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  1. The worst part of the frasier story was it wasn't just him, that piano teacher was doing it with all her students it seemed. Which means she was basically a child predator.
  2. I just don't see the bed band fixing the problem of the sheets coming off the edge. It would have to be SUPER tight for that. And that is what bugs me the most, not having to tuck it in or under. Getting it to STAY is the problem fir me, especially the fitted first sheet that goes on
  3. I can't stand turtle neck stuff. Like you're being strangled and walking around all day likes it's 200 degrees. No idea how anyone can like those or wear them.
  4. Not convinced that better bedder will keep the sheets from pulling off the corners, which is my pet peeves. That plant based burger is too expensive. You can say it's like kobe beef but doesn't mean people will pay that much for it. The hopscotch lady I think it's a great product that she doesn't know how to make money off of, which is a shame. Yes kids can make games to sell but I here are thousands of games out their already to buy, made by professionals. I like the walker paws idea. Hope she makes it on her own.
  5. His own drum vs own drummer is splitting hairs of you ask me. It's the same idea and I've heard it both ways.
  6. And the daughter in godfather III, but most would rather forget that one. I actually didn't know he wrote the script with Mario puzo, plus I thought ouzo just did the book. But it was the only good answer I could come up with from the movie
  7. Yes I thought the music was too soft as well. I knew the answer but was hard to hear and they didn't play it long. I like the new guest host even though I had no idea who he was before the last two days. I think he is doing better than ken jennings. Got FJ. GFII only sequel to win best picture.
  8. That's pretty funny. And true. Give the guy time.
  9. I meant wentz, not Reich. Do or die for his career.
  10. So finished the two seasons but haven't seen the movie. I really enjoyed the show. Wish it would have gone on longer. Or got a reboot/ update. Could easily happen A few things. Was the coffee shop waitress a reaper? They never say that I saw, but she knows them all well and they aren't secretive around there about what they're doing. She knew Lisa simpson too (sorry she will always be that to me) Some of those stories were anti climactic. She just touched the gravling and he dies? Can they all do that or just her? Was will/douche guy they killed a gravling in disguise or is that what happens when someone is killed without a post it? Also the Halloween murders......guy just running around the neighborhood killing multiple people, seems like it would be a bigger or more to the story. Maybe if the show continued we would have found out, last episode. And the big question did her sister see her as georgie at the end or her new reaper self? It was the next day, not halloween.
  11. William jennings bryant.....could talk a great game but couldn't hit a jumper.
  12. I don't get the sales or need for the souper cubes. Find it hard to believe there aren't other people ducts out there like it, but the sales are impressive. The high heel shoe conversion I think was the best idea. Would seem to have the biggest market even if she didn't get a deal. It's matter of if her money can keep up to stay in business. Sauce......sounded good but hard to judge without tasting it. Women's swim suits I have no idea about that market. But again have a hard time believing there aren't similar products out there. Plus they didn't touch on it but with the name it marketing it really does nothing to point out the supposed problem or how this product solves it.
  13. The show is growing on me. I generally enjoy it. It's not tina fey 30 rock or kimmy schmidt level but it's solid. Holly hunter is still a waste and not funny
  14. For Reich it's do or die for his career. This is it. If he can't make it work with Reich and this colts team he won't play as a starter in the league again. Has no excuses.
  15. I did the same. Knew it was Scandinavia and not finland. So did the former champ win more in second place tonight than he did in his win? It happens sometimes.
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