-head close-ups or anything.  There was that one juror close-up when the male lover was on the stand (I think) and the juror turned to look at another juror on the back row.  But that is very different than all the stuff Marissa was saying about how the jury is tuned out cause their minds were made up.  They did just an awful job showing that.
  • And the conclusion not to put the pastor on the stand because it wouldn't do any good, was preposterous because at that point they didn't have anything else, and he was clearly a compelling speaker.
5 hours ago, Dowel Jones said:

How is TAC able to find enough mirror jury personnel in the pandemic age?

There was no mirror jury, but they never explained why.

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14 minutes ago, meira.hand said:

...the cases are always decided or later resolved by external information solving the case.

Correct. God and his machine arrive to solve the case. At the eleventh hour. Every episode.

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On 1/6/2021 at 10:36 PM, torqy said:


And the prosecutor looked a lot like Amber Fry

And the fantastic actress (Janel Moloney) playing the prosecutor played Amber Frey in a movie of the week about the murder!

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