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  1. Did anyone figure out where Helm is sleeping? Jo has the bed and Levi has the couch, what does that leave?
  2. With her having to know how Jackson and April got together, I'd think Maggie definitely would not want that question in the wedding!
  3. I am seriously annoyed that I only know what's going on with Ben because I saw the previews for the next Station 19 show before Grey's started.
  4. Does anyone know why they are showing two episodes from season 2 tomorrow?
  5. I really liked this episode, personally. I tend to like the bottle episodes (not all, but most) because of their concentrated focus on a few people instead of the bloated cast. As others have said, Sarah Drew slipped right back into character as April as though she had never left. That continuous nervous chatter as soon as Jackson arrived was totally in character. I like it that Jackson and April had this long talk after all of this time. It felt like some closure happened there. Those two have noteworthy chemistry, which makes them enjoyable for me to watch. This, to me, is how the
  6. I think they set up the beach scenes well in the sense that those scenes work for any belief system. I choose to believe the beach is a place in the afterlife, or a meeting place between the afterlife and here. I chose to believe the scene including Richard and Bailey happened because Meredith was aware they are at the hospital caring for her and they are her people. She was connecting with them briefly. They also were trying to reach her subconsciousness and succeeding to an extent. Others can easily believe these are hallucinations.
  7. The beach scenes have been my favorite part of this entire season. I can see that I'm in the minority here. One nit-picky thing . . . Derek called his sister Amelia instead of Amy. That bounced me out of the mood for a moment because I knew the writers had to do this for viewers not entirely familiar with seasons that far back.
  8. Shellie

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I like Katey Sagal in this part so far, but I'm with you on being on the fence and watching one more episode to decide. I tuned in because of the sheer star power. I couldn't keep track of all the characters, and the show was loud. Yelling and loud music. I kept thinking this episode was way over the top for my tastes. But often, pilots are somewhat dissimilar to the next episodes.
  9. I never watch previews because I don't want to know something ahead of time, but last week, one of my friends had to go and blurt out that a woman with long dark hair and pale skin was on the beach with Meredith. I said that was probably Lexie, and then he remembered Lexie (he didn't watch the show much at all back then). But fortunately, I was able to be totally surprised by the appearance of Mark and I even let out a sob. Of everyone who has been killed off or otherwise left, I miss Mark most because I thought his friendship with Callie was really great.
  10. This is what Koracik does so much better.
  11. I guess I don't understand the problem of hair going down the drain when strainers can be purchased for $2 to $10.
  12. I have long hair also and use an Oxo drain protector that works great. And like KaveDweller said, if hair is on your hand, stick your hand under the running water. Voila.
  13. This is my theory too. IIRC, she and George didn't touch either, although they got a lot closer than she has been with Derek, I think.
  14. This was classic Grey's. I have been missing this sort of thing.
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