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  1. DrSpaceman73

    The NBA

    TJ Warren again yesterday for the Pacers, 35 points in a win. He is lighting it up in the restart. Pacers look to be in the 4-5 slot and playing the Heat or Celtics, more likely the Heat. Which means even if they win a second round match up with Milwaukee. it does take some of the excitement out of it all when it really doesn't matter if a team is the 4 or 5 seed.
  2. I love the NFL but I in no way think they care about player safety over money. I can't say if they are more or less concerned about safety than MLB because I don't follow the MLB, but the NFL has had months to prepare for this and really hasn't done much.
  3. DrSpaceman73

    The NBA

    Tradition for one But for another, to remind two teams and fandoms that while we act otherwise sometimes, especially as fans, its still a game and before and after that game, we are all part of the same country and community. Its a reminder to leave the battling and animosity on the field/court and afterwards, we all are part of a larger group with common goals. We are not enemies off the court, just on it.
  4. I have never actually seen the movie Cocoon (have to add it to my list to see......I literally have a list)..........He was 51 when the movie was made. He was only 13 years older than Deidre Hall, who played his daughter in law in Our House.
  5. DrSpaceman73

    The NBA

    But how do you separate the organization from the movement and make that clear just based on if you kneel or not before a game? I have never cared one bit what these players, or the NFL players, do during the national anthem. I am not a kapernick fan as a player. I never hated him but also never thought he was very good and he plays for a team I don't really like. But he can do what he wants during a two minute song prior to a game. And honestly until Kaepernick starting kneeling, I never paid one bit of attention to what they do. I could have sworn some of them probably kneeled before he did it. If someone told me they did, I couldn't argue otherwise. When I say, " I don't care". I don't mean I don't care about the movement. I mean 1. They have a right to express their opinion as individuals how they choose and 2. It makes no difference to me what they do in terms of if I watch or don't watch. As a fan I care about a hundred other things in terms of what these players do on and off the court before kneeling during the anthem And that goes both ways.........there were numerous articles I saw about whats his name NOT kneeling before the game. Most of them critical. Now I get it, its journalism, we live in a click bait culture and media environment and writing those articles I am sure generates web traffic, so its easy to do to up your "hits" or whatever they call it for journalists. And also the played the game of "Well its not that he did it but he didn't give a good reason for it" Still though, in the end, he has a right to not kneel and doesn't really have to explain himself or justify if to anyone if he so chooses. That is the country we live in and one of the things the very flag we are talking about stands for, freedom of choice. I work with many people every day who I don't agree with on political and personal things. And I don't chastise them for it or hate them for it. Its called being an adult.
  6. Liberty Medical? To Gen Xers he is the oatmeal guy. I remember recently looking up how old Wilford Brimley was recently and being surprised that he was "only" in his 80s because he has looked like he is 80+ years old for as long as I can remember back IN the 80s.
  7. DrSpaceman73

    The NBA

    Career game for TJ Warren. And really needed because Sabonis was out, Brogdon was out and Turner was awful and in foul trouble. Hopefully TJ can keep that up. Embiid killed the Pacers again, they've never had a good answer for him.
  8. Pod bubble plan for the NFL : 14 games each year are made up of 6 divisional games, 4 games with another division in conference and 4 games with another division out of conference. Month one : Set up 4 pods across the country made up of the 8 teams that play intra-conference division games each year. This year that would be : AFC North/AFC South AFC East/AFC West NFC South/NFC North NFC East/NFC west You still in that one city, all the teams, for 4 weeks and play the 4 games. Month two : 4 pods based on inter-conference division games AFC South/NFC North NFC South/AFC West NFC East/AFC North NFC West/AFC East "Month" 3 : This would really just require division teams, all divisional games for 6 weeks. You could set up 8 pods for each division or 4 and double up again with two divisions in each place You have a bye week in between the changing between sites after month one and two. If you want, since they are traveling anyway, you can schedule the two games based on record each year (intra conference games against the two division not played) in those travels weeks since traveling is happening anyway Of you could just skip those games OR wait until the end of the season, hope things are better by the first of the year and play them then. This adds an extra bye week. AT worst its a week longer season. If you take away the two extra games and go to a 14 game season its one less week overall.
  9. No opt outs for the Colts. I heard CJ mosely is opting out for the Jets. So you get $150K if you opt out with no medical excuse and $350K if you opt out and have a medical excuse. Not huge money compared to some salaries, but a nice chunk of change for doing nothing for an average person. No opt outs for the Colts, good news for me as a fan I was thinking recently the NFL really could have, and really had time to set up, a rotating "pod bubble" system. The schedule the way it is actually lends itself to this and is an advantage. You can set it up and rotate on a monthly basis, splitting up based on division and interdivision match ups and have from 6-8 sights across the country, rotate then each month. And you do a bye week at the end of each month. You may not get to 16 games, would probably get to 14, still working out the details in my head, but it would have been doable. But the NFL won't do or probably never considered it. Their attitude just seems to be we're play a regular schedule, screw it. Opt out if you want and maybe fans and preseason games reduced, but they are playing a regular 16 game schedule and don't care how any of it turns out
  10. Wouldn't be surprised if Snyder is forced to sell over this. And maybe this can help them with the name change : Washington Predators
  11. I don't really have time to hate watch anymore. But I might do it for United We Fall just to decide if there is something original or funny or .........anything about this show that differentiates it from the literally hundreds of prior sitcoms that look like the EXACT SAME CLICHED OVERDONE SET UP. Just watching the commercials bugs me and I feel like I can hear the lame gags and set ups already just from that 20 second snippet. Fat guy husband with a hot wife he could never actually get in real life has two literal kids I am sure are adorably annoying (is there a word for that? there should be like adorkable, even though I hate that word). My god, who though this was a good idea. Have they never seen According to Jim, Yes Dear, The Homermooners, Family Guy, Just the Ten of Us, Grounded for Life, Still Standing....... Oh wait......they have a nosy family and an annoying mother in law too!!!! Will Sasso is OK, but I can't imagine him being so funny to save this tired old trope an stereotype of a show
  12. Oh my God, I wish I could like this x infite. I read her or his response, someone's, this morning about how yes she was with someone else but its not really cheating because, as Ross would say, "WE WERE ON A BREAK!!" , but still married. She just drones on and on trying to sound deep and enlightened and so much more sophisticated than all us mere mortals with our regular old fashioned marries where we, you know, don't cheat on one another. OMG, 1. Shut up 2. Just admit lied you lied before. Plus I thought they had admitted they had an open marriage anyway? 3. Screw you and your condescending, holier than though Holllywood new age BS "relationship" No one is buying it. You aren't enlightened or deep or anything, you're just two married people who can't keep it in your pant for just your spouse. Stop trying to make it into some big 21st way of dealing with marriage. I am 99% sure that is exactly what it is. And if they would just say that, fine, I don't care. I like will smith. His movies are pretty good. Nothing against him. But stop trying to make it out like your marriage is some great example for all of us and you have some love of a lifetime between the two of you. You love each other but have an open marriage. I am sure many in Hollywood do. Stop talking about it like its makes you special beings above all the rest of us.
  13. DrSpaceman73

    The NBA

    I don't follow soccer closely but they are trying something similar to the NBA and two whole teams were taken out of the mix recently because of multiple positive covid cases. This could turn out bad for the NBA if something similar happens. May turn into more a survival of the fittest by avoiding infection rather than who is the best team
  14. Yeah.......I think Jerry Richardson decided to put a statue of Jerry Richardson outside BoA stadium. No fan or former player was clamoring for that one. I am not sure Cam will ever physically be what he once was as far as a runner and athlete and he relied on that to be successful to a large degree. He will have to change his game to succeed in NE. But if any coach can get that out of him its BB.
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