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  1. I haven't managed to generate any interest in Hayes, so that part of the story was also of little interest to me. In fact, early on, I got confused as that flashback progressed, and wondered if I had switched channels somehow because I didn't even recognize him. For the first time in a long time, I liked Maggie and her story. I was very annoyed that Richard and Catherine would just get back together with such little fallout, so it was very surprising to discover that he was hallucinating. At first when she disappeared, I thought maybe he had been pretending she was there. It seems a little extreme no matter what illness he has that he could have such a long, sustained and consistent hallucination going on. The Teddy story was just a total WTF to me. They dropped that in here with zero foreshadowing whatsoever. I don't understand what the point of it is to Grey's in the big picture.
  2. What does this mean? Who is the love of his life that left?
  3. I got to thinking that the title really does refer to Alex and Izzie. Even though he sounded like he was done with her for good, that lovely fantasy life he created for her in his mind sounded quite affectionate. I could believe he never stopped loving her. He was frustrated and felt she didn't value him enough, but may be he always kind of hoped she would return once more. She also left a light on for him in case he ever wanted to search her out, which he finally did.
  4. They may very well go that route, but I personally didn't see them as having flirty eyes for each other. Especially I didn't see Jo as suddenly having the desire to flirt right after reading that awful letter, and also not with a guy who is an old friend. I figured Linc was being supportive.
  5. I had said earlier that I am pretty much on board with the way Alex's story wrapped up. I can believe he never really stopped loving Izzy and that he decided he wanted a life with her and the kids. After reading everyone's comments, though, I will say that I totally agree the writers should have had him tell Jo a different way. Not by letter or email. He should have told her in person or at the absolute minimum, by phone. We would not have needed to see him. She could have returned from meeting with him and looked devastated, just as she did when reading the letter. Would Alex really have been that much of a coward? Or is it that he would have felt too torn by his two lives if he came back to talk with Jo? Sending a letter with divorce papers, when just a few months before, everything was happy, that's harsh.
  6. I wanted to write my opinion before reading anything here so my ideas wouldn't be affected by other comments yet. I'm glad they didn't kill Alex. First, because killing off characters is way overdone on this show. Second, because I think 99 percent of viewers expected that to happen. Way too predictable. IMO the writers did pretty well considering what the cards they were handed. I would never have believed Alex would go back to Izzy, but they made it believable with the flashbacks, new scenes, and his explanation about why he contacted her. It's almost like the writers had foreshadowed this a long time ago, with Jo's concerns about the embryos and how he didn't seem to want kids with her. Even though Alex supposedly wanted nothing to do with Izzy every again, he built up an elaborate happy fantasy life for her. As he said in Jo's letter, this is the worst thing he has ever done. I even repeated that back to the TV. "Yes, Alex, this IS the worst thing you have ever done." It creates the possibility of a more interesting story for Jo as how she will deal with this. The show has already done too much 'grieving partner' because of death.
  7. In Wisconsin too. And DeLuca now says he grew up here. I don't remember him ever saying that before. Nevertheless, he figured it was OK to walk six miles in a snowstorm at that temperature with no gloves. I wonder why his face wasn't frostbitten too.
  8. I don't get why there has to even be any drama over Alex. Numerous Grey's characters now live off-screen.
  9. I said something out loud too, in sheer disbelief, like "Come ON!!!!" I can see why she'd turn to Tom for comfort, but why does she suddenly and desperately want to jump him? Has Owen been ignoring her or something? I haven't seen evidence of that.
  10. She looked rather glammed up all of a sudden too.
  11. Plus in the last episode or the one prior to that, Meredith texted him and we could see he started to answer and then quit.
  12. I'm firmly on Linc's side and totally in agreement with what has been said here by those who are on Linc's side. Neither Amelia nor Linc seemed like they were in love with each other until she found out she was pregnant. At first he was infatuated with her, then she began to like him a lot. They were comfortable together as FWB. At first, neither was even sure they wanted a baby. They knew they could fall in love and build a life together. I think they both fell in love with the situation as a whole. The possibility of Owen being the father changed things for Linc, and that seems totally normal to me. He's confused about how he feels and what to do, and Amelia is not understanding this at all.
  13. I found it unbelievable as well. I thought that would have been required. Also, the comment from the doctor after Reid woke up, something like, "He'll have to stay overnight for testing." My friend and I laughed out loud. Um yeah, you think? I didn't see Reid's otherworldly experience as a dream or hallucination, but rather an actual near-death experience where he was able to converse with people on the other side.
  14. Yeah, there's a lot going on here emotionally. Linc admitted to being in love with a baby that hasn't been born yet and that's because it was supposedly his own baby. He was all excited once he accepted the idea. That got him to fall in love with the idea of a life with Amelia and their child. He must have felt totally sucker punched when she informed him maybe the baby is Owen's. This is completely different than Tom falling in love with Teddy, already knowing she was pregnant.
  15. This is exactly what I think. Linc fell in love with the entire situation. He was already infatuated with Amelia, but he fell in love with the idea of them having a baby and a family. She wasn't so serious about him either until she found out she was pregnant. If this turns out to be Owen's baby, it seems totally understandable to me that Linc would not be happy about the situation. This is not how he envisioned things to be.
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