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  1. We don't know for sure but the timing of everything makes it seem more likely the new relationship is the cause of the break up, not a result of it.
  2. Well my sympathy for John mulaney has declined since he is now dating olivia munn right after he announced the separation from his wife. Obviously was dating her already.
  3. I wasn't 'glad' they killed him but I hated logan and veronica together from the beginning. They were always horrible together.
  4. Well of you think the willis tower glass observation deck is scary..... https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/summit-one-vanderbilt-glass-elevator/index.html
  5. My 30 rock fan group loves when they have a homonym category https://youtu.be/3cStRdYg3Wk
  6. The space needle very slowly spins if you're in the top, if I recall correctly, so walking around in it is a bit funky. The building formerly known as sears tower, much higher than the space needle, part of it is glass bottomed, can look straight down from it. The arch it's all just an odd angle and a bit cramped at the top I recall Have not been in the washington monument. For that when we were there you had to get in line or sign up at like 6 am. Too early on vacation with 2 kids
  7. I mean they never say it, but I think it's heavily implied and it's just not something you could explicitly do on tv at the time. He never wanted to have sex with his wife and was way oversensitive and defensive about jack being 'gay'.
  8. My grandparents would not let us watch the love boat as kids. Too much sex! Or you know sexual inuendo. Im not sure which is worse if you watched these shows and didn't realize the sexual nature of the shows or if you did and knew at 8 years old or so everything they were talking About. Not the love boat but the other shows mentioned. I pretty well knew and looking back at these and some other stuff my parents, who were in all other ways conservative more strict parents, let me watched, I wonder what they were thinking. Watch fast times at ridgemont high as an adult....
  9. My wife and I both hated that dress too. So weird and distracting a big bow over her breasts. Also said she was a marriage counselor but made it sound like she wasn't married to her lifelong significant other or however she said it My wife won't watch if she doesn't like any of the three contestants. Last night was one of those times. Fast forward thru it all
  10. I know he called for the divorce but I feel bad for John mulaney. Rehab, divorce, rough year
  11. It's on at the same time here in charlotte. Didnt say jeopardy was going away. And yes there are other ratings besides live audience. But tracking a single rating over time gives you a trend about the audience. I doubt the plus 3 or plus 7 ratings are going to change the overall trend of the ratings slipping as the guest hosts continue. It slipped from a 6.2 or so high with Ken to 4.9 with Dr oz. Bumped up a bit with Aaron Rodgers but the trend is still down overall.
  12. It's a conspiracy if course!!! He didn't do it!!! Just like sosa, bonds, clemens, armstrong...... The best part of the story is when giving his press conference he said 'im no conspiracy THERAPIST.....'. Meant to say theorist. They corrected it in all the news articles but espn kept playing it and laughing at him. But yes he is totally lying. Same playbook they all use when caught. Righteous indignation and talk of so done framing him. Its truly amazing all these mild mannered scientists doing these tests are always trying to frame these people. Where do they find s
  13. Well after 8 hours in the car driving over the weekend listening to sports talk radio I'm sick of hearing about aaron rodgers. Reminded me of why I stopped listening on a regular basis to sports radio.
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