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S01.E04: Fredwynn

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Fredwynn takes matters into his own hands, but he needs his teammates to move on. He searches for the next clue and asks the gang for help, but they take it too far in their search for answers leading them somewhere unexpected.

Airing Monday, March 16, 2020.

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Another episode with Peter and Simone taking a back seat.

Sorry Fredwynn! I to paused and asked what is the point of all this!

Two days of no sleep for Fredwynn? 

I like the team of Fredwynn and Janice. They have good chemistry. It was funny when Janice ran in the diner apologizing for being late and Fredwynn tells her she was right on time. When he got mad at the table she was there to calm him down. Outside the lady's apartment Janice made Fredwynn realize the importance of the team.

 Fredwynn was so condescending to the group at the diner he is fortunate they have stuck with him for so long. 

So Fredwynn shows up to Janice's house late night, goes to her mind palace, finds a clue and Janice leaves Lev home alone?

The little girl giving the group the stare and closing the door was funny.

Looking back at the previous episode, the envelope on the gift was shining bright.

So was Janice's memory/conversation with her younger self was not part of the "prompt book" meaning Octavio's IDEA really works?

Where's my Kombucha? It's fermenting!


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15 minutes ago, mxc90 said:

So was Janice's memory/conversation with her younger self was not part of the "prompt book" meaning Octavio's IDEA really works?

Unless what we're seeing is actually scripted, and the entire set of Octavio's roll out of his idea was a 'movie within a movie', scripted especially for Fredwynn.  This show is as fascinating as it is puzzling.

Fredwynn definitely has some Randall Pearson DNA.

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I liked Fredwynn's name affirmation, which I got the impression he repeated every night - F to the Red for the Wynn.  Also, loved his sweater.

No disrespect to her acting, but Janice is BY FAR the most boring, poorly written character.  Sorry, I guess I'm tired of plucky women.  The only thing interesting was her "other" self telling some truths. 

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21 hours ago, LittleIggy said:

How can a car be made of porcelain?

Only parts of the car are made of porcelain but Fredwynn was more concerned with impressing the group than providing clarity.  

I appreciated that Fredwynn was the most determined to project his particular world view onto the quest to find Clara.  It's all a grand conspiracy perpetrated by someone at the highest levels of power, and only he can see it.  Janice and Simone seem more willing to allow a little fun to coexist with how they see the world.  I'm still having trouble getting a good read on Peter.

While I'll agree that the show is hardly being subtle about Janice's courageous spirit, I'd say she's more than just a plucky woman.  She's also a woman who has regrets about abandoning her dreams by becoming a wife and mother, which has brought her to a place of seeming isolation with a husband who's no longer able to communicate with her.  She's terrified of being alone, and I thought that was what was so great about the scene where Fredwynn comes to her home and sees her at her most vulnerable state.  

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It is really interesting getting into each characters head, and seeing how they see the game/conspiracy/whatever and how that is affected by their world view. Peter feels bored and like he is going through the motions, so he sees this as something new and quirky but is also nervous about stepping out of his comfort zone. Simone feels isolated due to her fear of rejection so she is excited but nervous about meeting new people. Janice feels lonely as well with her husband being in basically a coma, but is also filed with regret that she never did much for and by herself, so now she gets to do something exciting all for her. Fredwynn...Fred is a whole lot and going in both a ton of directions and only one, to the point of tunnel vision, but he obsesses over this idea of a massive conspiracy that he unwittingly contributed to, so he sees this as him unmasking a conspiracy. I am with Simone on preferring the magical realism to the data mining Illuminati stuff, but the whole thing is practically a Rorschach Test on what you need in life and how you see the world. 

Laughed at Fredwynn and Janice trying to pretend that Janice was the one who started this recent late night outing/clue hunt. 

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45 minutes ago, tennisgurl said:

Laughed at Fredwynn and Janice trying to pretend that Janice was the one who started this recent late night outing/clue hunt. 

While I didn't enjoy this episode as much as I thought I would, this was one of my favorite moments.  It's unlikely that lying is a part of Janice's playbook, so it seems safe to assume that Janice cares for Fredwynn if she's willing to shoulder the responsibility of interrupting Simone at her home.  I'm not sure that Fredwynn is used to people caring for him on a level that isn't superficial.  

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