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Season 6 Live Posting Topic

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Season 6!  We'll open up shortly before the episode airs and close after the Talking Dead (if it airs).


Do NOT discuss spoilers here.  That includes casting news and promos, even those on TV.  Please take that discussion to the Spoilers and Speculation topic.  This also applies to spoilers discussed on Talking Dead.

Let's avoid in depth comparisons to the mother ship and World Beyond.  Thanks for posting!


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18 minutes ago, MrsRafaelBarba said:

Hey Everyone.

Morgan was bitten in the SF, right?

No, he was shot and now has gangrene which apparently causes walkers to think he's a walker too.

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At least he shot.  I was afraid we were going to have to hear the head collector drone on.

Grab the truck, nice!  Too bad about the tower hideout.

Morgan, the tower fell down.  WHY does Marine guy care so much?  Exposition?

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8 minutes ago, MrsRafaelBarba said:

That's Demetrius Grosse.

The Actor named by Afton Williamson, who sexually harassed her.

 While she was on ABC's The Rookie.

I had forgotten she named the person. I think the "investigation" found nothing but the reality was they completely blew Williamson off. 

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