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  1. More like a basket of, oh I dont know, mice. Or hamsters. They're kind of cute when you remember them and they're active and playful, but the most of the time they just sit in the corner playing in a cage and you forget about them. Until they make a mess in the cage and you have to go clean it up, then you remember awhile. But you clean it up and move on, forget about them again. Puppies are loveable and cute no matter what. You pay attention to them win or lose.
  2. It's much harder than you say because it's not just the ball and end zone line but when the player is down. Which can be a knee, elbow, butt, stopped forward motion, any number of things.
  3. 'do your own research's on most topics actually means 'go read the whacked out conspiracy websites and ignore the experts.'.
  4. I am beyond tired of hearing about levar Burton and jeopardy. He was subpar as a guest host. The fans who insist it should be him hosting just because they think he somehow is entitled to it based on their social media campaign are annoying. His campaign to be host was annoying. And now he says well I dont want the job I'll host my own show. Fine. Go away and shut up about it. You aren't getting the job. https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/levar-burton-jeopardy-host-1235067378/ I generally dislike him now because of all this. Acted like a spoiled entitled twit the whol
  5. On a similar note I can't stand when people say you should respect their 'opinion' based on nothing even if you disagree. No, I don't. Not if you're wrong and having nothing to base it on. Especially with vaccines. If you're arguing you should allow people to make up their own mind in vaccines you are fundamentally not even understanding the point of them and how they work on a population basis.
  6. I dont mind Matt. Seems like a nice guy and obviously bright and good at the game. And plays smart. Bets big early with the daily double to build a big lead and later cuts back bets little. He was lucky last night, was lacking at the beginning of DJ, finally gets in in one and then immediately gets the DD. He will lose because he will miss a big DD and/or someone else will get it instead of him and get a lead. He's not unbeatable just very consistent.
  7. Even if you don't know the slow molasses phrase youve got like three months to choose from based on the context of the clue. It was December, January, february the three coldest months. Not sure why she said November.
  8. I think Mike Richards as a host does a great job. It's all the way it happened and his background that was the problem.
  9. One of the best geroge Carlin jokes about ali : Ali had a strange job, beating people up. Then the government wanted him to change jobs. They wanted him to kill people. He said no, I'll beat them up but I don't want to kill them. So the government said well if you won't kill them, we won't let you beat them up Impressive comeback in double Jeopardy.
  10. Football in the groin!! Football in the groin! I don't know what happened to Aaron Rodgers lately but hasn't been a good year for him so far. I know one game but wow, after his off-season you come out and suck like that in week one, not good
  11. I don't doubt that routine cosmetology schools don't focus on African American hair. It seems idiotic though to have a fashion show and not have hair stylists that know what they are doing. Even tv and film I can get and I understand, even though it's still wrong, but that's a widespread problem. but fashion shows and they still don't have anyone.? If that does happen it's not even just racist, it's negligent
  12. I know these articles are just to promote their podcast where they talk about how great their family is, but they still irritate me and I find willow Smith pretty damn arrogant and pretentious One I find it hard to believe this story that professional hair stylists don't know how to work on hair for African Americans. https://news.yahoo.com/willow-smith-says-she-had-160000383.html Second I don't care to be lectured to by a 20 year old with little relationship experience who has grown up in an elitist Hollywood bubble about marriage. https://www.insider.com/willo
  13. The movie were the millers, Jennifer Aniston and Jason sudekis are pretending to be a couple when they just lived in the same building, they use their actual first meeting story. Turns into a nice scene.
  14. Right......the old joke never go to a dinner party with Angela Lansbury./ Jessica Fletcher. Glad it's getting another season. I love the Newark Newark poster.
  15. Also on The Middle he plays the kids uncle, Mike's brother.
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