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  1. The problem with the laverne and shirley question is we all know, of a certain age, know the song but kind of slur and mumble through the line in question. Sheemmmheeel......shurvitave... Something like that.
  2. Listen....... The nfl if the 1000 pound gorilla in sports. They could play the superbowl at 3 am on April fool's day if they wanted and everyone would jump around to make it happen. It's not a matter of IF things can be delayed. It's a matter of how damn stubborn goodell and the league are going to be about it all. And as always I'm sure they will make last minute stupid decisions that help really no teams
  3. I wasn't a fan of him but gabriel was a good player and I was surprised he lost. The DD miss really hurt him
  4. There is no way ohio state will fail to play enough games to qualify for the big ten title. The conference and the university just won't let it happen.
  5. The fans are the ones who are relieved. Another failed BB disciple. Add him to the list.
  6. Never have I ever is one of those games you play as kids, college......being a grown man and still needing something, anything, for that game in itself is pretty lame.
  7. I knew it wasn't zimbabwe because too far south but could only come up with zambia, but still too far south. Thought about sudan but really still.....no idea. Good game overall. Fun fact :. The equator does not pass through equitorial guinea.
  8. I saw that.....and why do people try to solve when they obviously don't know? So stupid. I can see it in the toss ups you ring in on accident. But this wasn't one of them.
  9. Interesting.....but that would make him a contestant not the host. I could see him taking over though.
  10. Also continuing the theme of artistic things mentioned on the show that suck, the movie drive. Dull overrated piece of garbage.
  11. I guess I should clarify that I don't find what he says offensive or bad enough to warrant newspaper articles pointing them out years later, but I'm not surprised someone is offended or that some would take offense. But at the same time nothing he said is bad enough that it should keep him from being on jeopardy or guest hosting. Just because some people are offended doesn't necessarily mean people should be banished forever. No one is being denied a right to their feelings or reactions. But that alone cannot control the whole decision, at least in this case. Ken jennings has been a public figure for 20 years, or close to it. Yes he could stay off social media but short if that, if you are in the public eye long enough, there are probably going to be a few things you say people are offended by.
  12. 2006 was the first night Thanksgiving game.
  13. I tried to read ken jennings old offensive tweets and they are really just bad I'll conceived attempts at humor more than racist or offensive. Some of them I didn't even understand what he meant.
  14. I thought barbara streisand for FJ. I considered cher but thought her oscar was for mask, forgot about moonstruck. No Steve mcqueen? Disappointing. The former champ looked like christian bale in american psycho.
  15. I hate that edmund fitzgerald song. Also they had a crocodile rock clue and my college roommate, a big elton john fan in General, hates that song. It's a hated songs night. Pretty obvious FJ. Historic document mentioning knights, not many options.
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