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  1. That comment really got me too, particularly in regard to Danny. We were able to see Danny with his wife all those years and how utterly lost he was when she was no longer there. He said something to the effect of how he can't do this without his wife.
  2. I had gotten the impression he didn't have a gunshot wound because of the vest?
  3. I thought her attitude was ridiculous also. Why was Anthony in the hospital?
  4. But still . . . no signs whatsoever for five months? Just seems difficult to imagine with a woman of her age who had already given birth once before and . . . she's a doctor! I realize it can happen. One of my friends was five months along before realizing she might be pregnant, since her periods had always been very erratic. She had no signs at all and then one day she looked in a cabinet and saw her tampons and couldn't remember the last time she had used any. I have trouble believing this with Amelia, though.
  5. How on earth could Amelia be six months pregnant already and not have known it? She found out at five months probably? I understand it's in the realm of possibility, but to have ZERO indication of being pregnant for that long? She continued having a light period all that time? She didn't gain an ounce of weight?
  6. I see that Kelly McCreary did a Modern Love podcast for the New York Times.
  7. Amelia's sociopathic diatribe to Linc didn't bother me too much because I could understand why she would feel totally vengeful toward the doctor who killed her brother. She would want him to pay for what he did. I had trouble believing the incompetent doctor had no idea that Meredith was Derek's wife. He should have recused himself from the panel. Even if he didn't remember her face specifically from that night, he would never forget his role in the death of the legendary Derek Shepherd, and it's hard to imagine he would not know Derek's wife's name. I was kind of bummed that the doctor got killed off. It could have made a really interesting storyline in the future with him recuperating in the hospital where Derek worked, and where Derek's widow and sister are doctors. A million times more interesting than what they did with Perfect Penny.
  8. Has that ever happened that a man walked away from her? For good, that is?
  9. I don't understand how Bailey and Ben could have been together all these years and never once talked about the possibility of having a baby considering he was so elated about the news. Did he just assume she would be totally against the idea?
  10. And Cristina, two times, which I found difficult to believe since she was so adamant about not having children. Why wouldn't she get her tubes tied after the first incident and make sure it didn't happen a second time?
  11. This is just what I was thinking! Two of my favorites as guests in the same show. I was really surprised to see Robert after such a long time.
  12. Ha, that sounds so much like Maggie I thought you transcribed it verbatim.
  13. This is spot-on. I felt so annoyed by the idea that this is probably what the show has set up. Plus he's already confessed his love to both those women, even flying to Germany once upon a time and also marrying Amelia and cohabiting after getting divorced, so yet another round of this.
  14. I like Linc and Amelia together because the relationship has evolved naturally instead of feeling forced. To me, Jackson and Maggie, and Meredith and DeLuca, seem like forced couples. So do Contacts and HAOG. So did Callie and Penny (ugh). This relationship is believable. At first they get together for sex, and Linc is sweet on Amelia but she doesn't reciprocate. He's confident enough that he isn't too bothered and he continues gently pursuing her. By now, they are close friends. Perhaps the relationship will evolve into romance.
  15. The name Yoda has, for me, become totally connected with the name of a cat I live with. So it was real weird to hear Bailey announce, "You came here looking for Yoda."
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