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  1. I didn't realize it was him for a long time. There are a few episodes of the show though where his singing ability plays a role in the plot. One is his new acquaintance has many of his interests and is better than him at all of them, except singing. I guess you could say that is Frasier and Not Kelsey grammar, but then is it Frasier or Kelsey Grammar singing the theme?..... ANyway, yes, its him and he can sing.
  2. The Slow Donnie episodes are generally the best remembered of the series, and I do love them. I looked them up on IMDB, that is the highest rated episode on the websight However I still love the episode with French Stewart, the puppeteer who Maya is dating. Cracks me up every time. "Sorry kids.....polly panda was complaining again...." Gina Giraffe. "The Mayor likes it rough!"
  3. DrSpaceman73

    S01.E07: Trick

    Yes I mentioned this earlier and still feel this way. Would have been better as a movie. There really was not much here to make it a series as opposed to a movie. Even if there is a second season I don't think I would tune in.
  4. If you think about it and go back and count them up, its amazing how many side characters die in the course of that show and they never take any of it seriously. even before Susan. They go to several funerals and are never upset about them. In retrospect, she wasn't a "side" character, but it really should not have been that surprising. They even did the episodes early on where they do the LA trip and there is a serial killer on the lose, they think its Kramer. Those are some of my least favorite episodes. The thing was at the time it was the complete opposite of how any other TV show had handled such situations to date.
  5. Having seen the results of my 95 real old grandmother dying and the 5 kids, including my dad, fighting over the will with lots of land and money involved, nothing they show on TV is too out of whack with that really happens. Even with kids who have no major issues with one another, just those who have drifted apart over the years. OK so no one ever had to stay in the house for a night to inherit it. Everything else though is fair game. Two of them almost got into a fistfight over my grandpa's old tractor.
  6. I had the same reaction! I don't know if its a good or a bad sign for the show that the whole time I was watching I kept thinking a whole show or a spinoff about the wall I think I would find much more interesting than the rest of the show. I liked the show overall OK. But the wall is where its at. the one full episode they did about it was the easy highlight of the season. Though this finale was not bad.
  7. And on the topic of Just Shoot Me and rewatching it own : A pre-fame Ali Larter (before Varsity Blues) and Steve Carrell (before both the Office and 40 year old virgin) both were guest stars on the show, I realized. Edited to add : I guess Anchorman was before the 40 year old virgin.....but before that too. Also Jessica Walter as the older first ex-wife of Jack Gallo and pretty much the same type of role she would do later in Arrested Development and Archer.
  8. I would rather staple by own testicles to a live hornets nest while simultaneously having my eyes gouged out with a dull knife and listen to Gilbert Godfried recite the dictionary than suffer through a single moment of even a commercial for a 9 part Tom Brady superbowl miniseries. Also in the "I am shocked!" department : https://www.foxnews.com/sports/ryan-leaf-arrested-domestic-battery
  9. Amy schumer is a person who has made a turn for the worse over the years. I started following her way back in her Last Comic Standing days and really thought she was funny. I liked her stand up early on. Over the years though she has morphed into some type of Hollywood attention seeking online persona that I just don't like.
  10. No there really was not. It was far to0 abrupt and felt squeezed in at the end of the season to do much for the overall story. That is something that really should have been spread out over the whole season
  11. Right......I was thinking of Breaking Bad with that trope but they at least do an interesting take on it that I have not seen from other shows. They take the guy who was cut out of it and got screwed over (at least in his mind) and focus on him and how he plots to retake control of the life he has lost. Not just the business, the business is really a metaphor of his lost potential, power, future in that show. Typically its the simple Rich guy feels bad and tries to make it up to the poor guy who lost out Modern Family as well has this trope, but again, a different angle where Jay splits off from his old partner and they become enemies and nemesises (is that right? Nemesi? Plural of nemesis) to one another.
  12. I did not enjoy season two as much as season one. Really not a whole lot happened this season, not like last season. They tried to add drama. He has a twin! The girlfriend lives with the policewoman! Romance for the two of them! But in the end those things just weren't that compelling. And they did try to get too cute with all the serendipity and coincidences in these people's lives. Also I don't really understand the ending. So she confessed and the police woman is just not telling anyone? except now they have the body, so that is the next season cliffhanger. I will still tune in next season, but agree with the general sentiment, though not consensus it seems, that season two was not as good. And maybe I just don't recall from season one, do we know what the police chief was doing that was illegal? "There is always money in the frozen banana stand" is what I was thinking as she took at the money from those painting So I suspect next season will be all about the Greek mafia that we heard about all season but never actually saw getting involved.
  13. DrSpaceman73

    S01.E06: Tell

    Yes I get the impression she is likely Bipolar. Or at least that is what they are trying to portray. While the running off with Billy might not cause her to lose all custody of her kids depending on how all this turns out, it doesn't help her case by any means in the divorce by any means. I would think a judge if they saw some evidence of continued recent mental illness would be at the very least splitting time of her kids with the two of them I wouldn't blame Billy for her death even if he just let her go. But I am not sure I would call Fiona the "bad guy" We don't really know enough about their business relationship or personal relationship to know if that is true. If he was stealing money from the business in that account, she had a right to try and go get it back. She did not exactly go about it the right way but she had a right to at least try and keep him from stealing it.
  14. Yes she also did Sex, Lies and Videotapes. that and Pretty woman are probably her biggest pre-Just Shoot Me roles I guess she was in Saving Grace as well, per IMDB, never watched that show myself. Other than that looks like a lot of one-off appearances or one season arcs on various shows over the last few decades. Can't believe she is 58.
  15. All business owners on TV have a partner from the past that they split with acrimoniously. Often one was cut out of it while the other went on to make a fortune. At some point during the show they will try to reunite.
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