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S12.E06: Pan's Mushroom Jerky; K9 Mask; Moment; Prime 6 Charcoal

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Pan's Mushroom Jerky sounds interesting, but if they only sell it at Whole Foods, and other similar places I'm not driving hours to get it.    Some Amazon buyer reviews (4 flavors for $35.00) aren't great, but the Sharks all loved it.  He made a deal with Mark.  

K-9 Masks for dogs.   Hey made a deal with Daymond.     Dogs will not love this I'm guessing.   

Drink Your Meditation Stress Drink sounded interesting, but over priced.   No deal. 

Prime 6-Replacement for BBQ Briquets made a deal with Kevin.     I was shocked they went with him.    That sounded very interesting, without clean up.  


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I thought these were interesting products, generally. 

The mushroom jerky sounded great, and I'd like to try it.  I add ground mushrooms to pretty much whatever I'm making (tomato sauce, meatballs etc), it really is a umami flavor booster that gives a nice meat-like mouth taste.

I thought the dog mask were a good idea, for dogs that need to be in an area with poor air quality, like rescue or search dogs.  I wonder how well the dogs can breath , though.  

Didn't care about the moment drink, not sure why they didn't stress it wasn't to take the place of meditation but might help people relax generally. Also, haven't they been in business just for a month? 

I liked the fake charcoal, but it's not something we use.  

I just have to express again how much I hate when sharks tell some poor entrepreneur to take their offer immediately. I know there is a lot of ego with these rich people, but these people generally only have one shot in the tank. 

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I'd like to try the mushroom jerky too.  I eat mostly vegetarian, so that's very intriguing. It isn't sold anywhere around here though, so maybe I'll order it online.

I also was surprised that Kevin got the deal when Daymond made the exact same offer.  I got a kick out of Daymond talking about being a 'professional' griller because of his home neighborhood. 

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The mushroom jerky does not interest me.  Sounds awful.  

The drinks might be good but to compare it somehow to meditation is stupid and selling it by delivery and with a subscription is even more stupid


Dog mask actually is a good idea but expensive and seems like a niche market. Yes there is the covid thing now but I'm not buying my dogs a $60 mask for that.  For wildfires?   Sure.  

I yhi k the charcoal substitute was the next idea.  Looks easy to use And much less messy, plus environmentally sound. 

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I admit I wasn't paying total attention, but it looked like Lori was out-Marked by Mark.  She tried to do his "decide now or the offer goes away" only to have him actually do it.  And then was the the same deal she said wasn't final at the end, and they could still take hers?

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On a fashion note, for once I didn't hate Lori's dress. 

I thought that the sharks were going to recommend that the dog mask people make matching masks for humans. (Wasn't there a company who did fun shirts for both owners and their dogs?)

No big-time sob stories this episode, which I appreciated.

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"N95 masks for dogs" when healthcare workers still don't have them, and actual people can't have access to them since they're supposed to be for healthcare workers, aged really, really poorly even in a few months since this was taped (you could tell it was the spring because of the wildfires).

I get they couldn't edit it out since it was the point of the product, but ... yikes.

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