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  1. Speaking of which rumors of rhule to u. Of Michigan. Or at least saying he would take the job, amid rumors of harbaugh jumping back to the NFL and rhule being done after one season in Charlotte. https://www.si.com/nfl/2022/01/23/matt-rhule-reportedly-would-be-interested-in-michigan-job-if-harbaugh-leaves
  2. Crocket and tubbs on the Beverly hillbillies!!! Funniest answer in a long time.
  3. Joe Namath used to be THE person for celebrity advertising, back in the 70s. He was the original sports tv icon spokesman. And now I'm sure he is desperate for any work. So that one I can see, credible or not. It's Joe freakin Namath! JJ walker.....not so dyno mite
  4. You find out about pregnancies on tv one of three ways : Passing out, as mentioned. The woman doesn't drink alcohol, so she must be doing it because of pregnancy A woman is vomiting.
  5. I didn't get that either. No idea. Thank god Darlene is gone. Sort of feel for Wyatt but.....god he was stupid. Yeah mayas career if not job is just done once she pulls that stunt with the arrest. Even her mom seem to think it was very dumb. Granted her superiors screwed her at the meeting but that was not the best way to retaliate. There is a whole lot of mini-partnerships of two and three people that are constantly shifting this season which is what has made in interesting to me. You never know what action is going to shift the balance between all of them one way or an
  6. She nixed that deal because it wasn't her idea and feared losing power and influence with Wyatt in particular. The whole season is a power struggle for Wyatt between her and Ruth. She is incredibly insecure.
  7. Oh my god yes....how stupid is Wyatt to think he could tell her? Just leave and disappear. He would literally not make it out of the house alive if he told her.
  8. 3 seconds even can mean all the difference between two and three plays. Getting in two plays in nine seconds with one left for a FG is tough even with time outs.
  9. Rams tried to blow it but managed the win. The chiefs bills ending is the best two minutes of Offensive football I've ever seen. That said stupid of the bills not to squib kick the ball. Feel bad for Allen. 13 seconds. D cannot hold a lead for 13 seconds.
  10. I was confused about this for half the episode but it's a flash forward, then they go back to the end of last season right after the killing. The blood on them isnt from the accident but the gunshot. Yes kind of like that. They think they are calmly and smoothing literally and figuratively driving away but are hit head on with reality. And Wendy especially is very much Michael in GF I and II thinking they can make themselves 'legitimate' with foundations and bought off politicians.
  11. Can't believe green bay managed to blow that. TWO blocked kicks!!!! But after the year of Aaron Rodgers being an ass, serves him right. I cant see San Fran winning next week but then I didn't think they could this week. They'll be underdogs either way.
  12. Tannehills last int was tipped because WR was covered the whole way. Bad decision. You can't be running the ball with thirty seconds left trying to get into FG range.
  13. Tannehill comes through in clutch time ....for the Bengals.
  14. Can't stand the neugenx commercials for many reasons. But especially this one. It's so bad. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/tArq/nugenix-on-the-range-featuring-doug-flutie-frank-thomas I especially hate the end when he says 'and she'll love it to!'.
  15. That's my unpopular opinion about ELR. I never understand the love for Robert. He won multiple Emmys for that roll and I just don't get it. He is perfectly fine as a character but never once did I watch and just think he was one of the funniest on TV. And I like king of queens. Despite the fact it really is just a classic stereotypical sitcom set up.
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