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S11.E02: Bloodsploosh

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We're gonna see a different New Woodhouse every episode, aren't we? I'm here for that.

Of course there's a no drinking policy now...with limited exceptions like Malory. And Krieger. And Pam. And probably Cheryl, too.

Can't believe it took this long for the show to go to Karate Island. Was NOT expecting Conway Stern to come back! I like that they remembered the bionic hand. And now he's lost a foot.

NewBetterCheryl is still great, but still the same old Cheryl. She doesn't drug random people anymore. For now.

Once again, poor Archer. He's somehow back to Season 1 Archer, but everyone moved on and had character development without him.

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This episode: Archer Archers everything up, and things wound up working out in spite of that.

I get how seeing the characters go back to their default "Coma O'clock" settings would get monotonous. Then again, it might have been painful to watch Better Cheryl try to be her best every week. And thanks to Conway Stern and what I'm guessing is his bionic hand, she relapsed. She has so many triggers. Of course getting choked would be her downfall.

Anyone else get the impression Pam and Conway had a thing in the last three years? Fun to watch them tussle. Hilarious to see Conway lose a foot. Well, he can't blame that on Lana. And we may never know if "Conway Stern" is his real name. When will he team with Barry?

The gang goes to a no-bullshit kumite, and Lana doesn't fight? Awwwww. I know that "Killer Kung Fu Wolf Bitch" from The Boondocks was an eternity ago, but a shout-out would've been nice. Maybe karate noises every time "kumite" was uttered. Archer did say that Lana had resting bitch face. . . .  meh, probably a coincidence.

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I was really impressed with them mentioning the passing of Jessica Walter's husband. Not only did they post an "In Memory of Rob Leiman" screen, they removed the sound from the end credits. I caught the late episodes and paid attention to make sure, but episode one had sound through the credits whereas the second one did not.

Still no mention of the baby though. They did mention Lana's husband was at the hospital for a children's cancer fundraiser, and I really hope we are not going to get a story line that involves Abbijean having cancer; I'd rather they just pretend that the baby was born during his coma instead of real time. Now I'm second guessing myself about whether or not she was born before or after. I think it was before, though.

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Conway Stern losing a limb every time he runs into the gang is a good gag.

Of course Archer gets jealous of not being team leader (or getting the choice parking spot) and acts like a child which causes the plan to go to hell and both Cyril and Pam to get seriously injured.   Oh and no more New Better Cheryl.  

Archer is just plain chaos. 

Also love the idea of a new Not Woodhouse every episode.

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You haven't seen the last of Conway Stern!

Oh Archer, everyone else had three years of character development while he is just the way he was when he went into a coma, and now his presence is throwing everything off and going back three years. 

Really, its amazing its taken us this long to get to an underground martial arts tournament on a secret karate island. 

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I'm good with the fever-dream seasons we've had, but found myself getting rather tired of Lana's repetitive screeching and brow-furrowing and Archer's repetitive, juvenile assholery, so these first two eps were a great return to form. (Is it wrong that I enjoy the other characters more and love seeing L & A get taken down?) Cyril getting badass and ripped - sploosh. (I like Chris Parnell and don't mind consciously attributing the best of him and his character to make a super-hot hybrid.) Pam continues to be my cartoon spirit animal, and Cheryl being triggered by a Six Million Dollar Man hand was wonderfully inevitable.

I'm reading comments and wondering "who the hell is Abbijean?", and finally realize that's AJ. I swear to dog I've always heard her name as "Aubergine" and thought, "how cute... like a little baby eggplant!"

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Archer and Pam are really great together. More so than he and lana. 

While some character growth is good to see, if they all become just typical spies and a spy agency the show loses much of its humor.  

I felt this way about brockmire as well.  Similar characters he and archer and the challenge is can the characters improve and grow while still making the show funny.  It's tough. The first few episodes are good but still seem to be lacking something. 

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Pam's 'agree to disagree' is my second favorite line. The reading of it was brilliant. I love her and Archer getting along. 

I'm still having a hard time getting the agency got this good this fast. Kreiger alone is a huge limiting factor. I just have a hard time with Cyril being tactically experienced enough so fast. 

It's also a little much to expect Archer to seemingly integrate back in. Even though I don't see that anything that went sideways last week and now was really his fault. Although I agree shooting all the guards is better than subduing them. Who cares? 

This couldn't be another coma life where Archer realizes Pam is his constant? 

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