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S02.E02: There's a Fish in My Pants

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I didn't understand how the judge could take such a quick look and tell them they didn't have it correct - could she count that fast?


They weren't sorted by quantity, but by type. I imagine the judge can, in fact, tell at a glance that a fish is not sorted properly. (Example, as a caterer, I know how to properly set a table. When training a newbie, they do it and it's all messy and wrong, but they don't see it; the devil is in the details. But with experience - like the fish judge - you can spot the mistakes with a quick glance.)


As for the fill-it vs. fill-eh issue - here's the skinny. Generally, the verb is fill-eh and the noun is fill-it. So you fill-eh the fish to produce a perfect fill-it.

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It looked like there was counting in the sorting task, but someone probably noticed a wayward fish slip into the coveralls and mentioned it to the judge to make sure it got properly placed. :)

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As for the fill-it vs. fill-eh issue - here's the skinny. Generally, the verb is fill-eh and the noun is fill-it. So you fill-eh the fish to produce a perfect fill-it.


Heh, that's opposite to what I grew up with. The fish were always fill-it-ed (verb) and ended up, probably due to the McD influence on most people, as a fill-eh (noun). As a youngster before McD's invaded our everyday lives, I don't think I heard anyone refer to either as a fill-eh, it was always fill-it (or closer to our pronunciation, a fill-et).

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See, again it's culture specific. I suspect you guys are representing this as "fill-et".  But American bred-ears I think hear a more distinctive "a" + "y"... vs. "it" or "et".


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Watching the surfing task again, it appears that Rex and Bob are in deeper water than the rest of the teams. You can clearly see that Rex is waist deep, and there are shots of cameramen waist deep as well. Most of the rest of the teams are knee deep, and mostly in the wash, not the actual wave. I wonder if they thought the rest of the teams weren't following the instructions and would get a penalty. Shawn's shoulder popped out because he hit his hand on the bottom. I wonder what the clue actually said.

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The only time that teams start with a penalty is if there was some kind of error that production did not catch until after check-ins.

There's one other time, actually, and that's when a time incurs a penalty and finishes in last either due to it or before even serving at, at which time it's applied to their start time on the next leg.


Everyone here has pretty much echoed my thoughts on Rex & Bob.  They're damn lucky that Shawn got injured and that he and Jen had to withdraw, or they'd have been goners.  While I can still like them as people, I, too, will stop rooting for them to win after this.


Still rooting for Natalie & Meagan the most, especially after seeing them dominate despite their Detour switch.  Laura & Jackie are also being rooted for, though they had an off leg this time.  Cormac & Nicole did very well, too, and I'm still rooting for them.  And I'm glad Sukhi & Jinder recovered after stopping to charge their car.


On to episode three now!

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That was pretty pathetic of Rex and Bob.  I really don't get why Bob dismantled the chair instead of getting it checked.  It's too bad the married couple couldn't have stayed in it instead.


I still mostly like everyone, though I hope someone else gets first next time.  I didn't even notice the French-speaking woman last time.


I usually like Parent/Child teams but the mom needs to dial it back.  

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Shoot! Jen and Shawn were my hometown team. Oh well, at least there are a lot of other great teams to root for... just not Rex and Bob. The surfing I could see but the chair. Really? How do you expect to get anywhere in this competition if you can't (or won't) build a chair?

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